10 Actors Who Are Total Jerks On Set, According To Reddit

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I don’t know about you, but I love a good “this celebrity is an asshole in real life” story. This is pretty much the sole reason I troll Reddit, because I need to know if Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge douche-nozzle (allegedly he is) in real life so I can remove him from my naughty time fantasies and replace him with someone kinder, like Steve Carell (who got plenty of rave reviews from people who worked with him).

I’ve read through the thread entitled “Actors who were jerks on set” and found the 10 most noteworthy instances of celebrities allegedly being dicks, as told by the people who experienced it firsthand. While we don’t know if there’s any real truth to these stories, we’ll still say that they’re super fun to read. Especially considering some of the people who got named. Enjoy!

1. Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez HRC dinner 2013
“Jennifer Lopez is atrocious. The lowering your eyes to her gaze and/or not looking her in the eye to begin with are apparently just the tip of the iceberg. Jenny from the Block was a long time ago.”  -Reddit user jvcinnyc.

Yeah, color me not shocked that she’s a diva.  I’ve written about her antics before, and I can’t say anything I read on Reddit surprised me much.  But I will still watch Selena every time it’s on TBS because I like to think she was a kinder, sweeter Jenny from the Block back then.

2. Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood Pregnant

“HBO filmed part of the miniseries Mildred Pierce at my house and every crew member I talked absolutely hated Evan Rachel Wood. In their words, she was a “bully”. She and her boyfriend (Marilyn Manson) would constantly fight.”  -Reddit user RayChilled

I have to say, that might be the first Evan Rachel Wood IRL gossip I’ve ever heard.  It surprises me only because I know pretty much nothing about her, except if Marilyn Manson had been my boyfriend, I imagine we would have fought a lot too. Crazy kids!

3. Dane Cook

encore premiere arrivals 081211“My wife was on set for “Dan in real life” (she coached the high school cheer team they used for one scene). Dane Cook came off as dickish. Would only say his lines then didn’t wish to be spoken to. Usually ran to his trailer and ignored everyone.” -Reddit user Digitalburn

It just seems right that Dane Cook would be a jerk.  Though he does make a killing acting as though he’s the realest, funniest college frat guy who ever lived, so this one isn’t super shocking.

4. David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz 2013 party


“David Boreanaz, also twat. The 2nd ADs have to tell the background actors not to look him in the eye or they’ll be sent home. Not kidding.” -Reddit user deweysizemore

Okay, what is WITH the “no eye contact” thing?  The only time I’ve ever heard someone say that in a serious tone was Will Ferrell in Anchorman.  Which wasn’t real.  Get over yourself, Angel!

5. Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin 65th Annual Emmys September 22 2013 Los Angeles California

“This behavior was on a film set, but Alec Baldwin had constant tantrums, screamed at a young female PA until she cried, put his fist through the wall of a trailer, and overturned the craft services table.” -Reddit user FilmFataleXO

This one surprises me only because I always thought Alec Baldwin was only a dick about his ex-wife and the paparazzi. And airlines. I assumed when he was in his natural/preferred habitat, like a film set, he’d be funny and charming to everyone.  I know he has a short temper, but I honestly wouldn’t have pegged him for being an asshole to “regular” folks.

6. Shia LaBeouf 
Shia Labeouf Lawless Photocall 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival October 27 2011 Cannes France
“My good friend in high school’s father is a top sound engineer in hollywood. He has won 3 Oscars, and is known as one of the best at what he does. He was hired on a movie with Shia Labeouf. Apparently biggest dick ever on set (I’ve met him off set too and he’s a dick. Told me to go fuck myself when I was a kid asking him for an autograph around 10 years ago at Petco).”  -Reddit user arnieslovechild

Anyone who can’t be in a good mood at Petco, where you are literally surrounded by happy animals and cute animal toys, has no soul. To some extent, I can see not wanting to be bothered.  But telling a fan to go fuck themselves?  Total Turd Ferguson behavior.

