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Taylor Swift Gets Cast In The Giver, So Excuse Me While I Sign Up To Be Released

taylor swift this is absurd

Taylor Swift just got cast as the Giver’s daughter, Rosemary, in The Giver. So let me preface this entire article with the fact that I’m currently on a one-way train to Devastation City. The only stops are at Denial and Betrayal and Come-On-Hollywood-You-Are-Better-Than-This. Just a few hours ago I wrote an article expressing my excitement for this movie. Considering that it’s one of my favoritest books in the whole world, I’m looking very forward to this movie. Or I should say, I was looking forward to this movie. Now I’m just looking forward to re-reading the book and picturing NOT Taylor Swift as Rosemary. Yeah that’s right, she can ruin the movie, but she cannot ruin my memories.

Because really? REALLY? Taylor Swift? She’s guest starred in a few shows and we’re thinking that’s enough acting experience to be in the same movie with real actors like Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges. Up until this point, I thought that this movie had real potential to translate to the big screen without losing it’s amazingness. But now I’m sitting here, shaking my head and wondering how I can trust these people — these people who cast Taylor Swift — to pull that off. I’m also wondering just how coincidental it is that Taylor Swift got spotted with her Giver co-star Brenton Thwaites just days before this news broke. Is there no one in Hollywood I can trust?

And I’ll tell you what, this isn’t even about me not liking Taylor Swift. It’s about me fighting for the integrity of movies in Hollywood. Just because someone can sing (or can allegedly sing in her case), does not mean that person can act. Yes both things require talent, but people don’t always have both talents. I’m going to cut myself off her before I say anything I regret, or that can get me arrested, but ugh guys, a million billion ughs.

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  • avalon

    If Taylor Swift having a small role in a movie affects you this much I think you should seek HELP! You have very serious mental health issues.

    • Jenni

      Oh I’m ten steps ahead of you. But I suppose it’s a compliment if you couldn’t tell that I was blogging from inside of a straight jacket.

    • MCR

      Do they make special keyboards just for blogging in a straitjacket? because a lot of people seem to be doing that now.

    • Jenni

      When in doubt, Etsy has it.

    • pinkbaby1995

      yeah,after that trainwreck AKA valentine’s day,I am not going to see another movie with swift in it,some small roles can appear very often in one movie

  • Katie

    Ugh x1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But it will probably get recast. Its like when they first announced she would be in Les Mis. Honestly it’s so disrespectful to actors to cast a “singer” just because she’s a potential box office draw.

    • Jenni

      Oooo that would be good. Let’s hope that happens.

    • Alicia Pearl

      Taylor was actually never cast in Les Miserables. That was just a rumor.

    • igbygrl

      No she was a potential draw in the list to be in the movie. Tom Hooper himself actually was really gunning for her to be Eponine. But Cameron Mactintosh insisted on Taylor Swift to audition for him anywayz. She even came down to his London home to personally audition live for Mr. Macintosh. He auditioned both Taylor Swift and Samantha Barks on the same day but a few hours apart so the two ladies would not run into each other. It was a good thing Cameron insisted on auditions because Taylor Swift did not make the cut and so Samantha was picked for the role.

  • Alicia Pearl

    I understand that you don’t like Taylor, but her casting should not be this upsetting for you.. this article was littered with some really rude comments on/about Taylor. I think your opinion is very biased, even if you say it isn’t.. This emotional tirade (Heading for Devastation City? I would reserve that comment for when something traumatizing actually happens to you.) definitely has to do with you not liking her, not with you protecting a movie you were excited for. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t have added in the comment about her “allegedly” being able to sing. She can. Perhaps not as well as some other famous singers, but her songwriting (which she does almost completely on her own- very few cowriters ever) completely makes up for that- and not her radio singles, which are mostly her worst songs.

    I’m sorry you’re devastated by her being cast, I’m not too pleased with it either because she doesn’t have acting experience. But you’re not fighting for any integrity in Hollywood by writing this article. If people never get experience, they can never get better. From the point of view of someone who is a WIP singer and actress, you’ve gotta give people a chance.

    • avalon

      Alicia, a very well written opinion. The pathological hate this site has for Taylor is not normal.

    • Jenni

      Pathologists everywhere agree with your statement. Also please send help, we are very sick.

    • Sumant

      You really are. And can you not get your own help? Or is all your time spent in bitching and hating that you don’t have time for a real job to earn money, therefore begging people to send help to you? Poor dears :(

    • Jenni

      So many sad faces for so many poor dears! Also, what is money?

    • sumant

      well, didn’t know your level of depravity was so low. I mean, you can almost pass off as a citizen of Jonas’ world now :o

      I’ll be your Information Giver then. (see what i did there?)

