Unsurprisingly, Demi Lovato Has The Best Opinion About Miley Cyrus I’ve Heard Yet

Demi Lovato blue hair red lips October 2013You’ve probably seen her amazing Halloween costume from earlier today, but we already have another reason for you to be impressed by Demi Lovato. I know. Her coolness knows no bounds.

This time I’m giving her props not for having an awesomely terrifying  outfit, but for giving probably the best and smartest statement about Miley Cyrus that I’ve heard yet. And that’s saying a lot, considering every single person on the face of this green earth has had something to say about her. Demi’s thoughts come from a preview of an interview with Katie Couric that will be airing in its entirety later this month, and they seem to be pretty candid, which is surprising considering how poised and intelligent she sounds. I don’t get this girl.

She and Miley grew up kind of alongside each other on the Disney Channel, so Katie couldn’t resist asking Demi how she felt about Miley’s evolution lately and the surrounding controversy. And while I’m sure she was hoping for a good sound byte, I don’t think she was expecting something so diplomatic and honest at the same time:

“I think she knows what she’s doing. A lot of artists take that route of shock value and that’s totally fine and that’s great, but I think that she has such an incredible voice that’s overshadowed by some of the things that she’s doing…but everyone’s on their different journeys right now and she’s doing that and she’s having fun, so power to her.”

Yeah, see that’s perfect. First of all she’s in a position to speak about Miley because she knows what she’s talking about. Miley is in charge of her own career, and she’s in the news, so she’s succeeding. Bottom line. I tend to agree with Demi that she’s overshadowing her own talent, but what can you really do?

“People are talking about her. She’s a businesswoman, after all, and that’s what she’s doing…I think the world kinda needs to get over the fact that she was Hannah Montana. And same thing with me — I guess my transition was a little easier because I went straight to rehab.”

Oh man. As always, I am completely obsessed with how open Demi is. She’s so incredibly self-aware that it’s scary, to the point where she can talk about her stay in rehab as her own transition to adulthood. She knows that she and Miley are on different paths to the same destination and just says:

“Go a little easy on us, America.”

You got it, lady.

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    • Jill O’Rourke

      Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

    • Eyeballs

      I love Demi and couldn’t be more proud. Im just waiting for the day when she get more recognition for everything she does. I think inspiration should get more notice then other stuff. Fans of Demi though already know this is something she is good at. Giving her opinion without throwing people under the bus. Being respectful and seeing both sides of the story. We see it a lot but it always makes us happy when it gets written about cause then other people who don’t follow her can see it to. That she is more then what they call a “sob story”. Thats why I like your blog so much. Cause you wright nice and funny stuff about her and that makes me happy in a weird way haha :D

    • Peasant

      I’m sorry but as long as she dates that Vilmar(sp?) dude I cant put her on my cool list.

    • Quinton Kyle Hoover

      Frankly, they’re both idiots who should have stayed on the Disney pop
      charts. let’s make one thing clear, I don’t hate Miley Cyrus because she
      was once Hannah Montana. I despise her because she’s a terrible artist,
      and always will be. I hate that idiot for the same reason I hate all
      the other pop-schmucks who try to making half-baked hits nowadays, she’s
      an awful musician who can’t sing and who’s only goal in life is to get
      attention. Why everyone acts like she’s some god of wisdom to be beheld at all times is beyond me.

      • Jen

        It’s funny you say this. Madonna had a LOT of backflash during the. Sex book scandal and NOW they call it artistic. Back then it was slurry. I believe these ladies are comfortable with their bodies in order to expose them. Art is many things. Back in the renaissance era, painting nudes was a shock. NOW is art. Every generation has it’s artist. Whether good or bad, they make us notice them. That’s the bottom line.

      • Quinton Kyle Hoover

        I enjoy how I spoke of their music being awful and so you argued that them showing their bodies is, in fact, their true “art.”

        I call BS. Nudity in the renaissance era may have been controversial, but nowadays we don’t celebrate that art BECAUSE it has nudity, but rather because it’s good art. Now, right now Madonna is a laughing stock right up there with these other bad artists so how far you could throw THAT argument I’m not sure. All I can say is that taking off your clothes doesn’t make you an artist any more then lying to everyone I know makes me a politician. Being an artist takes being able to make and comprehend art.

      • Chuck

        It was never slurry and I don’t know of anyone who thought it was.

    • aaliaah

      that is exactly what sinead o connor said, leaving out the whoring part. it’s less aggressive, so maybe that’s why its more acceptable. rubbish.

    • Melinda Piette

      Sorry, but I take this as Demi trying to come across as all world wise and mature. Problem is A) No one’s forgotten about Demi’s little rehab stint B) Demi always sucked and Miley’s stuff, while also dreadful, was still better. C) trying really hard to keep from circling the bowl, eh, Demi?
      Now had Selina Gomez said all this, I might’ve given some cred

    • Janelle

      After reading some of the comments below, I’m a little sad. This was an extremely eloquent response from a TWENTY-ONE YEAR OLD. At 21, I was nowhere near giving this kind of answer. She’s not saying she’s perfect, or the best-selling…she’s saying that she, along with Miley and others, is HUMAN.

      Thumbs up, Demi. This was fantastic.

    • Manny

      I like Demi Lovato, she has a nice big mouth that can and probably has taken a lot of large c**ks ;)

      As for Miley Cyrus… I think she has a nice body and should show it off, I just think she is going about it the wrong way. Miley wasn’t blessed with large boobs and shouldn’t show them off any more than a guy with a 4 inch penis should brag about it. However she does in my opinion have nice legs and a nice ass and should show them off more.

    • The Everlasting Dave

      Being open about rehab and her struggles with bipolar are great things that can probably help people. No denying that. Too bad everything else she does is godawful.

    • Michelle

      Man these comments are ridiculous! If you don’t like either artist, why click on an article that clearly has both of their names on it? 1.) You don’t have to like them or their music, but calling them talentless and stupid is completely unneccessary! Just because their music doesn’t match what was popular 20 years ago, doesn’t make it terrible. It just makes it different. 2.) Why do you care so much that Demi went to rehab?! At least she got help for her troubles and is using what she learned to help others. If she didn’t go, you all would be saying “That crazy b***h needs to go to rehab!” 3.) Her response to this question was a really good response. It was intelligent. 4.) As for Miley’s behaviour, yeah, she’s going a little overboard, like Demi said, but you don’t need to be nasty about it.
      It’s time for everyone to grow up and stop acting tough behind a computer screen.

    • http://www.parajuego.com/ Para juego

      I like Miley, Demi and more. but the way to your destination Miley doing so, I do not support, that is the way to go Demi’s what I like. I will support Demi

    • CMc

      Demi is my favorite of the former Disney stars now trying to transition into adulthood. I totally agree with everything she said.