7. Zach Braff
Zach Braff The Iceman Premiere Los Angeles CA April 22 2013

“He’s not the worst person i’ve worked with, but he’s not super pleasant either.  He comes across like he’s very insecure. He had a thing about not wanting attractive guys working around him because he didn’t want to look ugly by comparison. He wears a LOT of makeup on camera.  He would frequently lose things and make the assistants drive hours to go pick up some random jacket/phone charger/binder that he left somewhere weeks ago, but suddenly decided he needed.  He was high maintenance- wouldn’t drink coffee from our office or any of the nearby coffee shops- he’d only drink it from a specific store a couple miles away. Also, we couldn’t say it was for a Zach- had to use a code name because he thought some barista might realize that this “Zach” was for him (even though it was being ordered by someone else), and mess with his drink.  Then when bringing back his coffee, he had me leave it outside his office. I had to knock, put down the coffee, and run out of sight.  Not an outright asshole, he was just odd and needed a lot of ego massaging.” -Reddit user hai_doggie

Ummm… what the what?  This sounds like it’s beyond “ego massaging” and entering into “mental illness” territory. There were more than a few stories in this thread about him being a doosh. This is disappointing, as I enjoy in-the-movies Zach Braff very much.  Though his Kickstarter campaign earlier this year gave us a little peeksies into his ego, no?  Whatever. You do you, Zach Braff.

8. Paz de la Huerta

“Paz De La Huerta was fired from Boardwalk Empire because during a nude scene her tampon string was showing.  She was told to hide it or get rid of it, she pulled it out in front of the crew and threw it on the floor, then told a PA to pick it up, which was the end of her. True friggin story.”  -Reddit user cokevanillazero

Anything I’ve ever heard about her cements her one-way ticket on the Hot Mess Express, but if story is true, it crosses the line. The lady line, to be exact.  GROSS.

9. Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski

'The Office' series finale wrap party“PA here, Can confirm that Steve Carrell is wonderful. Jenna Fischer and John Krasinkski are not anywhere as nice as tier characters and can often be very bitchy.” -Reddit user deweysizemore

Well now I don’t believe in anything anymore.  Thanks, deweysizemore.  My heart is crushed and my cynical side has completely taken over.  I don’t think I can go on.

10.  Sarah Michelle Gellar

Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure“Sarah Michelle Gellar. Ice Queen. Alyson Hannigan has been particularly vocal about never working with her again.” -Reddit user sailorbeware

I’m inclined to believe this one, because any female who uses two first names pretty much has to be a bitch.  Even Tiffani Thiessen dropped the “Amber”!  Come on, Sarah.

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    • blahblah86

      Have…. whoever these people are they’re absolute assholes talking about people like that…. the Zach Braff thing, like you could completely got the wrong impression…. doesn’t give you the right to smear his reputation on the internet…. I’ve worked on sets and to be honest I’ve seen crew members treat actors like crap…. yet its actors who get labelled dicks, when its a two way street….

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    • me

      What Sarah Michelle Gellar is nice and humble always has something nice to say about her co stars.People that have worked with her say she’s nice,punctual and caring.

    • me

      All Alyson Hannigan said was that Sarah Michelle Gellar was the most annoyed towards the end of Buffy due to all that work.Sarah Michelle confirmed that Alyson was correct being 19 and sleeping little and filming soo much made it hard to be happy when it was ending.So why is Sarah Michelle Gellar on your list?, other than that bogus information.

      • Gabriel Maregatti

        i agree, people understand what they want to

    • dentabill

      Shia LaBeouf….It was 2003, I was working at a music store in Los Angeles, and I saw some kid squatting in the corner where the two glass display cases came together, looking as if he was trying REALLY hard to see something inside. I went around to the other side of the cabinet and pulled the door open to surprise the 13 or 14 year old kid, and bring out whatever knick knack he was so intently staring at.

      Surprise! He wasn’t staring at anything inside the case, he was hiding literally in plain sight, in front of all customers (yet with his back to them), hunkered down, facing the corner and was 2 knuckles to the brain digging after the most epic booger I ever saw.

      Clearly unhappy about being surprised, and clearly unable to just wipe the slimy mook into the carpet, Even Steven just stood up nonchalantly, smeared the green monster down the leg of his jeans and asked how much was that microphone.

      I said “it’s $199. Aren’t you that goofy kid from that disney show?”

      “yeah, Even Stevens” he replied and walked away.

      True story.

    • Moovman

      I have encountered some actors who were REAL douches as well, working at a prestigious film festival—among them–Elizabeth Olsen, Will Ferrell was a KING douche, Zach Braff was there and was a douche as well and Josh Radnor from How I Met Your Mother was a prick! Also, sadly–Emma Roberts was one of the most entitled little brats I’ve ever met….

