Should Kerry Washington Have The Baby That’s Hiding In Her Belly?

Kerry Washington Variety's 5th Annual Power Of Women Event Held at Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons HotelHello everyone. Let’s give Kerry Washington a big hand! She’s the latest contestant on America’s favoritest game show: Baby Belly or Belly Bloat. While Ryan Seacrest usually hosts all episodes of BB or BB, he’s currently off in a factory getting refurbished. I mean, he’s home. Sleeping. Like a human. Because he is most definitely a human and not a robot.

So instead of Ryan today, you’re stuck with me. But let’s not dwell on that. Not when we only have nine months to figure if Kerry Washington is with child. Let’s start with the evidence for her being pregnant.

1. She’s a woman. According to some sources, woman can has babies.

2. She’s married. As God once said on Twitter, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage… that’s sometimes followed by an exclusive photoshoot with a magazine depending on the celebrity’s status.”

3. She’s wearing dresses that don’t show us the innards of her belly. Babies live in bellies. Therefore her belly’s housing a baby. (That’s basic algebra at work folks.)

4. She got married without telling us first. So it stands to reason that she would also have a baby without telling us first. Her whole secrecy “schtick” reminds me of my grandmere’s favorite saying, “secrets, secrets are no fun, unless I’m the source and spreading one.”

But before you run out to buy her baby gift, let’s talk about the reasons she might just be suffering from belly bloat.

1. She’s a human. Humans eat. Sometimes when humans eat, their bellies expand.

2 -100:  Refer to #1.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Also, the polka dots on that dress very clearly symbolize her growing baby bump. OPEN YOUR EYES, people!

    • sasareta

      “Should Kerry Washington Have The Baby That’s Hiding In Her Belly?

      Why is that a question?

      • Jenni

        I think it’s up for debate, don’t you?

    • RobertaBlair

      In this Picture she is Looking so beautiful and good during the Pregancy.

    • MammaSweetpea

      The real question…Is it Fitz’s baby, or the other guy’s. You know, the one Fitz sent to spy on her, but ended up falling for her.

      • Jenni

        I’m no OB-GYN, but I would say both.

      • MammaSweetpea

        That’s a pretty good storyline….

    • Erica

      You know… I saw her on the daily show and my first thought upon seeing her was “aw!! She’s pregnant! Yay for her!” I don’t read tabloids, so I didn’t know that this was a rumor thing, I just figured Jon was being awesome and not making the interview about her being pregnant (I hate when people act like pregnant women are only capable of talking about due dates and morning sickness!) soooo uhhhh yeah, I won’t be shocked if she is.

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