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Michelle Duggar Waxes Poetic About Teaching Her Daughters To Feel Ashamed Of Their Bodies As Soon As Possible

The Duggar Family trip to DC

While we’ve known for a long time that the Duggar Family likes to knee-shame their children, we didn’t know how much until Michelle Duggar published her most recent blog. Even though she never uses the word knee in a derogatory fashion in her post, it’s all too clear from what she wrote that she’s scared of that joint. Seriously gang, show me a Duggar knee and I’ll show you a TLC show that features a normal family that’s free of quirks and extra wives.

Michelle begins her entry by talking about how she’s raised her daughters to dress modestly. Why? Because God called Michelle when she started having kids and told her that long skirts were in that season…and for every season every that.

My daughters are the second generation of modest dressing in this family. They’ve grown up being dressed modestly, and in clothes that are definitely more feminine apparel. I’ve told my daughters this has been a joyful journey for me to learn what my Lord has called me to.

After (not) clearing up her motivations for dictating their clothing choices, she goes on to talk about the fact that dressing modestly and acting ladylike is often a challenge for her younger children. Mostly because they don’t hate their knees yet.

As a parent I would have to remind them, let’s not stand upside down on your head in that chair because you want to practice being ladylike. And they look at me with this puzzled looked like, what does that mean? I’ll explain, well, it means that you sit up, put your knees together and pull your skirt down over your knees.

Yes, you read that right! One of the first lessons you learn as a girl in the Duggar household is to sit up, put your knees together and then hide them under your skirt. Heaven forbid anyone see that you have a body. Why, they might think that you’re as able as a man! Then where would this fine country be? Probably letting women vote for president and wear pants and plan their families using birth control. Just thinking about that gives me the chills. Which makes me think of chili. Which reminds me that I need to get away from this computer and back to the kitchen.

In the meantime, remember to admonish any and all little girls you see having fun. Just because they’re not aware of their bodies yet doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be. Call me out if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the bible says that no child is ever too young to be made to feel ashamed of her body.

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  • PJF

    I cannot stand their show. It is so sickening. I even thought Michelle looked so ridiculous at her son’s wedding — couldn’t she have dressed up for the event and the shoes that she had on. They are rich because of the show. I think it is terrible to bring that many children in the world. Michelle doesn’t take care of them — all of the girl’s do all of the work around the house. If the girl’s could just dress for their age (not trashey), they would be cute. And, what is with the long curly hair — get a little more modern. I think they all should be more fasionable — no, not like Miley, but they could do a lot better than they do. The girls and the guys will never go out and have a normal job (because their parents would not let them). The women in that family is just for breeding. Look at the son that is married — they are also going to have a very large family. That is all the girls are meant to be — have a bunch of kids. I just think the Duggar family is ridiculous and I will never watch that show again — I want to throw up. Their even thinking about adopting — come on — get real. Michelle’s husband doesn’t have any concerns about Michelle’s health having all of those babies — just keep on hopping on her. And, the guys will be the same (look at the married guy). All of the other children will take the responsiblity of raising all of the little ones if Michelle would pass away. Cannot even kiss a boy until they get married — ridiculous. The duggar family is ridiculous. Let your children when they are old enough go and explore the world, not just get married and have 20 children.

  • Jayfour

    The liberals titled this article something about Michelle Duggar waxing poetic about teaching their girls to be ashamed of their bodies. Then when you read the piece you find the liberal judgment all over the place. It’s interesting that this liberal culture celebrates adultery, premarital sex or any sex without obligation, etc. The Duggar family must really irritate the tolerant hypocritical liberal thinkers.

  • T

    You are an idiot! It’s not about hiding your knees or being ashamed of them. It’s about closing your knees so that no one can look up your skirt and see your “private parts”.

  • Lorrie Gonzales

    I would rather see young girls in long skirt and behaving ladylike than have to watch miley cyrus stick her tongue out and gyrate on stage one more time. I think it’s great that she is raising her daughters to have some class and self respect. My guess would be the reason she doesn’t want her daughters to dress provocatively is because it produces lust in young men. This family is living a Christian life style and just because thy don’t dress like sluts doesn’t mean they are oppressed. Why do you have to dress like a slut and behave like a pagan in order to be “free”? Feminists do not understand the Christian life. They do not know Christ and they do not follow the Word of God. For one who loves the Lord and wants to keep his word, it is neither oppressive or lacking in options. Why don’t these feminists mind their own business? If you feel the need to dress in a certain way and live a certain lifestyle to prove you are your own person, go ahead and do it. Why do you feel the need to force other women to live the way you do? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe these girls are happy? Your formula for happiness is not applicable to everyone. Just because you wouldn’t be happy living that way doesn’t mean they aren’t. Mind your own business already, so sick of these pushy “open minded” liberals condemning anything that disagrees with their way of life.

  • ThisIsNot4U2

    She would make an AWESOME spokeswoman for that WACKADOODLE Tea Party. I’m going to start a petition for her to speak at the 2016 RNC as well.

  • LadyKateC

    I think it is perfectly okay to start teaching children reasonable standards of modesty, i.e. it is not proper to flash your underpants in public. But, the solution for little girls is to either let them wear pants or put leggings on underneath their skirts/dresses, so that they can run and play and enjoy themselves.

