12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Went To Ivy League Schools

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Don’t worry — Miley’s not on the list.


Remember last week when I made us all feel really good about our lives and our choices by pointing out 13 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Bilingual? As if it wasn’t enough that they’re beautiful, talented, and successful, they had to be intelligent, too? That doesn’t seem quite fair. If you’re already ten bajillion times more rich and famous than I, you could at least do me the favor of not speaking multiple languages. I’m intimidated enough — can’t we keep it to one?

But apparently I’m not quite done making us normals feel like loserpants, because here I am writing another post designed to do just that! This time it’s about which braniac celebrities went to Ivy League schools, and there are more than you think. Here are twelve of my favorites, and the ones I found the most surprising. Enjoy!


John Krasinski This Conversation(via)

As good as he was at playing the lovable semi-doofus Jim Halpert on The Office, where he was totally not worried about realizing his full potential, in real life John actually attended Brown University, where he graduated in 2001 as a playwright, with honors.


Conan Eyelashes(via)

He likes to goof off on his show, which is why you might find it surprising that Conan graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1985, with a degree in History and Literature.


Emma Watson Dangerous(via)

This may shock you guys, but Emma Watson didn’t actually attend Hogwarts. Instead, she’s currently enrolled at Brown University, where she has three more classes to complete this fall before she graduates with a degree in History and English Literature.


Rashida Jones YOLO(via)

I’m pretty mad at Rashida for being not only adorable and talented on Parks And Recreation, but intelligent too. She went to Harvard University, where she studied Philosophy and Religion, graduating in 1997.


Elizabeth Banks Denial Elizabeth Banks Jeses


She loves to play the dumb blond, and I think I probably would too if I had a diploma from the University of Pennsylvania. Elizabeth majored in communications with a concentration in theater arts, and graduated magna cum laude in 1996.


Natalie Portman Pumpkin(via)

No big deal or anything, since she was also on our bilingual list for knowing like five languages, but Natalie also graduated from Harvard in 2003 with a degree in psychology. And yes, that was after she got famous.


Rachel Dratch Eating(via)

She may be best known for her Saturday Night Live Debbie Downer character, but Rachel graduated from Dartmouth College in 1988 with a degree in Drama and Psychology, so CHEER UP, DEBBIE.


Julia Stiles Look At Me(via)

She’s not my favorite actress, but I have to admire the fact that Julia made her education a priority — she graduated from Columbia University in 1999 with a degree in English Literature. (Fun fact: she was a classmate of Anna Paquin‘s, who would be on this list as well if she hadn’t dropped out.)


Maggie Gyllenhaal Cookies(via)

The only Gyllenhaal kid who hasn’t dated Taylor Swift, Maggie also holds the distinction of being the only Gyllenhaal kid to graduate from Columbia University, which she did in 1999 with a BA degree in Literature and Eastern Religions. (Jake Gyllenhaal was accepted to the school but dropped out to pursue his acting career.)


Wentworth Miller Whoa(via)

Wentworth played a bad kid in Prison Break, but in reality he was all about the Ivy League, graduating from Princeton in 1994 with a degree in English Literature.


Julie Bowen Suck It(via)

Mark down yet another celebrity for Brown University, because Julie graduated from there in 1991 with a degree in Italian Renaissance Studies. Damn, girl.


John Legend Suit(via)

And finally, don’t write off John Legend as just another pretty face/voice/..suit, because after reportedly being offered scholarships to schools like Harvard and Georgetown, John elected to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a degree in English in 1999.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      I want to declare Rashida Jones my favorite celebrity but I feel like the others might feel left out. (No they won’t, they won’t care.)

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    • ChiChi

      I know CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) isn’t Ivy, but Cote de Pablo and Matt Bomer (two beautiful people) graduated from there. Plus, it’s in Pittsburgh, the city of fat grumpy people. (I lived there for a long time. I am allowed to make fun of it.)

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Ooh, Matt Bomer is a beautiful man.

      • ChiChi

        I know. Plus he has a French Bulldog! IT’S SO CUTE!

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Edward Ellis


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    • Lydia Vogt

      Ivy League schools choose incoming freshman based on creating a diverse learning community. The goal is to create leaders in every field and that doesn’t always correspond with “book smarts”. There are many different definitions of “intelligence”.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Um, okie dokie!