It’s Cute That The Country Music Hall Of Fame Named An Education Center After Pop Star Taylor Swift

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I’m not sure what strikes me as more absurd: the fact that Taylor Swift has an actual education center named after her, or the fact that she only received this honor because country music still feels a need to honor her even though she’s a pop star.  Weird.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing education centers or the students who go there.  I’m dissing Taylor Swift’s involvement and influence on country music AND education.  Just so we’re clear.

To further validate my thoughts, here is a direct quote from HuffPo:

The pop star opened her $4 million Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on Saturday morning, and will accept her record sixth songwriter-artist of the year award from Nashville Songwriters Association International on Sunday.

They laid it all out there in the first three words: THE POP STAR.  Not “country music sensation,” not even “beautiful pixie and perpetual romantic victim.”   Pop star.  Because that’s what she is and to argue otherwise, at this exact point in her career, is ridiculous. So is the fact that a 23-year-old pop singer has an educational center named for her.  What, pray tell, has Taylor Swift contributed so nobly to the world of country music lately that students will learn in a school bearing her name? She’s popular, she’s pretty, and she sings a song called “Tim McGraw.”  That’s about all I can come up with.

Also, in every article I read about this there was no mention about this school being accessible to everyone, regardless of finances and backgrounds. I will eat my hat (and a side of crow, preferably seasoned and deep-fried) if this musical education center opened its doors to everyone, not just upper-middle class white kids (like Taylor was) who can afford its tuition.  I’m making assumptions here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the price of attending the Taylor Swift Education Center was higher than the number of doilies and kitty calendars Taylor Swift has ever owned.   I recommend adding a Feminism 101 class to the curriculum, preferably with guest lecturer Lorde.

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    • AlarTruve

      You are so ignorant that its embarrassing. I know its basically a click bait trolling but still….

    • Nikki

      I am not a huge fan of Taylor Swift, I think you picked the wrong fight here. Her education center was added onto the museum to increase their ability to hold classes. Before they had one existing classroom, now they have four. From their website it states that children are 3.95 each and kids in the Nashville school system are free. They also offer free development classes to teachers. They named it after her because she gave them 4 million to build it. Apparently it’s where she signed her first record contract and gave one of her first public performances. She also donated a lot of items to the museum for showcasing in it’s contemporary wing. She may be a pop star now, but she definitely started off country and apparently honors her roots.

      You might also want to check out the work she has done for charities and all the money she has given away before you continue to heap trash on her.

      She has given quite a lot of time and money to several worthy causes including protecting children from online predators and combating internet sex crimes.

      • avalon

        Nikki do you Think Cassandra is a woman of her word and will eat her hat and some seasoned deep fried crow . You proved her wrong so I think she should post a video of her choking down her hat & crow on her twitter account so her 182 followers can watch. Actually it would be a good way to increase her followers.

      • Cassandra Hough

        You’re in luck! I practically have my own YouTube channel chalk full of me eating hats. Thanks for stalking!

      • kevinnyc

        Hi Cassandra Hough, you are invincible when you are shameless, I stalk you very much! You are powerful when you are shameless, because no HUMAN BEING can blame you, I stalk you even more!! You are immortal when you are shameless, because you are beyond HUMAN, I will stalk you for a thousand years!!!
        Hi Cassandra Hough, you are the first writer commenting to your own article with you own name. Why not invite some friends to do it for you? Do don’t have to be alone (or lonely? I am a foreigner, my English is not good).
        What? You comment to yourself more than once? You are awesome!!!

      • Bruce

        And you obviously have no life Kevin.

    • avalon

      The hate you have for Taylor is vile. If I knew you had a soul or any shred of human decency I would say you should be ashamed for writing this hate . But all of the nasty women who write for this site have true mental disorders. She has given millions to causes in the Nashville area, She gives back to the city that launched her career and only one of the sociopaths from this site can find stupid reasons to condemn her for doing something good for the city she calls home. NOW WHEN ONE OF YOU COMES BACK WITH SOME STUPID SNARKY RESPONSE HOW ABOUT LISTING SOME OF THE CAUSES YOU GIVE TO! Also look up how many thousands of books she has given to libraries in the Nashville area or the school auditoriums & playground she has buit in the area. You are just SAD

      • Cassandra Hough

        I’m president of my local sociopath support club- shows just how stupid I am! *Snort*

    • Shannon Davis

      They named the education center after her because she paid for it, or at least a very large part of it, with her $4 million donation last year.

    • Kara

      Taylor started her career as a country artist and with this most recent fourth album she may have veered from her that genre but it doesn’t discredit the past 7 years that she had sang country. The country hall of fame is a very prominent place for her, its where she began her career and she wants to give back to her community and have a place for children who is interested in music to go and learn. It’s the Taylor Swift Education Center. So its really open to anyone who has an interest in music no matter which genre.

      • AlarTruve

        She also played for fundraisers there lots of times.

        Funnily enough most of Taylor`s recent album songs are not that different from songs on country radio today. Its all a mix of pop, poprock and country they play these days. That`s why its pretty clear that the author of this desperate article is not a listener of country radio herself. But negativity/trolling is bringing clicks….so go on to her i guess….

    • Bruce

      Cassandra it’s sad that your smarmy attitude is considered cool by other spoiled brats of your peer group I guess because otherwise I don’t know why you have the job. Others have already said her a lot of the reasons you’re soooo wrong, but as for country music Taylor wrote the number one country song of 2006 (not Tim McGraw which is probably the only one you know) called Our Song, at fifteen years old in fact in the front seat of a car on a napkin in 2005. Her first album is close to 100% country even by the rigid standards of the dinosaurs who stop at Hank Williams and the Carter Family. Country today holds many refugees from the tripe of lots of popular music including Sherryl Crow, Kid Rock, even Lionel Ritchie. Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish) is total country, and acts like Sugarland, Keith Urban and even The Band Perry are no where ‘pure’ country. If you mean POPULAR by pop, then Taylor certainly is but genre-smashing talents always grow out of the bounds others wish to keep them in. She’s someone that many snarky females love to have a go at but beware…there are millions and millions of the other kind growing up with her who will leave you in the dust of history. Lesson for today.

      • Jenny

        She wrote it for her 9th grade talent show, so wouldn’t she have been 14?

      • Bruce

        Quite possibly Jenny. She left school with a tutor at fifteen because her career was already exploding.

    • sumant

      Umm..if you take the effort to hear her entire albums, instead of just her singles nowadays, you’d be surprised to find that there are a lot of country songs. And also, she has made a hall where music instruments will be displayed for people to try and practice with if they can’t afford them. So yeah, its not only for the “upper middle class white kids”. And…why did you feel the need to say white? And what has sshe contributed? Well, 4 million dollars to begin with. And somewhere on this site I read that you snarkily rrespond only to people who snarkily comment your articles, so as tthis isn’t hating nor is it snaky, do respond.

    • disappointedwiththisone

      I’m not big into comment on blogs, but this seems like a totally unnecessary entry. Not every artist appeals to everyone and if she isn’t your thing, that’s fine, but this article didn’t contribute anything to the world, but showing your own snarky dislike for her. As readers, we could care less. It’s not clever, not funny to bash her just because she’s not your thing – and when you were too lazy to actually do research before you started to type. Especially, when she donated ALOT of money to help with music education classes AND is trying to figure out how she can personally volunteer some time to it as well. I’m actually surprised you don’t like her. You both seem to have a talent for writing sh!t about people in public forums.