Ellen Page Is Not Happy With Sony For Making Her Character Naked In A Video Game

Ellen Page naked in Beyond Two SoulsEllen Page might be in the process of suing Sony for using animated images of her naked body in a video game without permission, and all I can think is that this is a very strange world we’re living in.

Now, you’ll need to bear with me, because I’m about to delve into the world of video games, which is extremely foreign to me. I think I understand what happened here, but just barely. So you can feel free to commence cutting me slack riiiiight…now.

The game Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive drama-adventure game for the PlayStation 3 console starring Ellen and Willem Dafoe. The two of them both posed for body scans to make the characters as lifelike as possible, and obviously were paid for their work on the game, just like they would have been for a movie. But the difference between this and a movie is that once you’ve been turned into a character, the game’s creators can pretty much get that character — Jodie, in Ellen’s case — to do whatever they want, whether or not you’re into it.

In this case, that means that Jodie appears fully naked in an extremely superfluous shower scene that’s apparently kind of a favorite of game creator David Cage. (He inserted another similarly unnecessary scene in a game called Heavy Rain, which came out in 2010.) And guess what those two games have in common! They both feature an option that allows you to change the camera angle in the shower scenes, giving yourself a full frontal view of Jodie and the Heavy Rain character Madison, respectively.

Just to help the both of us understand what I’m (trying to) talk about, here’s the safe-for-work version of Ellen Page’s SUPER ULTRA NECESSARY shower scene.

So, yes, even though it’s a weird scene, you can’t deny that her body is covered up. But when it first leaked ‘to the torrents’ prior to its release, people noticed that the clip containing the shower scene was substantially bigger than it theoretically needed to be. And that turned out to be because it contained additional data that wasn’t immediately visible. Even though the only parts of Ellen’s body that you see are PG-rated, it turns out that everything else — breasts, nipples, vagina, everything — are completely ‘sculpted and developed’ as well, meaning that they appear in fully-rendered, near photo-realistic 3D quality. For no reason except to give fans boners, it seems.

All that needed to be done to access these R-rated scenes was to run the game on what’s known as a ‘debugged’ PS3 console, which I won’t even pretend to understand. Apparently some very niche people in the video game community like game developers, testers, and reviewers have what’s known as ‘debug units’, which let you run the game in a different mode that includes functions like ‘free-camera’, which allows you to choose your camera angle. And when you move the camera around in scenes like the one with Ellen in the shower, it becomes obvious that additional information was added to the character that I hiiiiighly doubt Ellen was okay with.

After all, I think she’d remember submitting to a fully nude body scan and signing away her rights to appear naked in a video game. But she doesn’t seem to remember that, because Sony is pulling any and all NSFW images of Ellen nakey from the internet and citing ‘legal reasons’ for doing so, suggesting to some that a suit might be in progress. There aren’t details yet, but websites seem to be getting gag orders placed on them, and the uncensored images have all but disappeared from the web.

Okay. I need to go take a nap and see what the newly-enaged Kimye is up to. That was an overwhelming amount of jargon for me, so I’m having trouble even imagining how Ellen Page feels right now.

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    • bitch

      Kill yourself for fucks sake and get over it.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        No thanks!

    • Funkybuds

      I don’t get it. It seems to be that you’re first suggesting that players will be able to view her naked body by controlling the camera in the video game, but then you say that this is only done on a debugging console which is not available to consumers. I’ll assume that this story is being sensationalized in order to rouse more attention and hurt feelings than necessary.

      The problem here is that, by itself, this scene is playable to only a select few people that have access to special consoles. That means that the exposure of such a scene is minimal. That is, until every video game and celeb blogger got their grubby mitts on the story and let every single casual Internet surfer know that Ellen Page’s genitals were freely available for download if you really go out of your way to find it on some dark corner of the web.

      So, who exactly is causing all the problems for Page now?

      • Julie

        The point is that the scene was completely unnecessary to begin with. Video games already are extremely problematic in depictions of women and gratuitous nudity is part of the problem. In my knowledge of the internet, things like these are found whether or not a site like this mentions it. Also, your argument confuses me. So, the problem with this invasion of privacy isn’t that the creators made it to begin with, but just that other sites are reporting on it and how it is and invasion of privacy? Let’s blame the people who actually created the problem, okay?

      • seamouse

        Rule 34. You have to somehow deal with it, sorry.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I agree — very unnecessary. If it hadn’t been created, there would be nothing to publicize.

