Ed Sheeran Says Taylor Swift’s ‘Shut The F Up’ Wasn’t About 1D, I Say She’s Bribing Him With Jam

taylor swift selena gomez shut the fuck up vmas 2013Wow, this Video Music Awards ceremony really has legs, doesn’t it? And not just because MTV has been replaying it multiple times a day for a week. We’re still finding out what everyone from Miley Cyrus’ yoga instructor to Brooke Shields thought of that twerk-tastic performance, and we’re still using *NSYNC’s barely-there reunion as a punchline (see: the post I just wrote this morning). Now there’s more to talk about on the Taylor Swift front. And isn’t there always?  After a whole week of speculation about Taylor’s “shut the fuck up” line when One Direction was speaking, Ed Sheeran is here to clear things up.

At a press conference, Ed explained that the remark was actually aimed at Taylor’s BFF Selena Gomez, who supposedly said she thought Miley Cyrus was going to win the Best Female Pop Video award. How does Ed know this? Taylor came up to him afterward and told him she thought she messed up. Aaand there it is. Anyone else suspect a jam conspiracy?

I don’t want to call my fellow redhead Ed Sheeran a liar, but I still find it hard to believe that this remark was aimed at Selena. Hearing it from someone who wasn’t involved in the incident and had it explained to him by Taylor afterward isn’t enough to convince me. Plus, I’ve looked at that GIF a million times, and it doesn’t appear to me that Selena had just said anything. She looks like she’s paying attention to what’s happening onstage, and she doesn’t react to Taylor’s comment afterward, besides looking a little uncomfortable. Until I hear it from Taylor or Selena’s mouth, I’m not convinced. And both of them appear to be keeping mum about it. People can accuse me of being so biased against Taylor that I’ll just automatically believe the worst about her. To that I’d argue that this “shut the fuck up” comment certainly goes along with the kind of immature, petty remarks Taylor is known for, including later on in the award show when she called out the inspiration for her song. How long will it take her to finally move past a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it relationship?

If Ed Sheeran speaks the truth, however, we can still glean two pretty significant things from his story. One, Taylor didn’t say “sorry for my arm,” showing that fans will band together to defend their favorite star with any bogus explanation they can come up with. And two, Taylor isn’t this innocent, jam-making, antiques-buying, unfairly jilted angel she would have everyone believe she is. Am I against cursing? Not at all. But I think when you work to achieve a certain squeaky-clean persona, being caught on camera saying something like this really starts to shatter that image, and it has to make you wonder how much of that persona is an act. Plus, Taylor’s been to enough award shows to know that the camera loves her, especially when someone she was involved with (in this case Harry Styles) is onstage.

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    • joe

      He was sitting right behind her. You are just pressed this juicy story was shattered. And judging Selena’s reaction by this gif. Lmao. You have no clue what happened before that blink second. Give me a break.

    • Alyssa

      I’m inclined to believe she was reacting to One Direction. Just because it’s impossible for her to speak in public without mentioning at least one of her exes.

    • Apricot Jam

      “Taylor isn’t this innocent, jam-making, antiques-buying, unfairly jilted angel she would have everyone believe she is.”

      Because she swore? I’m sorry, but that’s a reach. It’s impossible to swear and still like antiques and making jam? Taylor’s been known to swear a few times before and it hasn’t shattered her image yet; I’m afraid you’ll have to look for something else to bring her down. I’m sure you’ll keep looking.

      I feel like you contradict yourself in your commentary on Ms Swift. On the one hand, you claim she fakes an innocent persona, but then you say she’s known for making petty remarks about her exes. Last time I checked, she was completely open about the latter thing; it’s hardly something she does in secret. She’s loud and proud about it. So how on earth is she faking anything? She doesn’t pretend to be nice about her exes or anyone she doesn’t like (Fey & Poehler). It seems to me that you’re not actually annoyed at the idea that she’s phony, but at the fact that she puts all her flaws out there for everyone to see and is loved and successful, anyway.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        I think her comments about her exes (and about Fey and Poehler and other people she thinks wronged her) play into that innocent persona. She continuously paints herself as the victim.

      • Apricot Jam

        How is saying “He knows exactly who is because I got an award” painting herself as the victim? Is that not painting herself as the victor? A victim act would be “This award means nothing because I’m sad and my heart is broken”. Taylor absolutely revels in her success; in being the winner.

        It just feels like you have a few buzzwords for Taylor ‘immature, victim’ and put them on everything she does, whether it fits or not.

    • Jenny

      I’M not even going to say anything about you being biased, because everyone knows you are, but did you seriously just say this? ‘Taylor isn’t this innocent, jam-making, antiques-buying, unfairly jilted angel she would have everyone believe she is’. You realise, right, that she’s cursed before? Multiple times? Jesus.
      And this GIF? Is 2 fucking seconds long. Of course you can’t see what Selena’s saying.

    • Dan

      Wowww. You’re gonna have to try harder than that to bring Ms. Swift down. You sound really petty.

    • AlarTruve

      Its hilarious how many females act like she is this horrible person. Girl on girl hate really is the funniest thing.This is why feminism and equality in society will never work.

      She may play a victim here and there but its certainly overblown. Make no mistake about it. She is a hell of a strong individual for getting to where she has gotten in such a young age. In charge of a freaking empire! CEO of numerous enormous companies. Also she must have a strong mind. Not easy to be in the spotlight from your teen years and never have a misstep. That is why trivial things like saying “stfu” to your friend is such sensation. Gossip literally has nothing on her and it makes them desperate. Cause this is not how the script goes.She should have had her meltdown already! Give us something!!!!

      Her latest album also shows much growth as a songwriter. She is taking lots of blame for failed relationships. She is able to see things from other perspective. She is so much more diverse in her songwriting than Adele for example. Themes about childhood cancer, bulimia, empowerment, friendship, family etc. But hardly ever gets credit for it?

    • dumbkidsthesedays

      Miley = dresses crazy, twerks, sticks her tongue out, been with 1 guy (enganged) for a few years now = SLUT

      Taylor = dresses elegant, doesn’t twerk, been with a million guys in a year = NOT A SLUT.

      Oh America…

    • Alyssa

      I think you are the immature one here. Seriously, try being a little more true to facts and publish that, instead of writing down your opinions no one clearly gives a rat’s stinking ass about. Also, you’re ridiculously judgemental if you think swearing means someone isn’t innocent or a good person. I mean, 12 year old kids do it. Go ahead, say they aren’t innocent and they are fake if they act like good people, because, of course according to you swearing means a person is not innocent or ‘nice. Wow, what an unattractive personality do you have. Also, go get a real job instead of whining about strong, unconventionally feminist women. I think you’re just angry that she isn’t an out and about feminist. And you make your posts as if they are a mean girl’s victim’s diary, contradicting your own views of her. Bye now, I have a life to get back to, unlike you (:

    • joe

      I just have one question. Why the hell would Ed defend someone who dissed his best friend? Lmao. Plus the fact that Selena confirmed that theory at her movie premiere.