    • tsh85

      I have lived in Los Angeles and worked in the entertainment business for many years. Throughout all of these years, I have met thousands of celebrities at parties, television studios, clubs, and many other venues. I will jot down a few popular celebs that come to mind. Some I have met only once, while others I have had the privilege of meeting several times, or even working for day after day.

      These opinions are my own personal opinions, and in no way do they express the general opinions, views, or thoughts of others.

      Britney Spears – Absolute sweetheart 100%.

      Valerie Bertinelli – Probably the nicest, most down to earth, and polite woman I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. (Hung out with her for hours in October 1990). I have met Valerie many many times between 1983-1990, and she was always incredibly friendly and sweet.

      Madonna – Complete and total bi*ch (spent 9 months on her personal staff). She treats everybody like trash…including her dancers and her assistant. I constantly, day after day, watched her scream at, talk down to, and berate her entire crew. This woman has no respect for anybody, not even her close personal friends. She will pretend to like you, and say things behind your back as soon as you walk away.

      Mariah Carey – Words can not even begin to express how narcissistic and fake this woman is. (Toured with her for one year 1993).

      Elton John – He was extremely nice and very polite. Didn’t have much to say, but when he spoke, it was of importance.

      Wayne Gretzky – Refused to sign autographs or speak to fans, and asked security to keep everybody away from him. I have also heard several people that know him personally who claim he is a very nice man, I just didn’t see that side of him. Maybe he was having a bad day?

      Woody Harrelson – Biggest douchebag actor ever. (Met him at CBS Studios late 90′s) He refused to give a handicapped boy his autograph uness his mother paid him. Also physically shoved several of his fans out of his way as he was walking to his car.

      Cindy Crawford – Very nice and genuine. Extremely polite and forthcoming. Even more beautiful in person.

      Ben Affleck – Can’t say enough great things about this guy. Not a huge fan of him artistically, but he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Talking to him is like talking to your best friend. Very comfortable, and you will never run out of things to say.

      Steven Segal – Of all the celebrities I have met in my life, I detest this man the most. I cannot even begin to explain how creepy he is (inside and out). If you look up the word ‘narcissism’ in the dictionary….the definition is most definitely Steven Segal!

      Paul McCartney – (World Tour 1989–1990) Worked for Paul for 4 months. He is the kindest and most generous man I have ever met in my life. He treats his entire staff like family. He and his wife Linda even invited me to their home (in England) to go horseback riding. Very un-selfish and down-to-earth people. Linda was amazing as well…RIP.

      Magic Johnson – Had a blast with this guy. He is like a big giant teddy bear. He was giving people piggy-back rides all over the LA Sports Arena backstage. He picked me up, put me on his shoulders, and ran me around. Really great guy.

      Roseanne Barr – (1990) She was very sweet, but extremely loud and obnoxious. We had to call security several times to calm her down. She was running all over the place disrupting others, but she was very nice to me. She kept pinching my cheeks and telling me how adorable I was. She came with her husband Tom.

      Tom Arnold – (1990) Very nice and polite, but very serious and business oriented. Extremely friendly and went out of his way to accomodate others.

      Lionel Richie – Very nice man, very respectful of others, and very friendly to strangers.

      Billy Idol – (1990) Hung out with him for several hours in the Forum Club. He was in a body cast from a motorcycle accident. Very nice and very talkative.

      Donna Summer – This is one woman that I have loved my entire life. I met her one night in Hollywood and we talked for hours. This was probably one of the only times in my life that I was ever star-struck. So sad to see her go. Such a beautiful soul….RIP Donna!

      Dane Cook – Met him on several different occasions (parties, clubs, etc.). Biggest douchebag comedian in the world. This man makes Gilbert Gottfried look good in person, which is not an easy task to accomplish.

      Micheal Jordan – Sat next to him at a blackjack table. He was very nice, but extremely serious when gambling. He also tipped the entire staff very well including the dealer and waitresses (hundreds per person). I have run into him several times at the casino’s whenever I’m in the Chicago area. He is always polite and friendly.

      Justin Timberlake – First-class gentleman. This guy is so old-school and intelligent it literally makes me ill. Justin is the type of guy who would get along with anybody.

      Angelina Jolie – Not a huge fan of her work, but she is very sweet and extremely nice in person. She will go out of her way to accomodate her fans. I have so much respect for her as a person. I’ve seen her at restaurants, and she will stop eating and get up to greet her fans. She is pure class.

