The Only Celebrity Halloween Costume Round-Up That You Need To See

Beyonce Halloween Costume

We’re halfway through Halloween 2013 and we’re already sad that it’s going by so fast. Weekend one is done. The actual night is done. All we have left now is one more weekend of debauchery. While celebrities could still go wild (and still go racist), we’re thinking that they might be done playing dress-up until next year rolls around. So we thought that it was probably the right time to put all their costumes in one place so that you can get one final look at how they all did at Halloween this year.

So with that in mind, I present to you, curious muggles of the internet, the ultimate recap of Celebriween! (P.S., do you feel confident that we can make “Celebriween” a thing? I’m pretty into it.)

Alyson Hannigan

The only thing better than one cute little Leprechaun costume is an entire family of Leprechaun-themed costumes. Alyson's and her husband's "his and hers" getups are made so much better by their mini pot of gold and tiny rainbow.

(Photo: Pedro Andrade/ Pacific Coast News)

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce clearly knows that she has the voice of an angel, so she figured, "What the heck, this is what the people want to see." And then this angelic costume came to be.

(Photo: Twitter)

Britney Spears

Britney went as Snow White and recruited 7 lucky dancers to be her moody dwarves, on what was probably the best day of their lives.

(Photo: Twitter)

Carmen Electra

I don't know the name of Carmen's costume but she looks so badass in it that I'm feeling like I love it anyway.

(Photo: Winston Burris/WENN)

Hugh Laurie

Holy crap, this is so horrifying. What grade is better than an A+? Because that's what this costume gets.

(Photo: Will Alexander/Stuart Castle/WENN)

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny's costume falls into that foggy area of costumes where you don't know what it even is and you're pretty sure the person wearing it doesn't either. Is she a small child's birthday party? Is she the color pink personified? Is she a Pinterest Princess? The possibilities are as endless as the amount of confused looks that she probably got that day.

(Photo: TNYF/WENN)

Gwen Stefani

Gwen's royal-looking outfit is cute, but I just can't shake the feeling that this costume would have been so much better if her hubby Gavin had gotten into the Halloween spirit, too.

(Photo: HJED/Pacific Coast News)

Kate Moss

Kate paid homage to Mexico's Dia de los Muertos by dressing up as the Skeleton Lady. She also looks like she is accompanied by a Skeleton Man, so maybe it's a Skeleton family.

(Photo: Will Alexander/Stuart Castle/WENN)

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is either dressed as Carrie from the movie Carrie, or as a person who likes to bathe in fruit punch a lot. I'm into it either way, really.

(Photo: Winston Burris/WENN)

Kelly Ripa

Kelly went as an astronaut, although I've got to say that I've never seen a space cadet so fashion-forward that they made their suit into a capri jumpsuit.

(Photo: Michael Carpenter/WENN)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan's costume is... bloody? Is that what it is? He's bloody for Halloween? Yaaawn.

(Photo: Will Alexander/Stuart Castle/WENN)

Lily Allen

Um, hey Lily, I think you may be wearing about three too many costumes. One of these would have probably worked, but all of them at once makes me want to cry.

(Photo: WENN)

Mariah Carey

Mariah and her superhero family are so cute, wow. I love this so much.

(Photo: Twitter)

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa might be dressed as Veruca Salt, but the important thing is that her kids are dressed as Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas. So, so adorable!

(Photo: Instagram)

Miranda Kerr

Miranda kept is simple and chose to go as a little cat. I wish it was a mouse, though, so that I could quote Karen from Mean Girls.

(Photo: Instagram)

Neil Patrick Harris, Part I

NPH and his family win the Cutest Family Costume award this year for their group Alice in Wonderland ensemble. There is no competition and the grand prize is a permanent spot in my heart. Congratulations.

(Photo: Instagram)

Neil Patrick Harris, Part II

NPH and his ridiculously adorable family win every Halloween, but this year, their scary vampire ensembles win extra hard.

(Photo: Twitter)

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole went with a sexy cat woman costume this year, and I'm not impressed, but at least she looks hot.

(Photo: Will Alexander/Stuart Castle/WENN)

Stephen Merchant

While a bloody hand coming through your chest is more of an accessory than a costume, Stephen's pretty awesome so I'll give him a pass. But next year, I'm expecting some Heidi Klum-level dedication to make up for it.

(Photo: WENN)

Julianne Hough

Julianne, girl, what were you even thinking? Her costume as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black is slaughtered by the offensive blackface that she somehow felt was essential. I cannot believe.

(Photo: Devone Byrd/Pacific Coast News)

Ireland Baldwin

Ireland was next to join the Racist Celebrity Costume Club when she dressed as a caricature of a Native American and then refused to see what was wrong with it.

(Photo: Instagram)

Al Roker

Al pities the fool who doesn't take storm patterns seriously. And I pity the fool who doesn't chuckle in appreciation of this Mr. T costume.

(Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN)

Chris Colfer

Chris went as sexy R2-D2 because he noticed that there weren't enough sexy cyborgs around on Hallow's Eve. Bravo.

(Photo: Anthony Monterotti/Pacific Coast News)

Christina Milian

Is Christina a sexy camouflage? A sexy ninja camouflage? An army ninja? No, really, is this even a real costume?

(Photo: Guillermo Proano/WENN)

Jenna Ushkowitz

Jenna's costume of choice was a pilot, which is safe but passable.

(Photo: Guillermo Proano/WENN)

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb

I'm obsessed with these women because they start boozing it at like 8AM, have daily televised craft hours, and are 100% more entertaining than they even realize. And now they've dressed as Wilma Flinstone and Betty Rubble and even have the foot car. I think I'm having heart palpitations.

(Photo: PNP/WENN)

Matt Lauer

Matt loves to surprise us on Halloween, and surprise us he did. Dressed as Pamela Anderson, nippled boobs and all, Matt both scarred and impressed me. I didn't before believe that would ever happen, so thanks for that, Mattela.

(Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN)

Shenae Grimes

While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Shenae really does deserve to know that Kim Kardashian did Poison Ivy a few years ago. I figured that she'd already have known that since it was a pretty awesome costume, but since she obv didn't, I'll accept the burden of letting her down.

(Photo: Guillermo Proano/WENN)

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen, Ellen, Ellen. Constantly forcing me to love you with your humor and charm. Did you not realize that if you dressed up as Nicki Minaj when she came on your show a few weeks ago, that I would be able to control my Ellen obsession?! Because I can't!

(Screenshot: Youtube)

Miley Cyrus

Miley chose Purple Pasties Lil' Kim for her costume and I love it. I especially love that I don't feel like rolling my eyes at something Miley is doing for a change.


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