Justin Bieber May Just Be Dumb Enough To Post Drug Photos On Instagram

Justin Bieber cocaine photo Poo Bear InstagramJust when you thought it was safe to go back to not reporting on Justin Bieber, he does something so dumb that it’s deserving of headlines again. In this case, he kinda sorta implied that his friend Poo Bear (yes, that is the name of his friend, no, we are not going to talk about it) is holding drugs in a photo that he took of him and then posted to his Instagram with the caption ‘@poobearmdma whatcha got in your hand.’

First of all, let’s point out that this is a clear instance where a question mark is necessary, am I right guys?!? Sorry to be the Grammar Police, here, but it seems like no other police are willing or able to touch the Biebs, so I’m just doing my duty to the populace.

Second of all, let’s all acknowledge that while it’s not entirely clear what Poo Bear has in his hand, it definitely could be a small baggie full of white powder, based on the look on his face, Justin’s lack of question mark in the caption (he already knows what’s in his hand! and it’s drugs!), and the fact that Poo Bear’s Instagram handle ends in ‘MDMA’. In case you’re not aware, MDMA is shorthand for a pure form of ecstasy also known as ‘molly’, that also happened to kill two concert-goers at ‘Electric Zoo’ in New York this weekend. So regardless of what he’s holding, Justin’s not doing a super job picking out his friends.

As Radar Online points out, Justin’s friends have been associated with a variety of bad behaviors at this point — from crashing his cars, to getting DUIs, to getting into fights, to associating with known international cocaine smugglers, which Poo Bear is known to have done earlier this year during a trip to Suriname. But who am I to judge, right? There’s probably an explanation for all of this. We should probably trust Poo (or Jason Boyd, as he is also called, by normal humans) when he says the MDMA part of his name stands for ‘Most Dedicated Musician Alive’. Even though that honor clearly goes to Madonna, who has gone so far as to replace all of her body parts with robot ones so that she can keep performing. And I’m sure there’s also a perfectly normal explanation for why this photo was pulled from Instagram. But maybe we’ll never know.

And this is why…you always leave a note. No wait, that’s wrong…this is why you always screen shot Justin’s stupid Instagram choices, so he can’t deny them in the morning. Because Scooter Braun has to wake up sometime, and when he does, he’s gonna scrub the internet clean of any and all evidence that his little buddy is up to any nonsense, drug-related or otherwise, and I’ll never be able to prove a thing. You’re doing god’s work, Scooter. Keep it up.

(Image: justinbiebercrew via Instagram)

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    • nonsense

      who ever wrote this article is so dumb..lol…you just ASSUME he has drugs in his hand? Where is the drug? That is the most stupid thing you can write about when you are ASSUMING!!! How the hell are you given the opportunity to write stories like this? I really wish people like you can be sued for promoting false information!! SO DUMB!

      • Olivia Wilson

        Are the letters in all caps supposed to spell out a secret message? It really feels like they are.

      • Roma Jenco


      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Well I had an internship and then I was offered a freelance job based on my good work. And then after a few months it became a full-time position. Does that answer your question about how I got the opportunity to write a story like this?

    • Roma Jenco

      A bogus story if ever there was one. I know this site likes to be pithy but there’s such a thing as moral responsibility.

      When was the last time you sat with a terminally ill child and brought some joy into their life Olivia?

      Oh that’s right, Justin Bieber does that.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        He also pisses in mop buckets.

      • Roma Jenco

        Yup he did.

        Doesn’t mean he takes cocaine though and if that’s your basis for posting this dross then shame on you lady.

        I also doubt whether the 200 kids (and counting) he has helped over the years and not just at Make A Wish either give a stuff where he pees.

        Still, you got your traffic hit and he got his name dragged through the mud on the basis of a speculative Instagram, so well done you.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        He’s the one who implied that he does cocaine via the photo itself, his friendship with the guy in it, and his comment. I just wrote a post about it.

        And the more people he’s helped in the past, the more people looking to him now as a positive example, aka the more people he’s letting down with his erratic, rude, irresponsible behavior lately.

        Also he pulled said speculative Instagram off the internet, so what does that suggest to you?

      • Ashley

        So if I go and make a hefty donation to make a wish foundation it completely excuses me from any bad behavior I exhibit? I don’t think so! The fact of the matter is she didn’t speculate here. He did everything but state in exact words that his friend was holding a bag of drugs in this picture. Justin Bieber is a public figure. Millions of people are going to look at his pictures. And then millions of people are going to talk about it. It was his choice to post that picture. He’s not new to fame. He knows the kind of backlash he will get for that kind of thing. Yet he decided to do it anyway. Seems to me this woman is not to blame for writing this article. He is to blame for insinuating that his friend was holding a bag of drugs. And don’t give me that “did he say it was drugs? It could have been anything!” crap. That would be like me having an Instagram name “poobeardoughnut”, a friend posting a picture of me holding a bag of round, powdered, pastries with holes in the middle, captioned “watcha got in your hand?” and you wondering why someone would assume I have a bag of doughnuts in my hand. Come on! If you’re walking in a yard of a family with dogs and see a pile of brown smelly substance, would you need the dog to come tell it was crap for you to know not to step in it? The point is some things can be said without being said. I think it’s awesome that Justin Bieber contributes and donates to ill children but that does not make him above the law and it doesn’t make him any less accountable for his actions.

      • Shilo

        It’s not about how many “wishes” he has granted sick children. Even nice people can fall in with the wrong crowd and start doing things that would appear to be outside of their character. Justin Bieber, despite his massive fame and fortune, is a follower. He seems to have a total lack of understanding who he is, or who he wants to become as a man. He is the one who took the picture. He is the one who insinuated it was drugs. He is the one arrogant enough to think it was funny. I think Justin Bieber has many personalities, depending on who he is with. His fans cannot keep excusing some of his behavior by saying he is a nice guy who grants wishes to sick children. You are not doing him any favors defending EVERYTHING he does. It seems to be giving him a false sense of security that he is untouchable. He is not . When it catches up and he has to face consequences for his actions as an adult….which he has never faced as a child, he will be in for a rude, harsh awakenig.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I completely agree with you.

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