Kim Kardashian Uses Instagram To Brag Send Thank You Notes For North’s Designer Gifts

Kim Kardashian Instagram North West clothes 2013Kim Kardashian is attending Paris Fashion Week. You already know this if you saw her in that all-black-and-a-lot-of-boob ensemble next to King Kanye and his fur-lined jacket, or if you heard about that whole breast milk dilemma. Even though Baby North West didn’t get to go to Paris, she did get a lot of swag out of it. Except it wasn’t really swag, because that stands for Stuff We All Get. And this stuff was just for Nori.

How do we know about these gifts, you ask? Did an anonymous source discuss it with a magazine? Did a paparazzo zoom in on Kimye’s hotel room window and sneak a peek? Nope. Kim just shared a bunch of photos of the clothes on her Instagram, because old-fashioned thank you notes just don’t make people jealous enough.

For each designer, Kim took a photo of the clothes positioned with the personalized note that came with them and added a thank you message to the designer. What kind of designers gifted the clothes? Oh, just tiny indie labels like Lanvin, Givenchy and Alexander Wang. You’ve probably never heard of them.

Kim Kardashian North West clothes Instagram Alexander Wang

As Alexander Wang himself wrote, it might take some time for Nori to grow into this extremely-practical-for-a-baby leather dress, but I’m sure Kim and Kanye got a kick out of it. Too bad it’ll be out of style and Kimye will have received dozens of other free items by the time North is big enough to fit into it, meaning it’ll probably just gather dust in the back of a huge walk-in closet, but wasn’t it just so cute to take a picture of?

Kim Kardashian North West clothes Instagram Givenchy

And then of course we have the artsy Bambi shirt from Givenchy that was recently worn by Lily Collins as a dress. I’m sure it’ll look absolutely divine accessorized with a little bit of matching baby vomit. So chic.

This isn’t even the complete collection. Check out Kim’s Instagram for the remainder of her cyber brags thank you notes. And then try to come to terms with the fact that a three-month-old baby has more designer clothes than you.

(Photos: Instagram)

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    • Olivia Wilson

      That dress looks soo big; it may or may not be an adult size 6.

    • ChiChi

      That poor child. Isn’t childhood wearing mix ‘n’ match stuff from Gymboree? I swear, that’s all the kids I babysit wear. That and cut-off jeans and those cute little tops from Target!

    • Ria

      I honestly don’t think Kim is even interested enough in North to dress her up, she got bored of that kitten Kanye got her pretty quickly and this baby is way more maintenance than that. She’ll probably grow up with a team of nannies and wear whatever they pick out for her. Kim might break a nail or something trying to get that stuff over the baby’s head.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I like to think maybe Kim initially thought the clothes were for her and Kanye had to explain why they were so tiny.

    • FauxRealFaux

      I did not dress my daughter in black until she was over the age of 6.

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