The Spice Girls Might Reunite On Ellen, So Here Are 5 More ’90s Groups To Add To The List

spice girls

Ellen recently had Scary Spice (Okay, “Mel B.” if you want to get fancy) on her show as a guest, and basically got her to agree to orchestrate a Spice Girls reunion on Ellen’s show within the next year.  Until that day arrives, which will no doubt call for a sick day from work, I’ve thought of five more groups Ellen should reunite while she’s waiting for Victoria Beckham to agree to smile on television.  And NO, none of them are ‘N Sync.  They’re even better.

1.) Boyz II Men

boyz II men


This might seem like an obvious choice for some, and yes I am aware that they toured with New Kids on the Block this past summer.  But DJ Tanner, Kimmy Gibbler and I need more of them!  I’m going to play “I’ll Make Love To You” on repeat until this happens.

2.) All Saints

all saints


If you don’t remember “Never Ever” then I can never, ever speak to you again.  They were the Spice Girls wannabes, the one-hit wonders of awesomeness.  Aren’t we all dying to know what they’ve been up to?  No?  Oh, okay then.

3.) O-Town




I want it all, or nothing at all.  And by “all,” I mean an O-Town Reunion.  I will settle for a rerun of their Making The Band episode on MTV Retro, however.

4.) Brandy and Monica

brandy and monica



Okay, okay, so they weren’t ever technically a group.  But they may as well have been, since no one has seen or heard much from either of them since “The Boy Is Mine” way back when!  Brandy can’t be the lesser-known sibling just because Ray-J stuck his peen inside of a Kardashian.  Life just isn’t fair!

5.) Hanson




I know what you’re thinking.  Why?  WHY?  And I get your concerns.  ”MmmBop” annoyed me when I was eleven, and it annoys me now.  But I’m interested to see if these now grown men can usurp their reputation as one-hit wonders.  Will one of their dozens of spawn start another family group?  Come onEllen, I need to know!

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    • Christina

      I don’t know about the rest, but Hanson never stopped making music or being pretty popular lol I know right? Actually they’re really quite talented and the stuff they’ve been releasing over the years is great! Check then out. Oh and they’re all married with multiple children… so weird hahaha

    • Katie

      Are you joking about Hanson? They have never stopped making music, so they don’t need to reunite….

      • Cassandra Hough

        MmmmBUT they’re not exactly still mainstream.

    • ChiChi

      You forgot ‘The Cranberries’!