Bruce Jenner Reached His ‘Breaking Point’ When Kimye Moved In, So I Guess Even Bruce Jenner Has Limits

Bruce and Kris Jenner filming for Keeping Up With The Kardashians in April 2011

Even though he married a fame-hungry, moral compass-less dragon lady, Bruce Jenner apparently does have a bottom line and Kris Jenner totally crossed it.  At this point there are thousands upon thousands of justifiable reasons for Bruce desperately wanting out, but apparently he reached his “breaking point” when Kris Jenner allowed Kimye & Co. to move into their home.

“It got crazy,” an insider reveals to People magazine. “It was all about Kim and North and no one paid Bruce any attention, especially Kris. This was Bruce’s house, too.  And he had no room. He felt like he was being shoved into a corner.”

I’m less interested about nobody “paying Bruce any attention” and more sympathetic to the undoubtedly overwhelming, suffocating, and constant presence of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, their entourage, and baby North.  Especially since these are two people who can afford to build a sultan-sized palace right next door to the Jenners if they really wanted to be close-by.  Kendall and Kylie still live there, plus I’m sure an entire day cannot go by without Kourtney, Khloe, Lord Douchenozzle, and whoever Kris Jenner is pimping out that day stopping in to say hello.  I feel you, Brucie.

Not to mention that anytime I’ve actually sat through an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they all take turns treating Bruce like remnants of a dog turd on a pair of gladiator Choos.  Obviously there’s something inherently wrong with Bruce Jenner, what with the Michael Jackson-ish plastic surgery and somehow sustaining a marriage to Kris for two decades. But come on, the man is a world-renowned Olympian with a seemingly big heart, right?  I never understood the way they treated him.  Luckily, Kris is willing to clear a few things up about the separation:

“We will always be the best of friends, because that’s the dynamic of our relationship … We’re so connected in that way. We love each other.  People that are best friends and that love each other don’t necessarily have to be married.”

Spoken like the perfect media manipulator she is!  God bless.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      I don’t get why they didn’t just stay in a hotel or something.

      • Spoofey

        WHO GIVES A F _ _ _!

    • Maureen

      She wanted him out in the first place so this pushed him out.

    • amaryllis

      Actually Kim and Kanye are building a house which isn’t ready yet. That notwithstanding, I have no freaking idea why they didn’t just rent a house until theirs was ready.

    • Karrina

      She was so awful to him. If there is such a thing as Karma……watch out Kris. Cruella has nothing on Kris Jenner.

    • liam buckley

      He’s the only one out of the entire clan that had any talent (Olympics) And yet he was always treated like garbage!

    • TryThinking1956

      I’m sorry…he had “no room” in a house the size of Versailles? In my life I have experienced all kinds of stuff being blamed on “the Black kid”…but this just beats all. He “left” because the pimp needed a new story line to force E! to sign them for another season.

    • Mguzman

      Bet old Bruce is now loving life…..good for him for moving out leaving the Queen of the castle to control her empire……..Kim is her world!!!!!

    • Linda

      Kris said last season her biggest mistake was divorcing Robert Kardashian. She told the girls she wanted to take the Kardashian name back as she was part of the “brand.” None f the girls supported her on it and were appalled, particularly Khloe. She and her sisters took a walk down the hall of their house and pointed out there were many pictures of Kris & the girls, but none of Bruce. who loved and took care of them, was always there for them. Kris had no money; the kids had trust funds, but Robert K gave Kris nothing, obviously for good reason. Can’t figure out why he left Linda Thompson in the first place,

    • Kevin Blankenship

      In the scheme of his life, he will now remember he had one!! Maybe he will get it back, that fiasco he was in was not a caring or sharing one but a needful one!!