      • Anon

        As stated earlier by other posters, devs model the whole body in order to avoid inaccuracies in the final product, not as some perverted easter egg exclusive to noclippers. Nothing to publicize? Funny that your story is the first that the google search “ellen page suing sony” brings up. I smell hypocrisy.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I didn’t reproduce the images or link to where they could be found. Would you rather I not post about the news just because it’s a distasteful topic?

      • Anon

        I don’t have a problem with the fact that you posted the story, but rather with the fact that you then proceeded to say that a character model shouldn’t have to create publicity, which in turn is being created by you. And a story doesn’t need to have links for someone to know to type “beyond two souls shower scene” after reading an article about it,

      • Anon

        fugtrup.tumblr.com Rule 34 will always happen, regardless of whether or not the game contains a nude model.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Once one person with a debugging console accessed the images and screenshot it, they made it available on the internet. Sony has made attempts to remove them, but they’re still out there. That’s what I’m commenting on. The fact that they’re out there now and there’s nothing she can do.

      • Guest

        Debugging isn’t a “select few” most serious gamers have this. So it’s probably more like almost everyone who has a PS3. My husband is a basic gamer (think 2-3 hours a month) and his is debugged.

    • Okidoll

      I’m more upset that she didn’t take her scrunchy out of her hair before she got her head wet. Ridiculous.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Haha I know, what was she thinking?

    • Some Information for you!

      “Even though the only parts of Ellen’s body that you see are PG-rated, it turns out that everything else — breasts, nipples, vagina, everything — are completely ‘sculpted and developed’ as well, meaning that they appear in fully-rendered, near photo-realistic 3D quality. For no reason except to give fans boners, it seems.”

      Vagina is not modeled or textured. The model of course would have to have her breasts modeled so that they would work with clothing and other models that are placed over the base etc so that the clothes behave as real clothes. The nipple texture was most likely for when they made the texture for the model, you need a way to orient the texture (Think of when people do those panorama views of their face w/ their phones, it is stretched out and flat (2D)) so that you can tell what is the front vs back so that the texture mesh will wrap around the body correctly and not be misaligned.

      Also, the Debug console is only for game developers, because they need the options to well…debug. There are very limited numbers of debug consoles, probably less than 10,000 total. So for clarification, the “They both feature an option to change the camera angle” is false because these options are permanently unavailable to regular PS3 owners. I mean, I think there is too much sensationalism being pumped into this story and I feel that it is spreading misinformation.

      May I suggest researching a topic thoroughly before making an article that has a very shallow and misinformed view of how models, textures, and debug consoles work.

      PS. It is most likely the texture artist who made the texture for Ellen pages model that made her “skin” from scratch.

      • Lucy

        Oh, of course. She should totally be fine with “less than 10 000 people” having the ability to view her entirely naked without her permission.

      • Lumarra

        You and the author of this ‘article’ need to get a grip! If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then shut up! Alexis, you talk about gaming and consoles as-if you’d go screaming, running down the street if you even touched one. Are you THAT sheltered? So you’re not a gamer, fine. That doesn’t make gaming ‘icky’. You want us to show respect for some actress (whom >I< don't know and could care less about) yet you won't give the same respect toward the gamers and developers that you talk about. And, 'Lucy', you've been around this thread defending her point of view like you're stuck up her ass. If either of you had done any actual research (you know, because, Alexis, you're supposedly a 'journalist'), you'd see the reasons why her body was modeled and you'd know that she would have had to sign off on anything they did with her 'character' before signing that piece of paper. You act like she agreed to this with a blindfold on! She was well aware of what was going on and I'm sure her agent and attorneys looked out for her 'well-being' in regards to her contract for this game. She would have had to spend a LONG time in the booth for the voice-over to the script of the game (yes, just like a movie, the game has a script. This isn't an Atari!) and if she was smart, she would have visited and talked with the developers themselves. I can't see how she could have done it any other way, as she was a main part of the story and the game itself. Besides, privacy issues aside, do you think this is going to be bad for her career? On the contrary, now many people, like me, who never knew who she was, has her name in their minds now.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Wouldn’t go screaming running down the street. Just wanted to make clear that my entire knowledge of this game I learned while doing research for this article. So there were bound to be things I didn’t understand.

        But in general I feel like I did a good job representing the facts, and I’m sorry if you feel otherwise. Which you clearly do because you’ve been pretty rude about it.

      • Hashim Shah

        As an avid gamer I’d say you did better than just a good job.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hey thank you! I really appreciate that!