      Money: A medium that can be exchanged for goods and services and is used as a measure of their values on the market. You could have googled it yourself, but i doubt you could see it on your iPoor screen :(

    • Jenny

      She’s actually improved a lot, and there’s almost not a single time where she goes off tune. Apart from that, I think people need to get their heads around vocal tricks. Singers can do that. A lot of them do. But being able to sing with feeling is what matters, and she is able to do that really well. She takes singing lessons an she’s always been open about the fact that she’s more of a songwriter than a singer anway.

  • Sumant

    umm..did you see the CSI episode she starred in? she was not half as bad as you think she is. i just don’t get how you can let all your excitement for the scrren adaptation of something you claim to be your “favourite-est book” drain away because of a single casting choice. hell, if i were you and if dakota fanning would play hermione (i love dakota fanning, but she’s totally wrong for granger) i’d still be excited. guess you’re just not that big a fan then..also, wouldn’t it be a slap in your face if she actually played the role well? maybe then you would wait and see before already judging and being prejudiced. (no hate..)

    • Jenni

      Okay you caught me. I am not a fan of the book. Heck, I’ve never even read a book. But I’ve seen one and I guess, I just thought, I don’t know, that it qualified me to talk about the. However I think, in retrospect, I was wrong.

    • Sumant

      talk about the? Ms. Jenni, you MUST be more specific, since I haven’t been blessed with the powers to read your fascinating and lovely mind.

    • Jenni

      Oh, my apologies Sumant. I’m confusing you with my friend Sumant who has been blessed with those powers. My bad! Book was supposed to follow the.

  • bourkebabe

    Would love to see her in a real acting role….sorry….I like her.

    • Jenni

      To each his own pop singer turned temporary actor.

  • Ann Stewart

    I wasn’t overly excited about the news either, but overall, it’s a very small role (or should be). They have been working on perfecting this script and overall movie for 10 years now, if she can’t handle the part, they won’t end up using her. But if she can pull it off, lets at least let her try. Lois Lowry is very protective over this story, as she should be. I am confident that between her, the producers, and the directors that they know more about what they want the movie to look like far better than we do. At least form what I can tell, I am getting ready to start film school, and you are a blogger for celebrity news and movies. While we may not agree with choices that the studio makes, I have to have hope that they will do justice to the movie. I had emailed Lois Lowry back in 2003 and asked if I could have her permission to work on a screenplay for the book, because I thought it was a story that need to be told. She replied back saying that she agreed and that they already had a script. Jeff Bridges has been signed up to play the role for years now. So I Know they are waiting it out for perfect circumstances and other actors. Also on IMDB it shows that Meryl Streep has been confirmed as playing the Chief Elder, but Taylor Swift is not listed as part of the cast yet.

    But as I started to say in the beginning, Rosemary is a small role, who ends up being released anyway. So I’m at least going to attempt to hold back my judgment in casting until I see the movie.

  • Tahira

    Why are you so surprised, though? Every time she’s on set/auditioning/whatever, there’s always rumours about how well she acts/people actually say it. She used to perform in a LOT of theatre productions as a kid and travelled regularly to Broadway for acting lessons. She’s also good at pretty much every single thing she does, so why are you judging before even seeing this movie? For all you know, she’ll probably nail it, or, she’s not really been cast.

    • pinkbaby1995

      I don’t think you have seen valentine’s day then…

    • Tahira

      Her role in Valentines Day was supposed to be that way. You do realise that her character was supposed to be like that? Or are you so dense?

  • mse63

    Depending on how they adapt the book, Rosemary is actually a pretty peripheral character who could only appear in a brief flashback(s) at most. I’m dumbfounded a bit by this decision but I’m not too worried.

  • Violet

    Were all the aspiring actresses in the country not available? Taylor Swift can’t act and should stick to music.

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  • MCR

    I have no opinion one way or another about Taylor Swift, but I definitely agree with you about what my husband calls “transfer of talents.” That is, if you can sing or model or play professional sports, you can exchange that talent for a role in a movie, even if there’s no indication you can act your way out of a wet paper bag. Actors who actually work at their craft must find this infuriating. Movie lovers do as well.

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  • Hi

    I’d watch it just because she’s starring in it. She’s gorgeous, an amazing role model, and all around talented. This editor is my least favorite on the site, as she’s really annoying, and finds the only entertainment she can get from bashing other people. Maybe it’s because no one has ever heard of you and will never hear of you…

  • Benjamin Muir


    My sentiments exactly! Taylor Swift? Please, No.

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  • Blahhh

    Why the crap is everyone so old! These are supposed to be 12yr olds, around that, so why are “the kids” in their 20s!!!?

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  • Kat

    I completely agree. The other people commenting are biased, laughably so, especially when they attempt to say you’re “picking” on Taylor. The Giver is an amazing novel, and deserved to be an amazing movie too. I’m hoping Rosemary only has a short cameo in the movie, and that the film can still be salvaged.

    Here’s to hoping. As though her cameo in Valentine’s Day wasn’t horrifyingly awkward enough.

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