Liam Told Miley To Keep The Ring, Probably Since She Had It Cleaned All Those Times

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus together August 2013Even though they ended their relationship six months ago two days ago, Liam Hemsworth is proving he’s a true gentleman by allowing Miley Cyrus to keep her engagement ring instead of asking for it back. Or maybe he just felt bad because she sent it out for cleaning so many times, so he felt she earned it. Who knows.

Maybe I’m biased because I’m not rich and/or famous, but I know for damn sure that if I’d put a piece of jewelry on someone’s finger that explicitly meant ‘we will be together forever’ and then it turned out that ‘forever’ was like…a year or so? Give or take? I would be at your front door to retrieve said piece of jewelry in about forty-five seconds. You know, so I could sell it to by food, or clothes, or rent for ten years.

Because that’s the thing — the ring that Liam bought Miley is a hand-cut vintage diamond from the 1890s, weighing in at 3.5 karats and worth $100,000. Um yes I will have that back, please, so I can make plans to go to Chipotle every day for the rest of my life. But Liam’s a better man than me, because he apparently:

“…wants Miley to keep the ring. He wouldn’t ask for it back. Liam told Miley to keep it and do with it what she wanted. He told her to keep it as a memento of their love affair.”

Their ‘love affair’, huh? That’s a fun term for an engagement between two humans that was intended to be taken seriously!

“When Liam bought that ring, he truly believed he would be spending the rest of his life with her. Now he realizes they are both just too young to be ready for such a big commitment.”

I mean hey, Liam, as they say in Arrested Development — well, that was a freebie.

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    • Meredith Hirt

      I see it somehow becoming a prop in her next music video.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Who needs clothes when you have an engagement ring?

    • Diana

      Haha. I’d want the ring back too! Bc I’m poor. And they’re not. By law, the ring belongs to the groom if they never actually married but since he’s up and coming, he don’t need that $$$. Also, what’s up with young kids getting married? He should be bangin’ every broad he meets and not settle down until he is in his 30′s.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        If I could inhabit Liam Hemsworth’s body, I’d do it all so differently.

      • Kate Schroeder

        In California, actually, an engagement ring is legally a gift. The woman gets to keep it. It changes from state to state.

    • AEM

      Alex Rhiannon, do you think Miley cares about the ring? With $150 million in the bank, Miley doesn’t want it. She would be happy to give it back.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        It’s nice that she shared that information with you.

      • AEM

        I’m glad you shared your Chipotle fetish.

      • whiteroses

        I’m right there with her. Have you never had Chipotle?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        The best.

    • JediShywalker

      Very cavalier of Liam! I’ve seen enough Judge Judy to know that the law would be on his side if he wanted it back. Engagement rings are a symbol of good faith that the marriage will be contractually fulfilled. If the wedding gets called off and there is no fulfillment of the marriage contract, then the ring legally should go back to the giver.

      Glad to know he’s cool with her keeping it. If he wants to send some swag my way, I’ll gladly take it. I won’t even make him appear at random public events with me!

      • whiteroses

        That’s mostly true- unless the engagement ring was 1) given as a present for a major holiday (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday) 2) an heirloom on the would-be bride’s side of the family.

        I know this because my ex-fiancé wanted the ring back. The only problem is that the ring in question belonged to my great-grandmother, and he was getting that ring over my cold, broken, bleeding body. So I hired a lawyer, who informed me that the law was on my side.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        He wanted your own great grandmother’s ring back? That’s cold.

      • whiteroses

        Yeah, he was a douchebag.

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    • Guest

      In California an engagement ring is legally a gift. Law says the woman gets to keep it.