Miley Cyrus Calls Robin Thicke Out On His VMAs Performance, And All I Gotta Say Is ‘Finally!’

Miley Cyrus Robin Thicke VMAS 2013Even though Miley Cyrus is an exhausting human being to follow (via blog, not even in person), she’s showing a more mature side of herself this week as she runs around promoting Bangerz. She kicked off her press tour on Tuesday by singing “We Can’t Stop”acapella with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon. And she wraps it up today speaking like a mature adult to Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show. By wrap it up today, I of course mean for the weekend. I have no doubts that this press will continue for many, many, “surprise, here’s a sex tape I made with Tupac’s Ghost,” weeks to come.

Obviously Ellen brought up her performance at the 2013 VMAs. I say obviously, because anyone who speaks to Miley Cyrus between now and eternity is required to bring it up. That’s just something I read on a legal blog recently. (Something else I also read is that Miley Cyrus needs to always be missing parts of her outfit. Hence why she’s on Ellen right now wearing a bra. Of course she would’ve liked to wear a shirt over that bra, it’s just that, you know, she’s following the law.) Within a few seconds of the conversation of the VMAs, Robin Thicke’s name came up.

Ellen: The one thing that I think I’m surprised by you know, Robin Thicke was on the stage as well…
Miley: No one talks about that. No one cares about the man behind the booty. You only care about the one that’s shaking it. Double standard…

Ellen:  I think what people thought was he was surprised by it and…
Miley: He was in rehearsal as much as I was and loving it people… and loving it…

Ellen: So everyone there knew.  There was rehearsal everyone knew what was going to happen.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to see Miley Cyrus finally call Robin Thicke out on this double standard. Even though he never denied that he knew it was coming, he stayed silent for weeks after her performance and let her take all the heat. And when he finally did release a statement, it was a perfect combination of being half-ass and douchey. While I did not enjoy Miley’s performance at all, I also did not enjoy the fact that everyone ignored the blatant fact that there was another person up on that stage with her. So I’m incredibly happy to see Miley openly stating in an interview that Robin Thicke was not only aware of what was coming, but was an active participant.

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus (and I’m guessing people you know have said a lot more than needed to be said), but she almost always owns up to her behavior. We might not always agree with that behavior, but she doesn’t back pedal and let other people take criticism for something she chose to do. And for that, I gotta gave her props. Not all of them — due to her horrible habit of doing things with props that I would prefer she wouldn’t do — but definitely a good amount of them.

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    • Jenny
      • Jenni

        Wow! That’s even worse than his first response.

    • elle

      I have been waiting for someone to call him out since the vmas….miley is right there is a double standard and robin isn’t some victim who didn’t know what was going to happen. And judging from some of his various responses he is kind of an as whole.

    • Josie

      Not to mention the fact that he is much older than her and married. Ick. I don’t like him anymore. And he looks too much like his dad. Yuck.

    • Medusa Jordan

      What can we expect from the man who made Blurred Lines? Certainly not behaving like a decent human being.

    • Ria

      I don’t think it was a double standard at all. Miley’s been on 9 gazillion shows since then, publicizing the same activity and using it as a marketing tool. So yes, she’s going to get called out more because she chooses to make that activity part of her persona.

      • Jenni

        But she was getting all the criticism starting the next day. I don’t think she’s blameless, but I do think the blame should be shared. It reminds me of the time Justin Timberlake “accidentally” ripped of Janet Jackson’s shirt and she had to take all the blame.

      • Ria

        It was an orchestrated performance mutually agreed upon, designed to get attention, which it did. There’s no blame on either side…they both pushed boundaries and got the results they wanted. Miley continued to nurture it because it worked. Neither was a victim. Guy pigs are gross and girl pigs are gross…they’re both talented but equally icky too.

        I personally think they’re both on some sort of drug…total lack of inhibitions.

        I won’t say anything about Janet Jackson because some girl here got really upset with me last weekend for thinking Madonna was more talented… comment on that;)

      • abbeysbooks

        U kno that’s what we gals are around for. The sponges that absorb all the negativity.

      • Mary

        I agree. I didn’t think it was fair that her personal life was getting scrutinized when she happened to be a famous singer/actor. But now that she’s chosen to make being outrageous part of her brand as an entertainer (not just someone who mainly focuses on singing or acting), she has it coming.

    • Mary

      I don’t understand. I thought the VMAs performance went “exactly as planned” precisely because it generated lots of headlines for her. In other words, Miley knew beforehand there would be a double standard and she was just using it to her advantage. So why has she been showing contempt to this double standard?

      Of course, this is the one interview where she seems “real” instead of putting on a show to increase sales of her new album. So even if she has a point here, she already lost points for going as far as being naked in a music video for the sake of getting her name out there. Talk about having no integrity.

    • Ernest Stuart

      I just think that Robin Thicke is a great liar, wanting to look innocent at the expense of Miley Cyrus who was too honest to be true at her age. Miley is more responsible. did not like what Miley’s performance at VMA but Robin is older so he should take that responsibility too. Of course he knew that….

    • Chris

      I don’t think either one of them should have to take “blame” for this, because it’s a blameless activity. It was a performance on an awards show, not a bank robbery. This performance didn’t hurt anyone, didn’t kill anyone, didn’t ruin anyone’s life. And if it did, then perhaps that person should see a doctor because they obviously have serious pre-existing problems. The thing is, people these days are way too oversensitive and are way too in love with complaining about stuff. Instead of spending all your time being such a crybaby, perhaps take this opportunity to buck up and learn how to get over things that aren’t worth getting worked up over. People who are still freaking out over this obviously don’t have any real problems in their lives. What a luxury. And if this performance really did bother these people, perhaps they should quit spending so much time thinking about it and get a life already. Seriously, people who suffer gunshot wounds whine less than this.

    • Gio Taylor

      There was nothing to call out. it’s the VMAs, people; you’re supposed to be shocked.

    • Gio Taylor

      If Miley sang “a capella” with the Roots, then what did they do, stand around and watch her?

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