I Wish Pink’s Husband Hadn’t Tweeted About Chris Brown Getting Raped In Prison

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Look, I hate Chris Brown as much as the next person. In fact, based on people’s reactions when I start ranting about him, possibly even more than the next person. However that doesn’t mean that I think people should threaten him with jokes about prison rape. Not only because prison rape’s a serious issue that’s sadly gotten turned into a punchline, but also because using violent rhetoric doesn’t solve the problem. It just escalates it to another level.

As you probably already know, Chris Brown grew up in an abusive household. He’s spoken about watching his father beat his mother and he’s also spoken about losing his virginity at 8-years-old.  Regardless of everything and anything that Chris Brown says about the situation, it was rape. An 8-year-old cannot consent. Knowing what we know about his childhood, we can more easily understand how he ended up beating up Rihanna on the way to the 2009 Grammys. Understanding why he did it doesn’t make it okay, but it does start to explain how a young man can be so full of rage that he pummeled someone’s face with his fists.

If Chris Brown had taken responsibility for his violent behavior and gotten treatment, I would’ve forgiven him for what happened. I wouldn’t have liked him, but I would’ve forgiven him. However we all know that’s not what happened. He never once spoke out against domestic violence and he never once accepted responsibility for what he did to Rihanna. Instead he turned himself into the victim and twisted his abuse into a controversial incident that’s gotten swept under the rug by the entire music industry. That’s why I hate him. That’s also why I wasn’t surprised when he got arrested this past weekend for beating someone up who bothered him. Anger problems don’t go away because someone has a loyal fan base and a few hit songs.

However I was surprised to see Carey Hart, better known around these parts as Pink’s awesome husband, tweet about Chris Brown getting abused in prison.

Violence only begets more violence. Chris Brown getting abused does nothing to solve his abusive behavior. In fact, most would probably argue that it would only make things worse. He didn’t turn out this way because he grew up in a healthy household full of healthy and adult interactions — he turned out this way because he grew up surrounded by anger and violence. While I don’t think Carey’s tweet is anything more than a normal kneejerk reaction to Chris Brown getting in trouble for beating someone up again, I also think that we have to be careful of how we talk about him. As hard as it is to do, we have to be the bigger people here. We have to make sure the discussion is about breaking the cycle of abuse and not continuing it. Otherwise, we’re just as bad as Chris Brown.

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    • violet

      i think its pretty hilarious, that tweet. also, i agree with your stance on violence but cummon! sometimes, on some people, fists work better tahn words, and chris brown is one of those people (though how he qualifies as a person, i dont know)

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        He probably thought all the same things you think about him about Rihanna, though. And that’s how those situations occur, by people allowing violence to trump rationality.

    • Jay Dee

      This article is so spot on. Thank you so much for writing this. I share your views on Chris Brown (In fact just last week I had an argument with my cousin about why he was in the wrong for beating Rhianna even if “she provoked him”) but Violence is NEVER the answer. And The commenter who said they don’t know how he qualifies as a person, that opinion is disgusting too. You don’t have to like someone to respect them as a human being, and things like this are part of the reason our society is as fucked up as it is. That being said, I do wish Chris Brown would go to Jail for his crimes (Because let’s face it, if he wasn’t famous, he would already be in Jail) but I in no way think it’s okay to wish anything as horrible and dehumanizing as rape on him.

      • Jenni

        Thanks for reading! It’s frustrating that people don’t understand the cycle of violence. I’m obviously not an expert on it, but it seems obvious that it’s wrong to wish harm on someone else.

    • Rachel

      You know, Chris Brown obviously did a horrid thing with beating rihanna (we’ve all agreed on that an endless amount of times) and he continually does some complete dumbsh** things, but at the end of the day, its clear that he’s an angry man in need of some serious help. So all I can say is, its so easy to talk sh** abt someone(especially if you dont know them)when they make mistakes and slip up, but I just hope that when the day comes for you, people treat you a little better. P.s. good article by the way : )

      • Jenni

        Maybe, one day, he’ll get the serious help that he needs….

    • Martin A. Meza

      It’s simple get help or end up like Tyson losing it all cause you can’t help yourself . What’s worse be a freeman and get help or go away four years and people not wanting anything to do with you

    • sloptap smith

      Chris Brown is an out of control punk who has gotten away with more things that would have landed a poor boy in prison. A good old fashion gang rape is what he needs to correct his violent behavior. Put him in open poulation and lets see how tough he is. Rehab is just a fake in an attempt to get another favour from the justice system.

      • Cristina

        That is a terrible thing to say. And just so you know: people who get raped in prison are overwhelmingly the nonviolent first time offenders. So when you wish for rape to happen in prison, you’re wishing that the most violent criminals get away with it and that the least or non violent ones get actually the worst punishment. Makes sense to you?.
        He also would probably be alright too because it’s way more likely to get raped in prison if you’re white.

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