  • SamB19

    Crazy cult. Poor brain-washed kids.

  • ModestIsHottest

    I personally love wearing l longer skirts. if that’s how they want to dress, who are you to judge them? they’re not “allowed” to judge you for your choices, right? So why turn around and judge them? Hypocritical much?

  • Decent human being

    Good God, you’re a moron! I, too, was taught to sit with my knees together and to wear a skirt long enough to cover my knees, so I wasn’t flashing my hoochie to everyone in the vicinity! It has nothing to do with “being ashamed of (my) body,” you ignorant trollop! I take it that you flash it like Sharon Stone whenever you’re in public? And just for asking, since you’re apparently advertising, how many communicable diseases are you carrying? You take issue with decent women not screwing anything that moves? I just…I cannot remember the last time I read anything so ignorant by anyone who didn’t have basic notions of public decency. I am appalled and your mother ought to be ashamed of you.

  • McKenzie

    I think this is a much more accurate interpretation of Michelle Duggars comments and beliefs rather than what you are telling your readers. Maybe you can learn why it is a positive message to spread to young people rather than shaming them and being a bully if they choose to be modest. http://gnli.christianpost.com/video/the-godly-truth-about-bikinis-finally-someone-gets-it-17940

  • kate

    I did a google search to find out where they find their great long skirts, that are so flattering. I can’t seem to find anything so classy around where I live. Then I clicked on this “article” about duggar-bashing. I might take it more seriously if the person writing it knew anything about what the Bible says about our bodies. Clearly this person loves to quote a book they’ve only heard others talk about. Being lady-like is nothing to be ashamed about. I wish more women and men saw the value in this. For those that think it’s futile in our society, I have to say, I really don’t understand that way of thinking. So our society approves of shutting out our neighbors, focusing only on selling ourselves out, making money, and surfing the net. So it would be futile for me to volunteer my time to help the homeless and hungry, live in comfort not excess, and balance my computer world with real life and my family? I’m not comfortable with societies norms today and if being modest and lady-like and polite makes me an outcast then so be it.

  • Foreigner here…

    I might be late for the party, but I just wanted to say some things. I’m a foreigner, came from a country where 80% (?) are Catholics. The rest are under other faith, including a small percent of Muslim community. The funny thing is, Catholics in my country are the “free-thinkers” if you must. Teenagers, childrens, adults, they go to church either by their own volition or they adhere to family value. The point is, it’s a thing. Everyone does it due to tradition or due to their personal faith.

    That said, as a Catholic, I think they (the Duggars) are backwards and weird. Even the Catholic church – or priests – in my country will wonder why they do what they do. This extreme way of thinking is not advisable. I mean, is the only choice one could follow is between Duggars and Miley-esque appearance? Can a person NOT choose between two, questionable spectrum?

    Although the writer might took it too far and she definitely haven’t gotten her point across “nicely”, she has a point. In any Catholic church I’ve been with, one has a choice on whether or not you want to dress a certain way. No one will force you, and what the Duggars are doing is basically forcing ideals through overly restrictive norms. They are stricter than the strictest religion in my country, and that’s saying something. My mother belongs to it, and my aunts basically banned her from accepting marriage proposals from my father because he is Catholic. And Catholics, inherently, are “evil” due to their lax in their rules. Yeah, that’s a thing – Catholics are the “atheists” in my country. And yet, they still allowed freedom and equality within their community, and “dressing up” is only for their church activities.

    Oh yeah, and even Christians – who I personally don’t like because they’re prone to dictate what I’ve been doing wrong all my life for not accepting Jesus through Christianity – is not THIS strict. Or is it an American thing? Is it? *scratch head*

    And I went to Catholic school. The only rule they enforced to us is the temporary separation of sexes in the library. Why? Because they caught multiple couples kissing instead of using the library for its intended purpose: studying. Now, was that so bad? I think it’s reasonable. Unlike the Duggars. They are a weird bunch, and I’ve been in my Mom’s church to humor her.

    My point is, you can teach morals and modesty without going to such extreme measures. Because any kind of ideals, good or bad, will be disastrous and dictatorial when forced upon in such extremes.

  • Ana

    There’s nothing wrong with dressing modestly. If she and her family feel that they are most modest wearing skirts, than that’s their decision. Being modest isn’t about being ashamed of your body, but about respecting your body. Does being modest mean that you have to wear long skirts and turtle necks all the time? No. You can be modest while wearing pants. Just be mindful what kind of attention you’re bringing to yourself and what kind of message you’re sending while wearing certain articles of clothing. Is what your wearing going to cause someone to look at you as a piece of meat? Or as the beautiful woman that you are and that you were created to be? In today’s society we’re taught that wearing skin tight clothes or showing lots of cleavage is what makes us pretty or more desirable. You can still be beautiful, fashionable, and attractive WITHOUT wearing these things. Modest doesn’t have to equal “ugly” or “frumpy”. Like I said, it doesn’t mean you have to wear long skirts, that’s just what the Duggar family feels is best for them and they have the right to their decision. I personally wear pants. Just keep in mind the messages your sending.

  • gdc

    Shows just what and how satan has blinded women no morals and no tolerance for those who do.