Kerry Washington Calls Letterman Out On His Affairs On His Own Show, Brings My Obsession With Her To An All Time High

First of all, I must ask you to forgive me on all things Scandal right now. Not only am I a day behind on the season premiere, but I’m also a day behind on this interview that Kerry Washington did with David Letterman on The Late Show with David Letterman. Being behind on one of these things is embarrassing, but being behind on both just screams social suicide. So before you start sending me stink eyes through your computer screen, please know that I already gave myself a pretty big one this morning.

However I also gave myself a pat on the back because I don’t know if anyone else caught this Kerry Washington one-liner when the interview aired on Wednesday night. Sure her beauty’s intoxicating and sure thinking about her and Michelle Obama gal-paling the day away is distracting, but how did everyone miss this moment?

Letterman asks her about Scandal and she responds with, ”Scandal is really a show about a crisis manager, I play a woman named Olivia Pope, who gets called into powerful people’s live when they’re in trouble and they need help fixing it, not anything you would know anything about….”

HOLD THE PHONE! Because I’m pretty sure she’s referencing the time that Letterman got caught cheating on his wife with several young women. Women so young that they’re commonly referred to in the business as interns. In retrospect he’s must have actually hired an Olivia-Pope-Type because the scandal went away and left him with almost no scars. While it’s totally possible that I’m reading too much into this, it’s also possible that someone just sat on his stage and nonchalantly brought up his scandal — which judging by his reaction and by the rest of the interview is a topic-that-must-not-be-named.  Since I love Kerry Washington so, so much, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with the idea that she said this on purpose. Then I’ll spend the rest of my day counting down the hours until I can go home and watch the new episode.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Whoa, pretty much positive he hired the Men In Black because my memory was erased of that scandal until just now.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Should you be at work if you have stinkeye? No offense, I’m just asking.

    • laura

      I think that Kerry Washington is a little remiss in thinking she is above everyone else, her attitude clearly shows that she thinks “her shit doesn’t stink”. I personally found her interview with Dave Letterman to reveal what a Diva she believes herself to be. I found her to be a non gracious individual, lacking in emotional intelligence and overall presenting an aura that she is on some higher ground then everyone else. As far as I am concerned her ignorance in the way she treated Dave and the way she presented herself was revealing to who she truly is. An empty actress, lacking empathy and thinking a little too highly of herself to make any real connections with people. Sad, but she can go about her business, like many do and not learn anything that would help her to become more enlightened, more humanitarian and more concerned with others than herself. It appears to be her path, and although others may not deem her path worthy, she is of the caliber that will continue on doing what she does. Acting ignorant and mightier than thou.

      • Istahil ibrahim

        How you managed to get such a negative impression towards what was ultimately a pretty charming and funny interview speaks more to your personal issues than anything else. I’m surprised you didn’t include “uppity” in your little rant.

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