Behold The Two New Unknown Hunks Trying To Get Cast In Fifty Shades Of Grey

Jamie Dornan and Billy MagnussenI have a serious question, you guys — is this Fifty Shades of Grey movie happening? I mean, is it? The book version came out in 2011 and was a viral abomination in my daily life for months after that. It was showing up gripped in the slightly sweaty hands of middle-aged women on the same subway car as me, being referenced in popular culture, and forcing my ears to absorb the term ‘mommy porn’. It was an epidemic. But that was over two years ago now, and we’re still pretty much at square one with the movie, so I’m quickly losing faith.

For a second it seemed like we were cast and ready to move forward, with a couple of relative unknowns named Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam, but then Charlie came to his senses and dropped out, and now we have, like…a week to recast the character of Christian Grey before everyone has to admit that they’re unbelievably behind schedule. (This movie does still supposedly have an August 2014 release date, after all.)

But I guess we’ll just keep pretending like everything is fine, and introduce the two newest players in this farce. You already know that Scott Eastwood is in the mix, so now meet Jamie Dornan and Billy Magnussen, the most recent fellas rumored to be rounding out the ‘five actors being considered’ for the role. Jamie is on a British television series called The Fall, and Billy is coming to ya straight from Broadway, where he was nominated for a Tony for his work on Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two of them read for the movie’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, before the weekend. There’s no information on how they did, but the source did make clear that they weren’t the only people to audition for that role. Well let’s hope not, because at the rate they’ve been dropping, we might want to cast six or seven guys in the role, just to be safe.

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    • Katie

      What I don’t understand is if Ian Somerhalder WANTS to do it, and everyone else WANTS him to do it… why don’t they just cast him? I hate to admit it, but even I would see this travesty if he were in it.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Maybe it doesn’t work with his schedule? I know he’s doing Vampire Diaries, right? In Atlanta? So maybe he wouldn’t be able to so since Fifty Shades is on such a crazy schedule?

    • bleu

      They had a long time to think about who they wanted to play Christian and Ana. I love the books. I’m obsessed. But its turning into a joke. Who we wantef to play these characters should be taken into consideration. And while your at it. You all neef to find another Ana as well. The books are amazing! Please don’t ruin what may ne the biggest movie to ever come out. The actors you choose will go down in history. Good or bad. Choose wisely so when you look back 10…20…30 years it will be a classic movie..
      Not an epic fail!

    • 50shadesfan

      None of the guys up for the part fit the bill. They’re all a downgrade. Billy and Jamie are both too short, Billy is unattractive, and Jamie is too scrawny. Christian is tall and broad shouldered! They didn’t follow the books when casting for Ana but I was hoping they’d at least get something right! This film is going down the drain very fast! It’s already bad with Dakota cast to play Ana, who nobody wants, and this film already has so much negativity surrounding it since Charlie. They need to can it altogether. I don’t want this disaster tainting the books.

    • mse63

      I guess that Jamie’s schedule is pretty wide open. The Fall is more like a miniseries, its first season had 5 eps, and they’re even pushing the second season back a bit because Gillian Anderson said so, so poor guy must be really bored. I wish that he’d fill that time with something else, but whatever Jamie, best of luck to that adorably psychopatic scruffy face of yours!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Haha, love it. He’s got nothing but time!

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