      Michael Jackson – I toured with Michael for several months. I was invited and attended a private party at Neverland for his father’s birthday (late 90′s). I have met his entire family and also worked for Janet. Not really much to say about any of them. When I think of the Jackson’s, the only word that comes to mind is “unusual”…..They are all a bit strange, with the exception of Janet.

      Neil Patrick Harris – Cannot say enough good things about this guy. He was raised right, and grew up to be a very genuine, friendly, and exceptional person.

      Reba McEntire – Not even close to what you see portrayed on television. She is selfish, arrogant, and extremely rude to everybody that comes into contact with her.

      Dwight Yoakam – He is as rude and arrogant as Reba, which is probably the reason he is irrelevant today.

      Kenny Chesney – I have only met Kenny once, and didn’t say much to him. I have several friends who know him extremely well and he has a very bad reputaion in Nashville for the way he treats his employees.

      Randy Jackson – Very nice and friendly guy. Loves to chat, and is extremely well spoken off camera. He is a great guy….Yo DawG!

      Cast of Friends – (Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, etc.) In 2000, my friend was shooting a show at Warner Brothers Studios in the next building over from Friends. I spent much time walking around, getting to know the cast, and watching them shoot. One day I joined the entire cast for lunch in the commissary/dining room. Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese were also there, among many others. We had a blast joking, laughing, and doing impressions of other celebrities. This is one experience I will never forget.

      • Tim Green

        Wow! Ill take your stories with a grain of salt.. but its hard not to believe you. Wildly interesting stories, thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t be able to control myself if I was in the same room as scorsese and spielberg.. that had to have been one hell of a sureal moment.

    • truth

      Do you believe everything the internet tells you ? I if were you I would probably investigate these rumors before taking them has gospel.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        ‘According to Reddit’ is right there in the title.

      • Eric Willard

        Actually most of these are pretty spot on except where little miss article writer is being a little bitch about Sarah using her middle name. That’s pretty childish and is real JHS stuff.

    • truth

      Why the hell am I even here? Clearly this site is meant for young teen girls. Whatever, on to the next one.

    • Smithy

      “any female who uses two first names pretty much has to be a bitch.”

      you can’t be serious??

      Wow she has two names! How horrific! This says more about the author than anyone else.

      • Eric Willard

        It’s a chick who wrote the article. She’d probably call a woman names for having bad shoes. But, Sarah does have a rep for being prissy and hard to work with.

    • Michael Weiford

      I, too, have heard that about Jenna from the cast driver on the set of Hall Pass. Also, Owen Wilson was a real a-hole. No matter, I still like their on-screen persona.

    • John

      Keep in mind that a lot of these people who tend to go out of their way to report these kinds of things about celebrities on set are the same type of people who are highly oversensitive, easily offended, and narcissistic. Some could also have a separate agenda to destroy these peoples’ reputations for whatever reason. So please take it all with a grain of salt.

      The “no eye contact” thing? That’s so background actors don’t mess up the actors’ lines while reading. It’s difficult to focus on the subject when background actors are staring at you from behind. Remember: it’s not always only about YOU.

      Out of this list, I’ve personally met David Boreanaz, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Dane Cook. They all seemed ordinary and weren’t dicks to me or anything. That’s why I never trust any of these celebrity gossip sensationalist sites.

    • Eric Willard

      No Angie Harmon, Keiffer Sutherland or Shannen Doherty? Surprising. All douchebags.

    • Emma

      You cant believe everything you read on the Internet, this is the perfect example. The fact is, most of us have NO idea how these actors act in real life, and, quite simply, these websites are known for lying.

      I’m not believing shit until I meet this actors and actresses in person.

      But the one I DO believe is Shia, he gives off that ‘piece of shit’ vibe.

      The two I have the most trouble believing is David and Sarah, they seem like real genuine people. Though, I could be wrong. However, again, I will not believe something I read on the internet, and when/if I meet them in person, I’ll judge then.

    • monae diggs

      kenric richardson is a very awful man.don’t have sexual relations with him or else he will run rumors on you and call you a whore. He’s from st.louis missouri or should I say Belleville Illinois.he played in remember the titans and other movies now he calls himself being a so called activist.

    • Michelle

      I will never do extra work with Sarah Michelle Gellar around. No matter how much they pay. These people were fans and she just yelled at them.