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Seth Green And Conan Playing With Googly Eyes Is The Most Stupidly Funny Thing You’ll Watch Today

Seth Green Conan googly eyes 2013

Last night Seth Green went on Conan, and instead of explaining why his new show Dads inspired so many “Let’s talk about those racist jokes”-style reviews, he played with some googly eyes. And you know what, I’m not complaining, because it was surprisingly hilarious. Stupidly hilarious, but hilarious nonetheless. I bet you’ll laugh when you watch it, unless you’re incapable of laughter, which would probably be best to test while watching something other than Dads.

This googly behavior starts when Seth explains that he likes to have fun in between the thousand TV shows he works on. His friends introduced him to the wonder of googly eyes, which he now carries around and sticks on things. Then he decides to put them on his eyes to look awake while he takes a nap, and all googly hell breaks loose. Conan and Andy Richter get in on the fun with their own eyes. Not only is it totally hilarious, but it really inspires me to go out and buy a bag of googly eyes for everyday use. And with Halloween coming up, it’s an easy and entertaining costume. If someone asks what you’re supposed to be (after they contain their giggles, of course), just tell them you googled yourself. BAM! Mission accomplished.

Conan suggests in this video that he should do the show like that from now on, and I agree. Maybe if we all support the idea enough, it’ll become a reality. I don’t want to see a single human eye when I turn on this show from now on. I also want to see that at least ten inanimate objects have been given the gift of googly sight. Make it happen, Conan.

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