Ariana Grande Cheated On Her Ex, And He Is All Over Twitter Calling Her Out On It

Ariana Grande attending premiere of This Is Us September 2013

Aw mannnnn. I have a minor obsession with Ariana Grande, so I'm really hoping this isn't true, but her ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks is saying that she cheated on him with her new boyfriend, Nathan Sykes. UGH. Noooo. I don't want to think about her like that.

And this isn't one of those stories invented by a tabloid to sell magazines, either, with an 'insider' using a bunch of cliched words to start a rumor that there's drama where there isn't. Nope, this one comes straight from the horse's mouth — in this case, a little pony named Jai Brooks, who took to his Twitter to set the record straight on the end of his relationship. Because I guess he's been taking heat from fans who are mad that he broke up with Ariana, and he wanted to make it clear that that's not what happened.

According to Wikipedia, Jai and Ariana started dating in August 2012 (although Jai says that today would have been their one-year anniversary, so that timeline might be off), and broke up in July 2013. After a few months of speculation, Ariana admitted in September 2013 that she was dating Nathan, who sounds familiar because he's a member of The Wanted. (Man, those boys are always stirring up trouble — wasn't it Nathan's band mate Max George about whom Lindsay Lohan felt compelled to punch that woman in the face?) And according to Jai, and the long-form version of his post that is linked to in his tweet, there was some overlap between the two relationships:

Yes I was cheated on. Yes it does suck. Yes I was left for another man. And this happens everyday to so many people of every age, gender, race. I happen to be one of those people and I'm in a situation where I am constantly reminded of it every day. Like anyone who has been cheated on, it has been tough for me but I'm finally ready to move on. Once you are cheated on you should never go back and I did because I wasn't ready to give up on love and something that was everything to me. I wasn't ready to give up on something that was causing me to smile and be happy day in and day out. That's what relationships do, they make you the happiest person in the world and all of a sudden a miserable wreck. That is why if you know someone who is in a relationship, I'm begging you to please not interfere with that, because you are going to destroy someone and crush their world. Nathan may be a top bloke or a sweet person, but what he did was just completely wrong. He interfered with my life and did not respect my relationship, his actions caused me to not be able to sleep at night and not see the world as a beautiful place. Nathan if you read this, when you hold her hand you better hold it tight because you are holding my world. I do wish you two happiness and a good life and hope everything works out.

There's a lot more where that came from, and it's all equally (and surprisingly) mature, especially coming from a famous eighteen-year old on Twitter who was cheated on. Not the most poise-inducing situation, if you ask me, so I'm pretty impressed by how calm and rational he is.

It's none of my business, but it kinda makes me wish that Jai and Ariana were still together. Especially since she's only Nathan's second choice, after he apparently couldn't make it happen with Selena Gomez.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Ahhh no, I hope it isn’t true either!

      Also, wow, I remember when they first started dating; I can’t believe a year has passed already!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Their relationship was growing up so fast!

    • Stacey Judith

      It’s so refreshing to see an 18 year old guy be so open, honest and unashamed about his feelings! Respect to him..

    • Cee

      In Nathan’s defense…he didn’t steal Ariana against her will. He places all the blame on the “other woman” well in this

      It’s good that he does not seem bitter..more hurt which is normal, but he seems to place the responsibility on just one person.

    • DatLilShit

      How does one cheat on an ex? Ex means last weeks lover, not today’s partner.
      They are young, live thousands of miles apart, AND have broken up before!

    • Omfg I can’t even

      OMG. GET HIS NAME RIGHT. YOU KEEP PRONOUNCING IT LIKE JAY. I’m not a big fan of Jai because I barely know anything about him but it’s SO ANNOYING. You’re all like JAYJAYJAYJAY. IT’S JAI. PRONOUNCED JA-I LIKE THE LETTER I. OMFG. SO IRRITATING.

      • Ugh You Cunt

        Acually its pronounced JAY, Get you facts straight.

      • Calm down, silly girl

        Well, he’s Australian. Think about how you would pronounce “JAY” with an Australian accent. Think about it.

        Ah! See, “JA-I” is just “JAY” with an Aussie accent. So technically, they’re both correct.

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