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Pippa Middleton And 12 More Celebs Who Aren’t As Talented As Their Famous Sisters

Pippa Middleton Kate Middleton(Photo: WENN / Craig Harris, WENN)

Pippa Middleton, probably officially now know as Auntie Pippa, turns 30 today. That’s a big deal. Not just because people are rumored to be blocked reading Thought Catalog after turning 30, but also because she’s famous. However unlike many famous people, she’s didn’t get to the A-List by starring in a movie, singing a hit song or sacrificing the best years of her life to the Disney Channel. Nope, she got famous because she’s the sister of someone famous. You know Kate Middletonright? She’s that lady who gave birth to a diamond-encrusted crown that the royal family’s affectionately calling Prince George of Cambridge for now.

So in honor of Pippa being famous solely because her sister is famous, I present 11 more celebrities who aren’t anywhere near as talented as their sisters.

1. Beyonce Knowles, sister of Solange Knowles

Beyonce Solange Knowles

(Photos: WENN)

No one’s going to sit down and argue that Beyonce isn’t talented and fabulous and dangerous if you get on her bad side. But the truth is that Solange is more talented than Bey. She might not be as splashy as her sister, but her voice more than makes up for it. Like many other professional talent-recognizers, I’m awaiting the day when she makes it really big.

3. Ashlee Simpson, sister of Jessica Simpson

Ashlee Simpson Jessica Simpson

(Photo: Ivan Nikolov, WENN/ Andres Otero, WENN)

Nothing makes me sadder than thinking about the fact that Ashlee Simpson had to start singing to get her father’s attention. (“Shadow” anyone!?) No that’s a lie. The time she resorted to procreating with a member of Fall Out Boy makes me the saddest. Nothing says “cry for help” more than having sexual relations with Pete Wentz. She will have to spend the rest of her life knowing that her sister’s more talented than her. (Also that she named her son Bronx.)

4. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, sisters of Elizabeth Olsen

Olsen Sisters

(Photo: Andres Otero, WENN/ Andres Otero, WENN / Lia Toby, WENN)

Look, MK & A gave acting their best shot back in the ’90s. Truth be told, they solved a hell of a lot of mysteries in their hay day. Also they found their dad a wife via billboard, which is an impressive feat in itself. But when push comes to shove in the Olsen family annual holiday card photo, Elizabeth Olsen belongs front and center due to her ability to actually act.

5. Kyle Richards, sister of Kim Richards

Kyle Kim Richards(Photo: Brian To, WENN/ Apega, WENN)

Sure Kyle Richards has a lead role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills now and sure she has a husband who I would actually call yummy if I was the kind of horrendous person who said things like yummy. But Kim beat her out her by being legitimately insane. Sure Kyle will go down as a “normal” reality star, but Kim will go down as the one we wanted to watch. Crazy eyes, they’ll get us every time.

6. Kylie Jenner, sister of Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner, kylie jenner

(Photo: Ivan Nikolov, WENN/ HRC, WENN)

Poor Kylie. Unlike Kendall, her mother didn’t have her pose in provocative bathing suits during her teen years in an attempt to kickstart a modeling career. Then again, she’s only 16 — so there’s still plenty of time for Kris Jenner to figure out how to monetize her baby girl.

7. Karen Brewer, (step)sister of Kristy Brewer

kristy brewer karen brewer

(Photo: via)

Well, well, well, Isn’t it convenient for Karen Brewer that her older (step)sister Kristy Brewer got featured in a successful book series first? Certainly made it easier for Ann M. Martin to pitch that “Little Sister” series. Just once I’d like to hear Karen thank Kristy for rocketing her to fame. After all, it’s not every day that a girl with two sets of glasses gets to be in the spotlight.

8. Haylie Duff, sister of Hilary Duff

Haylie Hilary Duff(Photo: WENN/Apega, WENN)

I can only imagine  how much Haylie Duff’s hand must hurt from trying to ride her sister’s coattails in the mid ’00s. I give the girl an A for effort, but ultimately an F for wanting to be famous so badly that she let herself get cast on 7th Heaven.

9. Kate Mara, sister of Rooney Mara

Kate Rooney Mara

(Photo: C. Smith, WENN/Ivan Nikolov, WENN)

I’m not going to debate with you on which Mara sister’s the better actress. To each his own when it comes to Rooney and Kate. However I will say that Rooney wins hands down in the “terrifying stare” department. Even through the computer screen, she has that ability to make me simultaneously second guess my life choices and what I’m currently wearing. The amount of disdain she can send via her stare truly deserves some kind of award.

10. Dakota Fanning, sister of Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning Dakota Fanning

(Photo: Brian To, WENN/ Daziram, Future Image, WENN)

Dakota might be older and wiser than Elle, but I think it’s getting obvious that Elle’s the more talented actress of the two. As well as the one who’s more likely to be an old soul trapped in a child’s body.

