LeAnn Rimes Jokes About Being A Homewrecker On Twitter, Because Ha Ha Cheating Is Hilarious

Leann Rimes twitter picture homewrecker 2013

Hey guys, did you hear that LeAnn Rimes had an affair? You might not have realized, since she only talks about it like fifteen times a day. But alas, it’s true. She and her husband Eddie Cibrian got together while they were both married to other people, LeAnn to Dean Sheremet and Eddie to Beverly Hills housewife and newly minted Lifetime movie actress Brandi Glanville.

Just in case there was still one person left on this earth who wasn’t aware that she was a bona fide wrecker of homes, LeAnn took it upon herself to post the above photo to her Twitter account this weekend with the caption “”DON’T OPEN w/o A SENSE OF HUMOR. My dad has a towing service, family business. #havefunw/thecomments.” Haha, get it? Wrecker? Like homewrecker? Like the thing LeAnn Rimes is? Isn’t adultery just the funniest? Betrayal and broken homes are my favorite things to think about when I need a good LOL. E! News seems to agree about how hilarious it is, declaring the photo to be “funny” in the title of their article about it.

What’s weird, though, is that some people seem to think this photo is not so funny. Crazy, right? I guess some folks just don’t like to have their funny bone tickled by smug adulterers. I’m as surprised as you are, but a lot of people have tweeted at her since she posted it complaining that it’s in poor taste and her step-sons probably wouldn’t find it very funny. And like any mature 31-year-old woman, she’s engaging in Twitter arguments with them. It’s almost like she posts these things for the specific purpose of making people mad. Oh silly me, there I go with my crazy conspiracy theories. It’s completely natural for a grown woman to gloat about her cheating ways more than regular, non-adultery couples gloat about their own faithful relationships.

One last question, though. Why was LeAnn crying about her hard her affair was in that TV special that one time? They must have been tears of laughter, right? Because once again, jokes about cheating are totally LMFAO-worthy.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      LeAnn Rimes, Toll Extraordinaire.

    • Holly

      I think this is common among the types of cheating people who also happen to be narcissists or possibly even sociopaths. My family member who cheated numerous times on her wonderful husband and finally got caught by…everyone…joked about wearing a scarlet letter. On facebook. Where two of her children also have accounts. A week later.

    • ug

      LeAnn Rimes is trash

    • Gail

      Hahaha homewrecker! That is almost funny. A perfect example of the deterioration of our society. Hold your head up Brandi. It’s a matter of time until she’s out on her a$$ and he moves on to the next. Once a cheat always a cheat. Be happy you got out!!!

    • AnonyMouse

      People that become victims of things like this, like Glanville, and Sheremet, should take solace in knowing that their former spouses spend a lot of time worrying about whether or not their significant other will cheat ON them just like they cheated WITH them. It’s almost poetic. I have a friend that cheated on her husband, and she’s married to the guy she cheated with, and the guy cheated on his girlfriend to be with her, and I constantly have to listen to her paranoid ramblings about him. They can never trust each other, because they know what they are capable of, I don’t care how hunky dory it seems, it’s not. It’s a front to save face in front of people. A relationship built from something like infidelity cannot be smooth, and the whole “love happens when it happens” mentality is just an out for selfish people to act like idiots. In the end, I think it’s a good thing when unfaithful people and their spouses divorce. The faithful spouse deserves something better, and the unfaithful one never deserved them in the first place.

      • footnotegirl

        Too true. My ex cheated on me with his *ahem* “soul mate” (who was at the time engaged to someone else). They got married, and divorced something like five years later because SHOCKINGLY, there were trust issues. Who could have made that prediction?

    • guest

      Have tried to give her benefit of doubt b/c I love her voice but… I’m officially done. Putting her CD’s in my garage sale this weekend and if they do not sell… going to Goodwill

    • Wendy Eshelman

      Leann is nothing more than a shameless, proud, spiteful piece of shit who truly enjoys flaunting her so-called marital bliss to try & prove to everyone how happy she & her hubby are. Meanwhile, she also just loves finding new ways to cash in on the pain she’s caused certain people. Whether she’s suing various people, glorifying adultry on her album ‘Spitfire’, her new ‘scripted’ reality show on VH1(her truth has been edited, rewritten & formatted for delusional pleasure), countless interviews where she continues to bash Brandi, etc……WHAT AN INSANE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY LIKES A CHEATER/HOMEWRECKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO HER PARENTS THINK OF HER?!?!?! THEY MUST BE SOOOOOOO PROUD OF THEIR VINDICTIVE BITCH OF A DAUGHTER!! She lets Brandi’s sons sing & have fun with those evil songs on ‘Spitfire’!!!! #mindblowingmadness #selfservingwhore #TEAMBRANDI

    • Katy Hearne

      In the words of Charles Barkley ala Kenan Thompson on the SNL rerun I’m watching right now. “This story is terrrbl”. Also, does pointing out that it’s a “family business” supposed to… make it less… terrrbl?

    • Guest

      Is this all she does? I see nothing about her actual career. All she does is talk about this this douche that she thinks is such a catch .

      People have some discretion and shame about these sorts of things. People have always had affairs, but usually had enough shame about the situation to keep it private. Flaunting this is just trashy.

    • Okidoll

      Is this all she does anymore? She went from professional singer to making this her most prominent talent?

      I do find it interesting that she gets most of the flack on this. They both are cheaters and both deserve the heat for this. People have always had affairs, but to flaunt it like this is just pathetic.

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