If You Think Channing Tatum Is Cute, Wait Until You See The Baby Who Beat Him In Basketball

Channing Tatum Titus Ashby El Hormiguero

If you’re in the mood to make your ovaries the center of your life today, then check out this amazing video of a two-year-old beating Channing Tatum at basketball on the Spanish show, El Hormiguero. It has everything that you want in an internet video: a hot celebrity, a talented child and a language that you studied in high school and subsequently forgot.

But before you click play and commit 8 minutes of your life to the amazingness that is this video, let me give you some background. The two-year-old you’re about to see isn’t just any two-year-old. His name’s Titus Ashby and he’s made the rounds this summer on TV shows showing off his basketball skillz. While I usually hate parents who show off their talented children, I make an exception for Titus. Mostly because he’s truly talented. To the point that I can’t help but wonder if black magic’s somehow involved. (How? I don’t know guys. I’m a blogger, not a witch.) Just look at this compilation video of him making trick shots as a baby. It’s actually unreal.

You want to know what’s also unreal? Watching him beat Channing Tatum, a grown adult, at the game. Channing graciously accepted his defeat and shared the following on Instagram, “He may only be 2, but this kid’s got game! Had fun playing a little b-ball with Titus on #ElHormiguerotoday.” Then, as if this whole situation couldn’t get any better, he picked Titus up to celebrate his success.  Channing Tatum + Titus = should I buy a baby today? Watch this video and then let me know if you want to go in on a child with me. Rumor has it Groupon’s running a special on little ones.

(Photo: Instagram)

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