Austin Mahone Works On His Justin Bieber Impression By Posting A Shirtless Selfie

Austin Mahone shirtless October 2013We were joking at first about Austin Mahone being a wee replica of Justin Bieber, but this nightmare is slowly becoming a reality. I don’t know who Austin has working for him, but they seem to have found the Team Bieber playbook and are reproducing his career play-by-play-by-play.

Hopefully Austin stops before he gets to the ‘losing it completely and alienating his fans’ part (and after he gets to the ‘dating Selena Gomez‘ part), but for now he’s sitting pretty, having just entered Stage Three. Stages One and Two were becoming known as a fresh-faced young talent with swoopy hair and establishing an eager fan-base, so now it’s time to gradually mold that mop up into a pompadour and start showing off your boy body.

And you guys. Their bods are identical. Austin hasn’t begun Stage Five yet (tattoos!), so he still has a clean slate, but otherwise these two could be twins a couple years apart. They both love a sag in their pants, a hairless chest, and clinging to the notion that they are big strong men with man bodies.

Austin posted the above photo to Instagram with the caption, “Back in the gym!” But…no Austin, no you aren’t. You appear to be in a hallway, presumably of a house. See, you can tell because the walls are close to you and there’s something vaguely nostalgic-looking hanging on the wall. Maybe being in the hospital for so long scrambled your brain around, but you are certainly not standing in a crowded gym right now.

These signs of confusion would be worrying if they weren’t all symptoms of Stage Four. You remember S4 when Justin went through it, right? Glazed eyes, confusion, the random removal of his shirt in public? Coincided pretty directly with a rumored new fondness for the marijuana? All I’m saying is you have a lot to look forward to, Austin. Good luck with the rest of your shot-for-shot remake of Justin Bieber: The Sequel.

(Image: Instagram)

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    • Jill O’Rourke

      I spy a basketball hoop back there. Maybe he means gym as in gymnasium. In his house. In miniature form.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        What is this, a gym for ants?

      • BrokenArrow18

        or maybe he means he went to the gym?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I don’t know, that seems like quite the leap.

    • Ian Schroeder

      hmmm, iphone 5, or 5s??!!

    • kwilliams

      Okay look you “reporter”. Austin is NOT another Justin Bieber. And who knows, he could have possibly been going to the gym just not in the gym and the time. I’m so sick and tired of people and you fake reporters saying that Austin is just another Justin Bieber, because he’s not. Austin has his own story and it’s nothing like Justin’s, and yeah, they may have the same style, but that doesnt mean that Austin is copying Justin. This is stupid. Justin is the one who inspired Austin to do what he’s doing, and it’s two different stories between them. They each have their own. Dont judge a book by it’s cover, it’s rude.

    • Anonymous Mahomie

      Exuse me but he is NOTHING like “Dustbin Beaver”!!!! Leave the guy alone! And actuallly he does go to the gym, just cuz he aint in one dont mean he dont go to one!! Im sick to death of these comparisons between him and JB!!! :-@

    • Anonymous

      On behalf of all the Mahomies in the world, GET A LIFE U STUPID SO-CALLED REPORTER!!!! And yeah, im a proud mahomie!! <3

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hey sorry, are you a Mahomie? Asking for a friend.

    • Felix

      Maybe this is just me, but neither of these, ahem, “artists” (lolz people actually call them that!) are original, anybody remember Jesse Mccartney, Aaron Carter, and those that came before them?

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Brendan

      Shut the hell up Alexis Rhiannon!He is not Justin Bieber!Justin Bieber has tarnished his reputation!He used to be a clean-cut pretty boy but now he is a low life piece of crap!He has a terrible personality!Someone with a clear mind doesn’t go shirtless everywhere he goes!Austin Mahone is different!He doesn’t have disgusting tattoos all over his body,he has a good personality,and he is just showing his progress NOT IN PUBLIC!He also doesn’t sag his pants!Justin Bieber hopefully will get out of his rampage and get his priorities straight and go back to the hot guy he is!Austin Mahone will never be “Justin Bieber:The Sequel”!Austin Mahone is a good person and I believe he will always be a good if not great person!As for Justin Bieber,GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!Love you Austin Mahone!Just be your hot self!As for you Alexis Rhiannon and all reporters out there,STOP POSTING FALSE INFORMATION!

    • Katie

      Hahah you’re so pathetic. Who has the time to sit there and write this shit get out of your parents basement and make a name for yourself instead of people who actually are working for it. This article has got to be one of the most pointless things I have ever read. Jealously is such an ugly trait sweetheart.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I have the time to write this because this is my job. I am paid to do this, and my name is at the top of the article. But now that you mention it, WHY AM I IN MY PARENTS’ BASEMENT AND HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE? AND WHY ARE THEY SHARING A BASEMENT DID YOU GUYS GET BACK TOGETHER LET ME OUT OF HERE HELP.

    • Marissa

      You reporters make it seem like every teenage boy is trying to be the next Justin Bieber. I’m not even a fan of Austin Mahone but this was low jus leave the kid alone

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh good you’re not a fan of Austin Mahone. Phew! I was worried!

    • Lol bye

      Well this just proves what a shitty “reporter” you are HA HA

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You’re aware I’m not a reporter, yes?

    • Okno

      Fuck you and this whole entire article, you’re probably some obsessed belieber fan. First off Austin is far from being Justin if not even better than Justin , Austin is so talented and an amazing person that loves his fans so what if he’s young and extremely attractive, you’re just some jealous fuck who has nothing better to do with their life than to make up dumb shit like this, Austin isn’t the next ‘Justin’ he’s the next AUSTIN CARTER MAHONE, get your facts right before you start shit, you just fucked with the wrong fan base,

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh my goodness yes, I am the world’s biggest Belieber. Please take a look around my webbed site for proof of this.

    • StephC12

      Holy shitballs, the insufferables came out. Don’t know or care who this dude is, but damn, the amount of hate you guys get for posting about stuff like this is insane.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I know. I kind of love it.

    • I hate crushable . Com

      Okay, Austin is NOT trying to be justin Bieber. He has said that OVER AND OVER again! You little motherfuckers need to stop being so jealous of Austin just because he is more talented than you losers. Get a life guys, stop stalking celebrities and making up lies about them. It’s getting really fucking old. How about you respect Austin rather than bash him? You wish you where that successful.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You’re right, Austin Mahone is much better at imitating Justin Bieber than I am.

    • BrokenArrow18

      I thought articles were supposed to be written by someone with the ability to think. I guess I was wrong.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah no as long as you have a degree in hand-typing, you can pretty much do anything you want!

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