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29 Celebrities Who You Totally Forgot Were Engaged Right Now

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It seems like everybody and their brother fiance is getting engaged right now; has anyone else noticed that? Every time I turn around to put more cheese in my mouth, another famous person drops down on one knee after a few months of knowing someone and pops that question. It’s getting overwhelming.

But fear not! Crushable, always your ally, shall fly to your side and remind you of all these couples, now and forever, as long as you both shall live. Or…until they break off their engagement. Whichever comes first.

1. Lance Bass and Michael Turchin

Lance Bass Michael Turchian An Evening Benefit LA Gay & Lesbian Center March 21 2013 Beverly Hills California(Photo: Brian To/WENN)

Started dating publicly: December 2011
Got engaged: September 2013
After just under two years of dating, Lance proposed in New Orleans with a black diamond band. (Coulda sprung for the ski slope, just saying.)

2. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis Olivia Wilde Drinking Buddies August 16 2013 Los Angeles California(Photo: Brian To/WENN)

Started dating publicly: December 2011
Got engaged: January 2013
Did you know these two were engaged? Because if you did not, they will definitely remind you at least two more times today.

3. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux 85th Annual Oscars February 24 2013 Los Angeles California(Photo: WENN)

Started dating publicly: June 2011
Got engaged: August 2012
I didn’t realize these two got engaged so long ago already. It’s been over a year.

4. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt World War Z Premiere June 4 2013 Berlin Germany(Photo: Apega/WENN)

Started dating publicly: April 2005
Got engaged: April 2012
These two have been together a long time, but they wanted to wait until gay marriage was legal before getting engaged themselves. They jumped the gun slightly when it became something that was important to their six kids, but they have yet to have a ceremony.

5. Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards One Direction This Is Us After Party August 20 2013 London England UK(Photo: WENN)

Started dating publicly: December 2011
Got engaged: August 2013
I hear your tears, teenage One Direction fans.

6. Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac

Scarlett Johansson Romaine Dauriac 70th Venice Film Festicval Under the Skin September 3 2013 Venezia Italy(Photo: WENN)

Started dating publicly: not clear, except they were apparently dating for a little under a year when Romain proposed
Got engaged: August 2013
Good for you for getting engaged to a normal, ScarJo!

7. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Neil Patrick Harris David Burtka LEXUS Design Disrupted September 6 2013 New York City NY(Photo: Ryan/WENN)

Started dating publicly: started dating in 2004, before NPH was out, but became official in September 2007 when they attended the Emmys together
Got engaged: June 2011, officially, after gay marriage became legal in New York, but according to the couple, they’d gotten unofficially engaged five years earlier, in 2006.
The couple has two kids together via a surrogate –¬†Harper¬†and Gideon.

8. Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French

Ashley Tisdale Christopher French August 15 2013 Hollwood California Instyle Summer Soiree(Photo: FayesVision/WENN)

Started dating publicly: December 2012
Got engaged: August 2013
Engaged after eight months of dating…still makes me nervous.

9. Snooki and Jionni LaValle

Nicole Snooki Polizzi Jionni LaValle August 25 2013 MTV VMAs New York City NY(Photo: Dennis Van Tine/WENN)

Started dating publicly: October 2010
Got engaged: March 2012
The two of them have a son together, Lorenzo.

10. Amy Adams and Darren DeGallo

Amy Adams Darren Le Gallo Man of Steel Premiere June 11 2013 New York City NY(Photo: PNP/WENN)

Started dating publicly: 2002, a year after meeting in an acting class
Got engaged: July 2008
Holy crap, these two have been together forever, and I had no idea. They have one daughter together, Aviana.

11. Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga

Jennifer Hudson David Hudson May 13 2012 Gurnee Illinois Six Flags(Photo: Pacific Coast News)

Started dating publicly: I have no idea, I can’t find that information anywhere
Got engaged: September 2008
Another couple with a long engagement (their wedding was delayed after the tragic murders in Jennifer’s family), these two also have a child together — a son named David Daniel Otunga.

12. Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko

Hayden Panettiere and her fiance Wladimir Klitschko on vacation in Dubrovnik Croatia July 2013(Image: WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: 2009
Got engaged: Hayden was seen wearing a diamond on her ring finger during the summer of 2013, but she didn’t confirm the engagement until October 2013.
Hayden and Wladimir met at a book party in 2009, and dated until May 2011, at which point they broke up due to distance issues. But they got back together in April 2013, and here we are. As a fun side note, these two have a height difference of a foot and a half. (Hayden is a teensy bit over 5’0″ and Wladimir is 6’6″.)

13. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

Emma Roberts Evan Peters World Premiere of The Lone Ranger Anaheim California June 22 2013

(Photo: WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: Spring 2012
Got engaged: January 2014
Apparently not even an episode of domestic violence and their young age (he’s 27, she’s 23) can keep these¬†American Horror Story¬†costars apart, as they got engaged after a little under two years of dating.

14. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at 3 Days to Kill premiere February 2014(Photo: FayesVision / WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: Spring 2012
Got engaged: January 2014, according to rumors
Even though he dated Vanessa Paradis for fourteen years and had two children with her without getting married, he’s reportedly considering marriage to Amber after not quite two years of dating.

15. Ciara and Future

Ciara and fiance Future attending MTV Video Music Awards August 2013(Photo: Andres Otero / WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: January 2013
Got engaged: October 2013
Future proposed to Ciara right around her twenty-eighth birthday with a 15-karat ring. Less than a year of dating and all that bling? Damn girl.

16. Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel(Photo: Brian To / WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: October 2012, although we know they’ve been together since June of that year
Got engaged: March 2013
These two met on the set of Mad Men, and Crushable was actually one of the first outlets to break the news they were dating, thanks to a tip from a reader who saw them in the airport together! So we feel super involved and are watching the mail for our invitations.

17. Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy

Kate Hudson and fiance Matthew Bellamy attending Venice Film Festival August 2012(Photo: WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: Spring 2010
Got engaged: April 2011
After an almost three year engagement and one son (Bingham Hawn, b. 2011) together, Kate still doesn’t have plans to wed the Muse¬†frontman. After all, her parents¬†Goldie Hawn¬†and¬†Kurt Russell¬†are still unmarried, even though they’ve been together since 1983. And of course there are rumors that Kate and Matthew’s relationship is on the rocks due to the distance.

18. Naomi Watts and Liev Shreiber

Liev Schreiber Naomi Watts 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party February 24 2013 West Hollywood California(Photo: WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: Spring 2005
Got engaged: since at least January 2009
I always have to remind myself that these two aren’t married. Or maybe the rumors are true and they are, that they had a secret ceremony years ago and just never bothered to let reporters know. It doesn’t really matter either way, given that they have two children together, Alexander (b. 2007) and Samuel (b. 2008).

19. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade attending the ESPY Awards July 2013(Photo: FayesVision / WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: 2009
Got engaged: December 2013
After a pretty long dating cycle, Gabrielle and Dwayne got engaged this past December and have been busily (and intelligently) planning their prenup ever since.

20. Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler

Christina Aguilera and boyfriend Matt Rutler leaving restaurant September 2012

Started dating publicly: Late 2010
Got engaged: February 2014
After dating for a little over three years, Christina and Matt announced their engagement and their pregnancy in the same month!

21. Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen

Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen at CollegeHumor Offline Annual Production August 2013

(Photo: Cindy Ord / Getty Images Entertainment)

Started dating publicly: 2011
Got engaged: February 2014
The Girls star and CollegeHumor co-founder met through mutual friends and dated for three years before getting engaged.

22. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in Soho

(Photo: WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: interesting question, because they’ve yet to even go to an event together, but
Got engaged: they still haven’t confirmed it, but Mila was first seen with a ring on in February 2014
After co-starring on¬†That 70s Show¬†over a decade ago, these two finally got together once Ashton got his pesky old¬†Demi Moore¬†removed. This will be Mila’s first marriage. Hopefully also her last.

23. Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Mary-Kate Olsen boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy age difference 42 26 Nicolas Sarkozy French(Photo: WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: 2012
Got engaged: it’s remained unconfirmed so far, but Mary-Kate was first seen wearing a wedding ring in February 2014.
At age forty-four, Olivier has twenty-three years on Mary-Kate, but that seems to be the M.O. of the Olsen ladies, so I guess it’s working. This will be Olivier’s second marriage; he has two children from his first, and is the half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

24. Elizabeth Olsen and Boyd Holbrook

Elizabeth Olsen Boyd Holbrook In Secret premiere February 2014

(Photo: FayesVision / WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: in 2012, after meeting on the set of the film Very Good Girls
Got engaged: March 2014, a few months after the two of them moved in together in Brooklyn
Not one to be outdone by her older sister Mary-Kate, Elizabeth got engaged to her own boyfriend about two weeks later, leaving Ashley the official spinster of the family.

25. Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg attending Vegas after party November 2013

(Photo: Judy Eddy / WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: July 2013, although their first public appearance wasn’t until August
Got engaged: April 2014
After less than a year of ¬†dating, Jenny announced her and Donnie’s engagement live on¬†The View on April 16th! This will be both of their second marriages; Jenny was married to John Mallory Asher from 1999 – 2005 and dated¬†Jim Carrey¬†from 2005 – 2010, while Donnie was married to Kim Fey from 1999 – 2008.

26. Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe

Eddie Redmayne and his girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe attending BAFTAs February 2014(Photo: WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: January 2012
Got engaged: May 2014
After a little over two years of dating, Eddie’s rep confirms that Eddie proposed to Hannah over Memorial Day weekend, although the story wasn’t published until June.

27. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney New York Premiere of Gravity October 2 2013 Manhattan New York

(Photo: WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: October 2013
Got engaged: April 2014
This is George Clooney we’re talking about, meaning we get all the news after the fact, so these two will probably be happily married for months before we hear word one about it. (We don’t even have access to any pictures of the two of them together!)

28. Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid attending LA celebration of Tribeca Film Festival March 2014(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: November 2013
Got engaged: June 2014
These two have a thirteen year age difference and got engaged after only six months of dating, so Courteney is putting heavy pressure on fellow-engaged-former-Friends-castmate Jennifer Aniston.

29. Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston

Jeff Goldblum and Emliie Livingston attending environmental gala March 2013(Photo: Travis Wade / WENN.com)

Started dating publicly: May 2012? It’s hard to tell, the internet doesn’t want to give up its secrets
Got engaged: July 2014
These two supposedly have a thirty-year age difference, as Jeff is 61 and Emily is being cited as 31, but I’m having trouble buying that number after seeing a few photos of her. She looks lovely and very beautiful, just…not quite thirty-one. But you can judge for yourself!

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