Kristen Stewart Secretly/Sketchily Donated $500,000 To Hurricane Sandy Relief

Kristen Stewart attending the MTV Movie Awards June 2012As everyone who lives in New York knows (and hopefully most of you who don’t), a little less than a year ago, the east coast was hit by Superstorm Sandy. Neighborhoods were destroyed, homes were flooded, communities were devastated, and multiple areas are still in the process of rebuilding. I don’t want to minimize this event at all, because many of its victims are still homeless, and that people banded together in the storm’s aftermath was, frankly, inspiring.

But. This is a celebrity website, so I hope you’ll excuse me if I bring up Kristen Stewart. Many celebrities made donations or pitched in to help in the wake of the incredible damage. Lady Gaga donated $1 million to relief efforts, Emma Watson was so helpful that she proved herself to be an honorary New Yorker, and Kanye West wore a skirt to the 12.12.12 concert in hopes of upstaging the hurricane. Those were all things we knew.

But as it turns out, K-Stew helped out as well, and none of us had any idea. Except for Harvey Weinstein, who revealed at the Toronto Film Festival yesterday that Kristen kind of secretly made a hefty donation…of $500,000. Now, I’m not one to look a gift $500,000 in the mouth. I really don’t want to be that person. But that said, I am totally about to look this $500,000 right in its gift horse mouth.

According to Harvey, an unidentified Middle Eastern prince approached event organizers and offered a substantial donation for the opportunity to meet with Kristen. Once the proposal was brought to her, Kristen asked, ‘How much?’, and once the price was raised to $500,000, she agreed to do it. Harvey was apparently really impressed with Kristen, saying, “Kristen [sat] with the guy for 15 minutes.”

Mmmkay. This is great and all, and I’m all for donations to worthy causes, which Hurricane Sandy 100% was. But why such weird secrecy? An anonymous Middle Eastern prince? Who was gonna give half a million dollars to a relief fund for fifteen minutes with a twenty-three year old? Everything about that is so weird and sketchy to me.

It sounds like everything turned out for the best, but I personally am just shocked nobody got catfished at any point in all of this.

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    • mse63

      That’s exactly the kind of sketchy thing Harvey would do though. :) About this not being news – well, I don’t think the prince would prefer if anyone made the connection. Probably. He might not mind too much because obviously Harvey feels safe bringing it up now, but you know. Sketchy people are sketchy. They understand each other. And I’m pretty sure at this point that Kristen doesn’t have a real publicist who would tell her that putting these kind of news out there could possibly be good for her publicity.

    • catherinedove

      There wasn’t anything ‘sketchy’ about it. The Truth About Robsten: were they real or a showmance? Staged stunt and fake photo theories debunked. If they were manipulated, it wasn’t for publicity purposes for anyone. All this has been a huge smear campaign using Kristen & Robert against their fans for paparazzi & gossip magazine profits – for over a year and long before that. The majority of scandals we’ve seen have been flat-out lies. Get the scoop here and sign the petitions to set them and us free from these dumb PR assaults:

    • Katie

      I want to be famous enough that a Middle Eastern Prince will pay $500,000 to sit with me for 15 minutes.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Daisy Duke

      I guess I don’t see what is sketchy about it, only that it was done with out any publicity and only came out bc Harvey was promoting his documentary, and he probably likes to brag that he brokered this donation deal. There was really no need to blab about it at the time it happened. Prince obviously “taken” with KStew.
      Article here implies it was KStew who made the donation but it was the Prince who made it in exchange for the chat.

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    • MCR

      Why the secrecy? Because Stewart’s agreed upon public persona has only two characteristics, grumpiness and sluttiness, and gossip columns would be inclined to find something sordid and inappropriate about it. Oh look, they already have – in an article which describes the event as Harvey Weinstein “whoring out” Kristen Stewart for $500,000. Now all we need is an article which mentions she didn’t smile one, single time during the entire 15 minute meeting.

    • gillian kemp

      How unbelievable sad that a non American wanted to donate money to a worthy cause, and some people want to make something ugly out of it. Kristen did want many public figures have done for years. Public figures do met and greets for charity. Next time there is a huge charity event, this Prince might KEEP his donation.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yes, all anonymous princes read

    • Amy

      I think it’s about time something nice was said about Kristen Stewart. I’m sick of hearing all the trash the public loves to gossip about. Shows she’s caring and has integrity after all, something that should be posted about more often.