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Jimmy Kimmel Discusses His New Feud With Kanye West, No Word Yet From Ben Affleck

Last night something magical happened on Twitter. Kanye West, King of the Rant, took to his account to express his incredible all-caps rage against Jimmy Kimmel. The reason? Earlier this week Jimmy spoofed Kanye’s recent interview with BBC Radio 1 in which he discussed, among other things, his brilliant idea to manufacture leather jogging pants. In Jimmy’s version, Kanye was recast as a kid drinking a milkshake, still saying the same things Kanye said. So clearly in order to prove that his words were not deserving of laughs, Kanye gave us some more words deserving of laughs. I guess it made sense in his head, but I don’t get it. I do, however, appreciate it very much.

I think Jimmy Kimmel appreciates it also, because it happened just in time for him to discuss it on his show last night. I’m sure a lot of us harbored the slight suspicion that this was all an elaborate Kimmel prank, a la the twerk fail video. But it turns out it was real, and it was spectacular. As Jimmy revealed on the show last night, Kanye not only expressed his displeasure via Twitter, but he also called Jimmy to demand an apology. As Jimmy explains, Kanye told him his life would “be much better if you apologize.” Hmm, something tells me it’s the opposite.

Be sure to watch the video to see Jimmy analyze Kanye’s tweets and get a good Kardashian jab in there. Also hear Jimmy explain the new self-aggrandizing things Kanye told him on the phone, which was really a big mistake on Kanye’s part because I’m betting Jimmy will just get a kid to recite this rant as well. You can’t fight rants with rants, Kanye. Haven’t you learned that by now? Silly Kanye.

When I say grace for the first time in my life before eating dinner tonight, I’m going to give thanks to Yeezus for this glorious new feud. Oh, and last but not least, #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK.

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