Turns Out Taylor Swift Really Wanted To Date Zayn, But Harry Got Sloppy Seconds

Zayn Malik and Taylor SwiftSorry to all you Haylor fans out there, but I am about to rock your world hardcore when I drop some serious knowledge on it — Harry Styles was apparently not Taylor Swift‘s first choice. In fact, if you can believe this source, he wasn’t even her first choice on One DirectionBurn.

According to Life & Style, Taylor originally set her earnest little sights on Harry’s 1D bandmate Zayn Malik.

“Taylor had her eye on Zayn Malik, [but] when Zayn found out she was interested, he turned her down.”

NO. No no no no, how dare you, Zayn? People don’t just go turning down Taylor Swift, especially when it means that the world misses out on a couple nickname like ‘Tayn’. How could you have done that to us? Although I guess on the flip side, if Taylor hadn’t dated Harry, we wouldn’t have the song ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, so it all evens out. ALMOST.

My favorite part though is that she couldn’t even be bothered to try another boy band, though. She was like, “Ugh, but I walked all the way here from Rhode Island, aren’t there any other single members of your band? Maybe that flopsy haired one? What’s his deal? He looks eligible enough to be sloppy seconds in my new fakelationship.” And having identified her new target, Taylor wasted no time in ensnaring him:

“That’s when she swooped in on Harry.”

You hear that? SWOOPED. Out of the sky. Like a great sparkly bird. She identified her prey from the air and winged her way down to earth — making a few stops in antique stores along the way, of course — before clutching Harry in her talons and whisking him back to the states for a whirlwind two months of kisses, cuddles, and I love yous, culminating in a not-at-all staged kiss in Times Square on New Years Eve.

It was a beautiful love story, one for the ages, but I can’t help thinking of all the missed moments that the world will never get to share with Tayn. Tayn gazing into each others’ eyes over Skype. Tayn getting into giggly arguments about who has the better bone structure. Tayn skipping hand in hand through a field of daisies and getting engaged right there on the spot. RIP Tayn. I shed a tear for what might have been.

(Images: Dennis Van Tine / Future Image / WENN.com)

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Think of all of the Twitter handles that the world missed out on! @intayn, @cantbetayned, the list is endless!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        @cantbetayned forever.

    • Obviously Opinionated

      Really Taylor? Lets add this to the list of annoying things that she does….. here is one we have started.


      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Are you sure there aren’t too many for a list?

      • Obviously Opinionated

        We struggled narrowing it down, but we eventually decided on the things that made our blood boil the most

      • Obviously Opinionated

        We struggled narrowing it down, but we eventually decided on the things that made our blood boil the most

    • Rachel

      I think you meant her publicist wanted her to date zayn, because if taylor and harry looked any more bored with each other when they were “dating” i would have died.

    • Lajya

      Listen you really shouldn’t believe everything an anonymous ‘insider’ or a source dishes on a star to some shitty mag. Most of it is made up by the writer of the article him/herself, so there isn’t any truth whatsoever in it. Also, why would this story come out almost after a year of Harry and Taylor’s relationship. Its obviously b.s.

    • Christina

      What is this ignorant bullshat? It’s not even good enough to be called fanfic.

      Anyway, Taylor denied this a long time ago

      “A rep for Swift says the magazine’s story is NOT true.”

      lank: http://www.gossipcop.com/taylor-swift-zayn-malik-rejected-harry-styles/

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Gossip Cop is on the case!

    • Christina

      Taylor denied this

      “A rep for Swift says the magazine’s story is NOT true.”


    • Buck

      Too bad I knew you were trouble isn’t even about harry… unless she can predict the future and right a song for someone before she dates them.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        She has those skills.


      Perrie is PERFECT for Zayn, okay? Taylor should know that Zayn was NOT single. How dare she try and date him?

      Zayn did a MAGNIFICENT JOB in turning her down. You go, baba!