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Katie Holmes Will Reprise Her Role As ‘Brainwashed Wife’ In The Giver Movie

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Just one year after fleeing the evil clutches of Scientology, Katie Holmes seems ready to dive back into her role as a brainwashed wife who’s unaware of what’s going on in her own home. In a move that many will consider brave, she’s signed on to play Jonas’ mother in The Giver. For those of you didn’t obsess over this book in middle school (and a few more times in high school), The Giver is about a conformist community in the future where everything’s black and white.

Literally. In an effort to avoid conflict, scientists managed to remove things like color from society. And music! And personal choice! And really everything that makes being alive fun. While I’m nervous to see one of my favorite books brought to the big screen, I’m also very excited. (Even if The Hunger Games and Divergent are stealing all of its dystopian thunder.)

I find it especially exciting that Katie Holmes will play the mother. Like I said above, she’ll be playing a brainwashed wife who just goes with the flow. Even if the flow is jumping up and down on the couch like a crazy person. Even though I don’t think she’s all that talented at acting, I do think this role’s perfect for her. She’ll really be able to capture that feeling of being imprisoned without knowing that you are imprisoned.

In case you haven’t been following all the recent casting news for this movie, you should know Brenton Thwaites (of Taylor Swift fliration fame) will be playing Jonas, Meryl Streep will play the Chief Elder, Jeff Bridges will play the Giver, Cameron Monaghan will play Asher and Odeya Rush will play Fiona. It doesn’t come out until August 2014, but I’m already giddy to see it.

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  • Katie

    I am so excited about this moooovieee!!!! I just love this book so so so so much. I think it will translate into an excellent film. I hope they do as a great a job with this as they do with Holes.

    • Jenni

      Holes was an excellent adaptation

  • Sumant

    Did you know that according to New York Post’s page 6, Taylor Swift is set to play a role in the movie?! :o

    • Jenni

      Please say you’re trolling me.

  • Tahira

    Am I the only one who knew Brenton Thwaites before this whole T.S. nonsense?
    Also, did you know that she’s supposed to be playing a role in this movie?

    • Jenni

      I looked that up and it does appear to be a valid rumor. No word on the part, but the good news is that all the good parts are taken I think. Unless she plays Gabe?

      Also, yes, Brenton is very new to me. What should I know?

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