You Will Just Love Hate-Listening To Paris Hilton’s Horrible New Song

paris hilton good time bathing suit music video

Remain calm, but know that Paris Hilton’sGood Time” is finally here. That’s right. The House of Wax star’s highly anticipated new single with Lil Wayne dropped last night and it’s already attracting hate-listeners from all paths of life. With it’s hawt techno beatz and its complete disregard for quality, it’s everything that you’ve come to come to expect from the heiress…PLUS MORE! Like a bird with a bowel problem, Paris Hilton can’t stop dropping things on us. Not only did Nicole Richie’s former best friend give us new music last night, but she also gave us a new music video. 

While it’s well worth your watch, let me set the scene for you. It’s clips of Paris Hilton attempting to seduce you in a one-piece bathing suit intercut with clips from a crazy party. Okay fine, I’ll back up to that seduction that I nonchalantly told you about a few moments ago. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to see someone so rich that she could film an entire music video while napping? Yes? Well wonder no more! Paris Hilton pulls that off in this video. Sadly it will not embed on Crushable at the moment, but you can watch it in all its giraffe (spoiler alert!) glory right here.

And while you debate if you’re ready to watch several minutes of Paris Hilton writhing around next to a pool in 2013, you can listen to the song in full below. It’s like a mash-up of your drunk aunt asking you over and over again if you’re having a good time at a family event and what I imagine the drug Molly would say if given a voice. Enjoy!

(GIF: Tumblr)

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    • raeronola

      You know, that first song she did way back when wasn’t half bad. This is like putting a bunch of barbies in a blender with a bottle of vodka and a gun.

      And how bout that random f-bomb??

    • Rachel

      She’ll never make a better song than “Stars Are Blind.” It’s impossible to top.

      • Jenni

        I actually really liked Stars Are Blind

      • Rachel

        I also maybe, kind of like Nothing In This World too. And by kind of, I mean really liked.

      • elle

        I am very ashamed to admit it but yeah I kinda loved stars are blind so I hope you weren’t being sarcastic. This song? It is terrible.

    • Ria

      She’s always reminded me of Snoopy’s little bird friend Woodstock from Charlie Brown.

    • Katie

      For some reason I actually really love her.

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