Josh Hutcherson Accidentally Confesses He Has Crush On Jennifer Lawrence…Again

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Josh Hutcherson can’t stop accidentally confessing that he has a crush on his Catching Fire co-star Jennifer Lawrence. Which works out perfectly for me because I needed another reason to start working on my Peenis fan fiction again. You know, just some inspiration that will get me away from people and back in front of my keyboard. This kinda quote is just the thing that ought do it. When speaking with Glamour magazine, he talked about the difficulties between being Jennifer Lawrence’s friend in real life and Katniss Everdeen’s more-than-friend in the movie.

GLAMOUR: You and Jennifer are friends in real life. Is it weird having to switch to a romantic relationship on-screen?

JOSH HUTCHERSON: It is. There are times when we’ve had to cut because we can’t get through a take without laughing.

GLAMOUR: So would you say it’s possible to be “just friends” with a woman?

JOSH HUTCHERSON: Absolutely, but there’s often a natural inclination to want more.

While he didn’t come right out and say that he has a crush on his co-star, he might as well have. The interviewer asked a simple yes or no question. He chose to  follow it up with a completely unnecessary — but ohhhh so juicy and revealing — answer. It’s kinda like the time that he confessed that he got “stirrings” when he kissed Jennifer Lawrence. Dude can pretend all the live long day that they’re just friends, but the evidence that he likes her is mounting. Or growing. I don’t think they’re at the mounting stage yet. (Wink face.)  All I have to say is that I hope the natural inclinations are ever in his favor. Mostly because we could use a good on-screen/off-screen romance in our lives. And yes, I do say our lives. What happens to J.Law and J.Hutch happens to all of us. Right? Tell me I’m not the only crazy person that’s going to spend the next few weeks leading up to the Catching Fire premiere living vicariously through them.

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    • Grg

      lol this boy is so smitten

    • ellsie

      They are just too adorable together.

    • Brenda

      It’s so awkward. He’s completely into her, and she’s going around giving interview saying they’re like brother and sister.

      • shelly

        He’s dating someone else so I don’t know if I’d say he’s completely into her, maybe a puppy crush if that. They’re very good friends by now so I can believe it’s easy for them to get confused about where friendship ends and feelings begin, but I don’t think either of them want to date each other.

      • Jules

        Yup….I agree. Josh is completely into Jennifer and with every interview he gives, he only reinforces it. Head over heels, puppy dog in love.

    • shelly

      He has a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend so you’d think he’d know to watch what he says in interviews. Though I’m not entirely convinced he was talking about Jennifer and not co-stars in general but still.

    • mse63

      It’s quite remarkable how blissfully ignorant he is of the things that come out of his mouth including all the indications of his words. :)

    • Annie

      Go read the most recent EW interview with Jen and Josh. Whether or nor platonic, it’s very clear that she adores Josh too.

    • Claire

      Not surprising. Everyone with a pulse has a crush on Jennifer Lawrence

    • emma walker

      i guess josh is keep forgetting that he is giving an interview ahaha he is always giving answer and statement that if you really look into there is some hidden meaning and i agree to Annie go read EW interview josh and jen chemistry is undeniable you can see how jlaw also adore josh in that interview you can see its jlaw while in glamour you can see its josh, i guess there is something but they just scared to act on it because it will ruin the great friendship they have…

      • shelly

        Them dating other people might have something to do with it too. Personally I believe they did date very very secretly for a while after Jen broke up with Nick Hoult and she and Hutcherson were in the middle of filming Catching Fire. But either it didn’t work out and they decided to be just friends again or Hutcherson wanted more but Jen still had feelings for Hoult and wanted to give him another chance (she and Hoult got back together during filming X-Men) so she called it off but Hutcherson still nurses feelings for her even though he moved on too (he’s dating his Paradise Lost co-star Claudia Traisac for many months now).

      • mse63

        That’s wild speculation. Let’s not go there because next thing you know there’s a tabloid article with your story.

        They’re good friends and let’s just leave it at that.

      • shelly

        Yes, I know it’s speculation (although there were plenty of rumors circulating about the two of them at the beginning of the year) – that’s why I qualified it with the words “personally I believe.” And I’ve never in my life touched any tabloid much less bought or read one.

      • danielle

        could you guys can send me the interview maybe? Or a link or something? i need to read it :)

    • Rachel

      lol what he’s saying isn’t really an uncommon thought though, several guy friends/other guys ive met have said yes it’s possible to be friends with girls but many of them have had the thought of could this be more. I think it’s easier for girls to be just friends with a guy, right off the bat we decide yay or nay. Plus its jennifer lawrenece lol!

    • Anna

      Either: 1. Josh is hopelessly crushing on Jen. And it’s friggin adorable. Or 2: Josh his a much better actor than we all realized and has some fabulous PR team. I really hope it’s the first..

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    • kolibrarian

      I’m convinced that Jennifer was so infatuated with Josh when she first met him and then got to work with him. She sought Josh out, and of course he thought she was adorable. But everyone thinks Josh is the only one with the crush. I believe they are in love with each other. Crush is too shallow. We all can feel the sexual tension. I can totally see them as compassionate and fun lovers.

    • :) ♎

      They like each other. End of discussion. It’s pretty obvious. Plus, there’s tons of gif that show they don’t have a “platonic” relationship. They’re trying to convince themselves.