11 Celebrities Who Pretty Much Only Date Models

Leonardo DiCaprio shrugging(via)

There are three types of people in this world: famous people, people hot enough to date famous people…and the rest of us. Sitting about in our snuggies, eating our ice cream by the pint, watching our Netflix stories. All we can ever hope for is to brush by one of these celebrities as we dash about our normal, humble lives.

But if you’re famous, you have a whole world of potential dates at your disposal, and most people end up plucking their future partners from a dating pool of people who do basically the same job that they do. Actors are drawn to actors, athletes to athletes, and musicians to musicians. At least in general. But there is frequently crossover, as well, and never more so than into the land of an exotic, finely boned creature known as the model.

Some people just like to date models, yo. It’s their thing. They love it. They can’t stop won’t stop. It’s an epidemic. And even though we don’t have the cure, we do have a list of the twelve chiefest offenders. Just so you don’t get your hopes up about dating them or anything, assuming you’re not a drop dead gorgeous superhuman.


Leonardo DiCaprio 66th Cannes Film Festival May 15 2013 Cannes France(Photo: Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/WENN)

Probably the reigning king of modelizers (guys who date exclusively models), Leo has dated model Kristen Zang, British model Emma Miller, Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, American model Erin Heatherton, and is currently dating German model Toni Garrn. I’m tired.


Adam Levine Can A Song Save Your Life September 8 2013 Toronto Canada(Photo: Dominic Chan/WENN)

Adam is currently engaged to Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, but she’s his third Victoria’s Secret girlfriend. He’s previously dated Russian model Anne Vyalitsnaya, Angela Belotte, and briefly Nina Agdal, when he and Behati briefly broke up earlier this year.


Adrien Grenier Global Green USA Pre Oscar Party Hollywood California February 20 2008(Photo: Adriana M. Barazza/WENN)

I can’t imagine he’s roped in any ladies since growing that impressive beard, but previously Adrian has dated swimsuit model Melissa Keller and model-photographer Emily Caldwell.


Mark Wahlberg Premiere of 2 Guns July 29 2013 New York City NY(Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN)

You can kind of excuse the guy because he used to be a model himself, but before he settled down with his wife Rhea Durham, also a model, he dated Rachel Hunger and Frida Anderson.


Bruce Willis Premiere of Red 2 Westwood California July 12 2013(Photo: RHS/WENN)

Bruce is another one who’s married now, to model-actress Emma Heming, but he has previously been linked to models Brooke Burke, Maria Bravo Rosado, and Emily Sandberg.


Kelly Osbourne 2013 Young Hollywood Awards August 1 2013 Los Angeles California(Photo: Apega/WENN)

Welcome to the world, Kelly Osbourne! It’s not only guys who can be modelizers. Kelly is currently engaged to model Matthew Mosshart, and was previously linked to Luke Worrall.


Madonna 2013 Billboard Awards Las Vegas Nevada May 19 2013(Photo: DJDM/WENN)

Oh you KNOW Madonna likes her some pretty boys. She dated bisexual model Tony Ward back in the day, as well as Brazilian model Jesus Luz, and she’s now dating French model Brahim Zaibat.


Halle Berry Premiere of Toiles Enchantees June 13 2013 Paris France (Photo: WENN)

Halle has spent the recent past making unfairly beautiful babies with unfairly beautiful people. She had her daughter, Nahla, with French-Candadian model Gabriel Aubry and she’s due to have a son with French actor (and presumed model) Olivier Martinez.


Johnny Depp Premiere of Lone Ranger July 19 2013 Berlin Germany(Photo: WENN)

Johnny dated British model Kate Moss for four years in the ’90s, then moving on to a relationship with French singer, actress and, yes, model Vanessa Paradis, whom he dated from 1998 – 2012. He’s currently rumored to be dating Amber Heard, an American actress and model.


Tom Brady NFL Fan Rally Lonon England UK October 27 2012(Photo: WENN)

Tom Brady doesn’t always have kids with women, but when he does, he makes sure they’re models. He has a son, John with American model Bridget Moynihan, and a son, Benjamin, and a daughter, Vivian, with Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen.

12. SEAL

Seal Leica Store Opening Los Angeles California June 20 2013(Photo: WENN)

And finally, we have Seal. Sure, he’s only dated one model, but it was a seven year relationship, and she’s one of the most famous supermodels in the world – Heidi Klum. So I think it counts.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Adrien Grenier’s beard make me so nostalgic for the days when he was hot.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Someone told me once that he’s smelly and I’ve never been able to get past it.

      • Olivia Wilson

        I’ve never heard that, but now he’s doubly unattractive to me.

      • Tlaxcalli

        Who told you that? I have no idea who he is, but it sounds like you either have OCD or need to just get over it. Maybe he was smelly once or twice…. so who isn’t? other than germaphobes? BO can be caused by many things… some are more controllable than others. For example, I find that white grains and cheese can make me smelly to the point that deodorant is ineffective. GI tract problems can cause excessive flatulation and halitosis. Alcohol causes bad breath. Etc. Unless you met him or heard that he is smelly all the time, your comment is silly.

        I’m a dancer… I’ve danced with a guy who always smelled bad… a few times. It’s unfortunate because he’s a very fun dancer. He probably just needs to change his diet or something. Now if he just isn’t putting on deodorant, that’s lame, but I find it doubtful that that’s the issue. Also, a small number of people have no sense of smell and therefore cannot even tell when they smell bad.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        I’m pretty sure she was kidding. Why don’t YOU get over it?

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        I’ve never heard of this guy, but I’d like to know how a guy who looks like one of the Geiko cavemen can get a model.

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