11. Melissa Gorga, sister-in-Law of Teresa Giudice

Melissa Gorga Teresa Guidice

(Photo: Alberto Reyes, WENN/WENN)

Try as she might, Melissa Gorga cannot out-famous her sister-in-law. First she tried to cause drama by fighting with Tre on the show, then she tried outshine her cookbook with that completely unnecessary song and then she tried to be nice to Tre and play the good guy, But nothing works! Teresa continues to be the one who gets all the headlines in the tabloids.

12. Dina Lohan, wannabe sister of Lindsay Lohan

Dina Lindsay Lohan

(Photo: Rob Rich, WENN/FayesVision, WENN)

At least Dina Lohan knows that she’s nothing without her daughter. Well now she knows. It take an extremely unfortunate reality show a few years back to remind her that she’s famous for one reason only and one reason only — giving birth to Lindsay Lohan.

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  • Alexis Rhiannon

    Hahahaaa good call making Dina Lohan a wannabe sister to Lindsay.

  • mse63

    I was baffled when I’ve seen the Olsens on the list, because I was convinced that you were gonna make Elizabeth out as the less accomplished member of the family tree, and was ready to launch into my “Elizabeth Olsen is the only Olsen that matters and anyone who disagrees is sitting on a throne of lies” rant. It’s a good thing I didn’t need to use that though. Especially since I do love those silly Olsen twins movies after all. :)

    • Jenni

      Oh no! I love Elizabeth Olsen! I saw her in Liberal Arts and was so impressed with the fact that she can really act.

    • mse63

      Lol, I know, it was a totally irrational fear on my part. :D It’s unimaginable that someone could label Elizabeth as “less talented” after seeing her act for a single second, so my apologies there. :)

  • Samantha

    There are so many errors in this article that it made it hard to read. You’re a writer, you should take a couple more minutes to proofread.

    • Jenni

      False. I am an aspiring rapper who just writes to pay the bills. VERY DIFFERENT!

    • Sonny

      she is a terrible blogger and certainly no journalist!

    • Jenni

      As I’ve said before, I am not a journalist. First and foremost, I am an aspiring rapper. You can follow me on Twitter at @aspiringrapperbutcurrentlypayingthebillsbybloggingterribly

  • lynncanal

    Whoa, I love Kate Middleton. I absolutely think she is smashing as a figurehead. And new mother. Goodness knows how good she is at any of it – as a profession. It doesn’t take much to be a princess. Smile pretty. Tolerate a whole lot of people pressing flowers in your hand – and practice, practice meeting and greeting people. Day in and day out. So you think Pippa Middleton is unequal by some measure – just because she didn’t MARRY “well” as of yet? Pippa Middleton works for the same company Kate worked for – their parents. And Pippa has published a book on her own – tell me when Kate Middleton “accomplishes” that feat. All in all – the sister Middleton are equals if you ask me. EQUALS.

    • Jenni

      Well when you put it that way lynncanal, I feel like a burnt crumpet! Next year I shall title this post “EQUALS: SISTERS WHO BOTH WORKED FOR THEIR PARENTS UNTIL ONE GOT MARRIED TO A PRINCE”

  • Sonny

    Jenni Maier – contradicting yourself for hype, you baseless and trashy

    • Jenni

      Sonny, I’m going to need a last name. You see, I’m writing a book based on my rap career and my editor asked me to find honest reviews about myself for the back cover. This seems like just the type of review she’d like!

  • lynncanal

    Whoever “thunk” this up chose to apply “talent” as the sibling measure. How talented does one need to be to meet someone in college, put her hooks into him and marry well? Talent wise on Kate Middleton’s part all she did was say ‘I Do”. Which, when all you do is marry well, isn’t saying much.

    • Samantha_Escobar

      I promise to make a donation to the Middle Child Syndrome Foundation in your name, Lynn Canal.

      RIP Being The Youngest.

    • Jenni

      Prince William has hooks in him? Lynncanal, I find this to be very, very troublesome! Can you please send me a link so that I can update this post. Also the police. We must alert everyone at once. God save the king!

  • Olivia Wilson

    It’s actually scary how similar Dakota and Elle look.

  • anna

    kate mara is rooney’s sister??? MIND IS BLOWN FOR TODAY

    • Jenni

      Every day we blow a mind at Crushable, an angel grows its wings.

  • NickNack

    I don’t really think it’s fair to say that one sister is less talented than the other. One doesn’t necessarily have to be an extraordinary talent these days to become a celebrity. It’s more about timing and marketing, than anything. Also, I find Dakota and Elle Fanning to be the closest thing to equals in the ability and celebrity department than anyone else.

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  • mandycat

    Since none of these photographs are of actual human beings, but celebrity-bots manufactured in some secret laboratory in Transylvania, I’m not sure exactly what the point of the article would be.