Crushable 25: Vote For Your Favorite Youtube Star!

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Since Youtube’s stars have become such a big part of pop culture, it’s only right that we invite them along to the 25 Crushable Guys Under 25 party. Every year, we compile two lists of rising stars —one for girls and one for guys— and include a few fan favorites who get the most votes in their poll category. This time around, we’re working on the guys’ list and, this week, we’re letting you vote for your favorite male Youtube star!

Check out the five guys who we think are working toward awesome things and help us choose one of them to be featured in our annual list. We’ve saved a special spot for the fan choice and we’re keeping it warm for whoever wins. So, that means you should get voting and then tell all of your fellow fans to vote! And may the best Youtuber win.

Who do you think should win?

  • Ian Hecox, Smosh (42%, 14,618 Votes)
  • Janoskians, Janoskians (31%, 10,991 Votes)
  • Ryan Higa, NigaHiga (17%, 6,033 Votes)
  • Shane Dawson, ShaneDawsonTV (8%, 2,884 Votes)
  • Kevin Wu, KevJumba (2%, 632 Votes)

Total Voters: 35,156

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    • Denisa P. Rosandria


    • luca

      how can i voteeeeeee???

    • South Parker

      Ryan and Ian YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    • Eleventytwo

      yay ian won :)

    • ☁ liz ☁

      fuck the janoskians