5 Facts About Scott Eastwood, One Of The Latest Fifty Shades Of Grey Contenders

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Though I’m ashamed to admit that this news piques my interest, Scott Eastwood–yes, son of Clint– is apparently one of the five actors being considered for the role of Christian Grey.  Though his Wikipedia page is sparse, he has a decent amount of films under his belt even if you’ve never heard of him.  Which will completely change if he gets cast as Christian Grey, something the actor/model seems on board with:

While I don’t have any feelings invested in any part of this film, I do believe the script has to be better than the book to succeed.  Charlie Hunnam’s exit pretty much dashes any hope of this being true, so we may as well have fun getting to know more about this mini-Eastwood.  Like, does he talk to empty chairs?

1. He was born “Scott Clinton Reeves.”  He carried his mother’s surname until, I can only assume, he realized he could get 10x farther in Hollywood by carrying his father’s. I kid, I kid.  For whatever reason, he and his sister weren’t “publicly recognized” by their father until 2002.

2. He looks uncannily like Clint Eastwood in his heyday.  So much so that my fiance declared having a man-crush on him for that reason and that reason only.



3. He’s starred alongside his old man.  Scott appeared in Flags of our Fathers and Gran Torino, so at least we know he has some acting experience.

4. If he lands the role of Christian Grey, he and co-star Dakota Johnson will both have the second-generation Hollywood thing in common since she’s the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.

5. He’s the only American actor we’ve heard legitimate buzz about for this role.  Author E.L. James seems dead-set on casting a British actor as Christian, as if the frequent use of British slang in the book wasn’t enough to convince us she knows little about Seattle and American dialogue.  Even Charlie Hunnam, as convincing as he is as Jax on Sons of Anarchy, is from across the pond.

Will he portray Christian Grey?  Will this movie ever actually get made?  Will Nicholas Cage land the coveted role? Will E.L. James finally accept the fact that she needs to stop trying to make Robert Pattinson happen?  (It’s not going to happen.)  Stay tuned! #HoughLivin

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