Miley Cyrus Arrives In Paris, In Extremely Related News How Do You Say ‘Nip Slip’ In French

Miley Cyrus Paris Nip Slip Outfit

In an effort to get away from all the controversy surrounding her VMA’s performance, Miley Cyrus and her left nipple went on a girl’s getaway to Paris. For the adventure Miley threw on the top third of a sweater and her favorite leathery tube top from 9th grade. Oh ana pearl necklace because she’s a lady.  All in all, I would say it’s a look that says, “nip slips apply here please!”

While rumor has it that her right nipple also joined them for their European adventure, there’s currently no photo proof that it actually made the trip. However if I know Miley Cyrus like I think I know Miley Cyrus, it will make an appearance at a more opportune time. Perhaps after her new music video for “Wrecking Ball” debuts later today. “One nip slip before, one nip slip after” is how that old publicity stunt saying goes. (And somewhere, out there, Bradley Cooper’s wishing that he had chosen that stunt and not the Suki Waterhouse lovefest stunt.)

While some people are still recovering from that time we watched Miley masturbate with a foam finger during a nationally televised TV performance, I welcome the nipples. I would hate to think that all that criticism tamed Miley Cyrus. In fact, I’m hoping she still has a few raunchy surprises in store for us before the year ends. Perhaps a music video that doubles as her annual trip to the gynecologist. Or maybe a “leaked” sex tape that features her, a mannequin come to life and a childless alligator looking to break out of it’s normal routine. Or if we’re really lucky, a full-length movie featuring her, her right nipple and her foam finger on a coming-of-age road trip.


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    • Jill O’Rourke

      On the road trip, I hope the foam finger is the one driving. It’s only logical.

    • abbeysbooks

      I think Miley’s great. She’s putting on the media perfectly. KInd of following Madonna eh. Many different looks that are “floating signs” for the rest of us who can read them. Smart young woman.

    • happy1ga

      Great new song/video. She’s playing the media like a fiddle, and she has zero f*cks to give. Makes me wish I was 20 again and still had a body like that! Besides that, I wish we lived in a world where seeing a boob didn’t make everyone act like 10 yr old little boys. Its a tit, big deal.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        If it was presented like it was no big deal, I’d be treating it as such. But it’s being presented like it’s a huge deal — oversexualized, objectified, and exploited. Her behavior is deeply entrenched in the sexuality of it, and to deny that is to completely miss the point.

      • happy1ga

        So what? I mean, really, so what? Who sets the bar, the level, if you will, of what is classified as “over sexualized?” She’s a grown, adult woman, one who is very savvy about the world in which she has grown up, and can make those decisions of her own volition. I’m guessing, but feel I must be quite a bit older than you, so I do remember well the pearl-clutching early days of Madonna’s arrival on the scene, What I don’t remember, folks saying she was being exploited, or used, in any way that wasn’t her intention. Ditto for naked Alanis Morisette. She was heralded as a strong feminist, brave and proud, yet Miley’s video warrants shocked faces, tut-tutting, and gender studies 101 buzzwords. I am a kid of the 60s, grew up on a heavy dose of independent, abortion having, braless single gals on tv, a new era, women in charge of their own lives, their bodies. I’m genuinely puzzled and dismayed at what feels like a serious regression from those halcyon days, and frankly disappointed in the evolution.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think we have a fundamental disagreement about where Miley is coming from.

    • Name

      I like to say glisse de le mamelon—Slip of the nipple, which I think makes it sound super classy and/or like a sweet drink.

      • Jenni

        filing this away in the most important part of my brain

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh my god I love this.