The ‘Girl On Fire Twerking Video’ Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank, And The Internet Is Dead To Me Now

twerking fail fall on fire

Remember that incredibly realistic twerking video that made the rounds last week? You know, the viral one where the girls twerks herself into a flaming ball of fire? The one that I shared with everyone I knew and defended as being real. Well looks like I owe a lot of people a lot of apologies (including you, my dear readers), because Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he staged the video with a stunt woman named Daphne Avalon.

Yep, the two of them just got together, bought matching pairs of yoga pants and staged this entire thing. I don’t know about you right now, but I’m pretty tempted to quit the Internet and become, I don’t know, a cattle hand in Montana. Is that still a job that people do?

Maybe I’m taking this news a little hard, it’s just that I always question everything that I see on the internet. Just yesterday I accused Miley Cyrus of puling a nip slip to kick off her promotional tour for “Wrecking Ball.” But somehow I didn’t question this video. I did the opposite of question it by vigorously defending it to everyone who did. You guys, I’m going to be honest with you right now and say you that I defended this in multiple chats by using caps. Not caps as in hats, but caps as in “WHY WULD U SAY THIS IS FAKE. U R FAKE. ALSO U R STUPID. THIS IS REAL.” Ugh. I hate myself. But please, enjoy watching Jimmy revel in his prankiness. And remember that nothing on the internet is real. It’s all one giant farce.

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