      • JLH1986

        I sincerely doubt if Sony had the legal backing to do that they’d be having the images pulled. They aren’t exactly chumps, they’d have waved that contract right in her face and told her to shove it. I’m sure they have a stellar legal team. So something else is going on here if what Alexis is reporting is true. As you, albeit rudely, pointed out Ellen Page isn’t someone like Angelina Jolie who can likely buy and sell Sony. I can’t imagine Sony being afraid of Ellen Page…unless something was off.

      • Dan

        you are very dumb if you think Angelina Jolie can “buy and sell Sony”. there is not an actor or actress on the face of this earth with the money to buy sony. Sony’s worth is in the BILLIONS not in the hundred millions.

      • Some Information for you!

        Honestly, even if it wasn’t modeled into the game. Someone somewhere would make an alternate texture pack and do it anyway for themselves then throw it up on the internet for everyone and somehow this same sensationalized story probably would have happened, again without her permission. Making a nude model to be used in a game shouldn’t really be this big of an issue especially considering the creators of the gameish/movie/life-sim-whatever in this case. I believe they full showed breasts in there last game without the need to use a Debug console to turn on the FreeCamera, but there was no sensationalism because it was Jacqui Ainsley and not Ellen Page. If they had done the same I doubt anyone would even talk about it at all, its only because it is perceived as a scandal here.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think it’s a tricky line. Obviously it’s not really her, but the modeling technology is so advanced now that it really looks like her. It’s a new area of the law that I think we’re going to need to flesh out a little as animations start to look more and more like photographs.

      • Mark Stevens

        Based upon close examination of some of the images, my guess is EP submitted to a fully nude body scan for the shower sequence for realism, with the exception of thong panties—so her “privates” are left unfinished; everything else is her. If that sounds outrageous, note that she was clearly topless for Tracey Fragments, and perhaps fully nude for Mouth to Mouth and The East—while on set, though no real nudity made it into the final cut. Clearly she is willing to be nude for production value, though expects to be protected beyond that. Some nerds, however, could not resist burying her naked pics in the game just because they could. THAT is why they are going beserk trying to get the images off the Net.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I find it unlikely that she’d have agreed to be pictured naked in an unnecessary shower scene, but I have no idea.

      • Mark Stevens

        Unnecessary? Obviously the gamers did not think so, as there are two of them, of some length. Not fully naked: it appears she wore a thong. Everything else is uncannily real and like her exactly, if you compare other scenes in which she appears in undies or the like. Possible exact body-double, but she has always filmed these scenes herself without a body-double in the past, which required her to be nude (or nearly) on set, though with the understanding that it is edited tastefully for public consumption. It would explain why they are going beserk in trying to get the pics down.

      • Mark Stevens

        Note: Re: an article about The East I just reread: “The very first shot of the movie is Ellen naked. She came to set and I thought, ‘How is she going to handle this?’ She just dropped the robe and got into the position she was supposed to be in. It was really cold. She was shaking. Not only were the other actors all around, but the crew was too. The moment I called action, she was in the moment,” Batmanglij said.

        EP is not nearly as conservative about nudity as it seems, just gratuitous sex scenes, but she is not shy when it comes to being naked if it is vital to being an actor. I think it is quite possible she did full (or nearly) nude body scans for the shower scenes, and that is why Sony is going beserk about the leaked “pics”. Major breach of trust and contract. All the bewildering thoughts about why build such a detailed CGI model becomes moot if it is actually EP: the details are already there from the 3D scans.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Thanks for the information! I don’t know that it changes anything I wrote, but I appreciate you providing it.

      • Zuriki

        FYI: It is possible to create a QA PS3 from a retail console, many CFW PS3s have tools to enable that feature.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • horrified

      I’m appalled at the lack of privacy in that apartment. The shower doesn’t seem to have a 4th wall, and the curtains on the giant windows are not drawn closed even though it’s nighttime and anyone can see in. I see this all the time in movies and television. No one closes their blinds, ever. It’s like they enjoy knowing anyone at all can see right into their house.

      i’ve seen the naked 3D model. it’s ok. kinda fugly.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        It’s a very odd house.

    • mac mcrae

      sony pls. this is so obviously designed to drum up interest in their lousy game.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Well if it is, then it’s definitely working.

    • MetroMcBeast

      “the uncensored images have all but disappeared from the web”
      Uhhhh no, sorry. When things are released on the internet, they are there forever. Plenty of them out there, don’t worry about that.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’m sure there are, but most of the sites that originally posted them have been hit with demands from Sony to take them down. That’s what I was referring to.

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