Nina Dobrev And Derek Hough Are Pretending To Date Each Other, How Cute

Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough dating September 2013

You guys! Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough apparently just started dating! Isn't that, like, the cutest thing ever! (I mean the fact that they think we're going to believe they're actually dating, not the idea of them together. The idea of them together is more perplexing than adorable.) Welcome to the world of fakelationships! We're happy to have you!

It's hard for me to take theme seriously as an item for a whole host of reasons, but let's begin with the the most scandalous one — the fact that there have been umpteen blind items alleging that the only reason Derek's sister Julianne dated Ryan Seacrest for so long was as a cover for Ryan and Derek to secretly be together. So my brain is already pretttty amenable to the idea of Derek being gay, which would make him decidedly less likely to date a lady, even one who's best friends with his sister.

But the real nail in the coffin for the believability of this story is that they leaked it to two media outlets at once. Two 'insiders' went to two different magazines on the same day and gave two different comments confirming their relationship. How coincidental and totally believable! What's your angle, ladies?

From Us Magazine, we have a tale of love found in the most unexpected places: in the gene pool of a best friend, and on WhoSay, where Nina posted a photo of Derek with the caption '@derekhough Those of us touched by your light got to watch you brighten up the rest of the world. Keep shining!'

"[Nina] was hanging a lot with Derek's sister Julianne. Then she fell for him."

Whoopsie daisies! But don't worry, guys! It's not one-sided! Derek knows how to have feelings too!

"Derek is smitten with Nina. He said he hasn't felt this way for a girl in a long time. …Everyone approves!"

You guys. He hasn't felt this way for a girl in a long time. Maybe ever! Mostly it's just lithe little dandies like Ryan, but isn't it nice that he's branching out? Apparently at the Emmy's Style Lounge on September 19th, Derek was looking for shoes that he specifically said were 'for his girlfriend', and 'texted Nina for her size'. Sigh. Oldest trick in the book, Hough.

And meanwhile, over at Life & Style, we're being told that the two of them have been dating for months already:

"They were set up by Julianne. It got serious really fast and they're inseparable."

THEY ARE INSEPARABLE. THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN SEPARATED. Which is weird, because when I went sniffing around, I couldn't find a single photo of them together. Which is why you get to view the results of my foray into Microsoft Paint at the top of this page.

"They're already saying 'I love you'. Now they're talking about having her go to DWTS to support him."

What is this new trend of saying 'I love you' immediately? I hate it. Liam Hemsworth and his new lady Eiza Gonzalez just did the same thing and it's very off-putting, so quit it you guys. Let's keep it to FaceTime for the future:

"Nina was on her way to the airport while Derek was making the press rounds. He was holding up his Emmy to her and she was so excited for him!"

Yes yes, girls, it's all very exciting. Before they found love in a hopeless place (Rumored  Homosexualityville) together, Nina was linked to her Vampire Diaries costar Ian Somerhalder for three years until their split in May, while Derek has previously pretended to date Lauren Conrad, Cheryl Cole, and Shannon Elizabeth.

(Image: Adriana M. Barraza /, Josiah True /

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    • iriina

      he is ugly that’s for sure. I always thought he is gay. about her? don’t care

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh I think he’s cute!

    • LALALLA.

      WOW, this article is based on NO research at all. Lazy much? they spent the entire summer together using JH as a cover. DH was on EVERY vacation and yes even in Turks and Caicos during the July 4th weekend. Check their tweets, no pictures but they were. And how on earth is releasing press make them fake? They want the world to know, they want press so that’s what they did. They were together all summer, she has been to LA to visit him, he came to atlanta. On saturday night before the Emmy’s they were at the same party. DH’s dad is following her on twitter. Out of the last 5 weekends, she has spent 4 with him. She went to Lollapalooza with him too and they were seen being “Couply” there. WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU WANT? And why are you mocking them again? Oh, it’s the two articles. I forgot. No one in Hollywood does anything for fame, right? or to spread the news.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’m sure there’s proof for days! I’m not looking for proof, I’m expressing an opinion. Totally legitimate.

      • Liz

        Derek is
        Nina is lesbian couple Jullianne.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        What makes you think that?

