Zac Efron Reportedly Went To Rehab For Cocaine, But I’m Pretty Sure That’s None Of Our Business

Zac Efron Toronto international Film Festival 2013

Like the rest of the internet, I spent the end of yesterday's work day trying to figure out how Zac Efron managed to keep his trip to rehab a secret. As someone who professionally stalks celebrities for a living, I've learned that it's incredibly hard for any famous person to keep this kind of information under the radar for that long. So I guess that's why I shouldn't be all that surprised that within hours of his team alluding to Zac going to rehab for an alcohol addiction, TMZ came out and claimed that it was actually cocaine. They had to get revenge somehow for being so out of the loop on this story.

While this allegation may or may not be true, it's not really any of our business why he went. And yes, I know that typing that sentence in an article that's titled "Zac Efron Reportedly Went to Rehab for Cocaine" makes me somewhat of a hypocrite. But my own hypocrisy aside, I'm thinking that when a celebrity voluntarily makes the decision to get better without being ordered to by a court, we should celebrate his decision by wishing him well — and not accusing him of trying to cover up a cocaine addiction. Yes, for those of you who haven't been online for the past 12 hours, you should know that the general tone on the internet toward Zac right now is that he's trying to deceive us with his addiction. Just look at this quote from the TMZ article titled, "Zac Efron Rehab for Big Cocaine Problem" and take note of the capitalized NOT.

Zac Efron did NOT go to rehab for alcohol abuse — it was far more serious, because multiple sources tell TMZ he had a serious cocaine addiction.

Here's the thing about celebrity addiction though. We can't it have it both ways. We can't say "if only he'd gotten help sooner," and then turn around and attempt to embarrass a celebrity for getting the help sooner. We can't mourn the death of a celebrity for a serious addiction like heroin and then make another celebrity feel like he's done something wrong by being addicted to a drug like cocaine — and not a more palatable drug like alcohol. And we most certainly can't sit around and wax poetic about someone's addiction struggle in retrospect when we're making someone else's struggle harder by turning it into the celebrity scandal of the week.

We don't know why Zac Efron went to rehab and honestly we shouldn't want to know. Regardless of whether it's alcohol or cocaine or MDMA, it's still an addiction and it's still serious. His recovery — and really any celebrity's recovery — isn't dependent on us knowing the details, but on us making it clear that he did the right thing by going to rehab. Zac did what we always ask so many celebrities to do, he took the initiative to get help before it was too late. Instead of harassing his reps for comments on why exactly he went and making that the focus of his rehab story, let's celebrate the fact that he's here and that he's trying to stay healthy.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      This is so true. It’s not fair to blame them for going and blame them for not going. That’s not how it works.

    • StarNerd

      Well said!

    • AEM

      Just because the tabloids don’t care about chasing Efron (because he is pretty boring like Vanessa Hudgens), does not mean he gets off the hook. Miley, Selena, and Taylor always have tabloids chasing them, and they never get the benefit of the doubt from Crushable. As a result, Crushable should be consistent and be negative.
      Nobody knew Efron went to rehab in the first place, because tabloids don’t care about him. Only when people asked “where is Zac” for being missing 4 weeks, did his PR have to come out with some bogus claims. I’ll be honestly cruel. Monteith and Efron went to rehab for 4 weeks. Is that really long enough? To me, you can’t overcome your demons that fast. Demi Lovato went for 3-4 months! Too many celebrities go to rehab for 1 month or less and they think they are cured. Unfortunately, I think Efron will have a relapse, just like Monteith did. Hopefully, Efron won’t have the same dire consequences.

      • Jenni

        You’re talking about two completely different things here. Saying that Selena Gomez’s voice isn’t good (which critics agree, it isnt) does not in any way contradict the fact that we think tabloids are wrong for chasing down the reasons that Zac Efron went to rehab.

        Also, we’ll say for the umpteenth time that Selena, Taylor and Miley all thrive on the tabloid attention. They wouldn’t have careers without it. The fact Zac was able to go to rehab proves that you CAN fly under the radar if you want to do that. You don’t get naked in a music video because you hate headlines and you don’t date Justin Bieber because you hate headlines and you don’t use your award acceptance speech to call out a fellow celebrity if you hate headlines.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


      • Rachel


      • AEM

        The point is 4 week rehabs are a joke. Being Crushable, you should be consistent in your (and Jill O’Rourke, and AlexRhiannon’s) past and take a negative stance and be sarcastic.
        Why is Crushable so “sensitive” this time around??

      • Jenni

        Please point us to an article where we were sarcastic about a celebrity seeking help at rehab. And no Lindsay Lohan doesn’t count for the obvious reason that she, herself, treated rehab like a joke.

        And yes, for many people, rehab takes longer than 4 weeks. But it’s a start and for people suffering from addiction, it’s usually a start they need. Would you prefer that people not go at all?

      • Brit

        Way to go, Jenni!!

      • abbeysbooks

        I would prefer that we lived in a culture that did not enable addiction for an infinity of substances and objects.

    • Rachel

      Seriously so tired of ppl complaining about how celebs get chased by tabloids. Haven’t you realized by now that those who want the attention will ALWAYS get the attention. There are plenty who manage to fly under the radar. I think this was simply a case of someone leaking this info

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