      • Liz

        .Derek confirmed gay romance secret Ryan ,obvious now on couple is Nina and Julianne Hough.
        Romance Derek is fake, Julianne and brother , Nina Dobrev love end on Ian and quick loved new friends the Julianne much suspect control life Nina and she no important much ridiculous.

    • LALALLA.

      Also, if you don’t give into rumors and don’t listen or believe articles, why do you believe derek is gay? he could be bi or just single. he’s dated other women as you pointed out.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        It’s a vibe I get, as someone who doesn’t know him but who has observed his behaviors.

    • mea

      Derek has never been gay. Here is a music video (Parachute) over 26M viewing …when he was going w/Cheryl Cole…. w/him n Cheryl dancing in it n choreographed by him.

      • mea

        If u wanna go only by looks, Cheryl Cole is considered one of the most beautiful woman in the UK, much more so than Nina.
        Also, Derek is not only a prof. dancer, which he’s considered a genius at being creative in his choreograph., but he does other things too. Some of them are… he n sister Julianne will b producing n directing a series for one of the TV cables soon. He also plays the guitar, drums n piano, sings, writes music n the lyrics, an actor, a TV host, an artist, a photographer. They also want him to write a bio. book which will b coming out next year i believe. His also produced, directed n works behind the cameras. U know everybody has their own talent, Derek n his sister happens to be in the Entertainment field. Of course now his just won an Emmy for his choreography 4 which he has been nominated five times total. Also, family means a lot to him. Etc. etc.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Okay? I have no argument with any of this…

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Lots of currently gay people have dated straight people back when they were closeted or unaware of their sexual orientation.

    • Elle

      I basically love when you write these articles because A) it brings me great joy (read hilarity in my life) to read these super defensive comments about people the commenters don’t even know B) I get to hope that you write another hilarious article entitled peoples lives I’ve ruinrd by saying Derek Hough is gay a la the games of thrones article and C) It assures me that I am not the only one who reads this site and I don’t have to worry about it shutting down which would lead me to sit in my bedroom corner crying and singing all by myself (the song which I would be singing all by myself but I just felt the need to clarify lest I cause confusion)

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        The post you’ve described is already in the works.

        And this comment just made my day.

    • jennifer

      Well she has a few on her Whosay. And an instagram video of them clearly holding hands was posted a day or two ago. If we age going to do your research we should get paid for it.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Absolutely, excellent point, I’m ripping up my paycheck right now.

    • Austin Powers

      Perhaps… “She’s a MAN, baby!”

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        We’re talking about Ryan Seacrest, yes?

    • FringeOTP

      OMG this is the best post that I’ve ever read. I can’t stop laughing, you’re too funny for your own good! What do you think about Ian Somerhalder? How can someone dump that sexy creature? I want answers, Alexis!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I don’t know! It’s throwing my whole idea of him into a tailspin!

    • Sheila

      Derek Hough is dating Jason Kennedy from “E” Entertainment.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh yeah? How do you know that?

    • isabela

      what you thought about ian and nina, when they were dating?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        That’s a good question, because it really makes me wonder. Before this, I had no reason to think they were anything but a real couple, but now I’m wondering if I missed something. What do you think?

    • JB

      I truly believe that Derek is gay.. I read that he’s not come out yet because of his family. Julianne is the only that support him. Well for me the Derek and Nina relationship is pure PR. She is promoting him a lot in her twitter, telling everyone to vote for Derek and Amber in the DWTS. But she still don’t realized that all her fans hate the Hough’s. I loved your article. xx

      I think everyone shold read this too:

      • JB


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    • Liz

      Derek Hough is gay and Nina Dobrev and Jullianne Hough are lesbian’s new couple.

    • TheKiwiBex

      On another note, and maybe I’m late to this party but, Nina Dobrev kinda looks like J-Woww’s doppelganger, no?

    • Guest

      Thanks for the article. I have read numerous times that Derek is gay. What gets me is Nina Dobrev. How can she let a hot guy like Ian go. Can’t understand this at all.

      • Liz

        obvious :Nina is lesbian.

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    • Tina Tomashek

      well we don’t have to worry about Derek and Nina anymore

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