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Billy Ray Says He Woulda Done The Same Thing As Miley, So I’m Glad He’s Taking This Seriously

Billy Ray Cyrus on Extra April 2013

Miley Cyrus’ VMAs performance is still the talk of the town four days later, as it should be. For as long as that rogue tongue of hers haunts my dreams, we should keep talking about it. And has anything in pop culture united us quite like this has? You’d be hard up to find someone who has no idea what you’re talking about when you mention Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. I bet even the Amish would be like, “Oh, you mean the foam finger!” We’ve already heard an adorable response about the controversy from Harry Styles, and Miley herself has responded to the haters by continuing to show us her butt, in addition to her abnormally long E.T. fingers.

But if you ask me, we just haven’t heard enough from Miley’s achy breaky dad Billy Ray Cyrus. He gave some “she’ll always be my little girl, no matter how many men in Beetlejuice suits she twerks on”-style comments after the awards, but that was a little too vague. Tell us what you really think, Billy Ray!

Lucky for us, Billy Ray took the opportunity to speak to us through Miley herself. An exorcist may be required in the near future. We’ll have to check if her head spins around. Considering what we saw Sunday night, I actually wouldn’t rule that out, Billy Ray possession or no Billy Ray possession. As you can see below, Miley shared an inspiring quote from her father yesterday on Twitter.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “OH MY GOD GET THAT IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD IMMEDIATELY. GET IT OUT!” I think I also speak for everyone when I say that Miley — or whoever tweets for her — is very good at translating dialect into writing. “Twerkin,” “woulda,” “thang.” It’s beautiful, really, if you ignore everything the tweet is saying.

Miley Cyrus 7(via)

If we assume that Miley and her henchmen didn’t make this up to save face and Billy Ray actually did say this (which wouldn’t shock me), I’m glad to know he’s taking his daughter’s interest in twerking on a 36-year-old man’s married crotch with millions of people watching seriously. I was worried he’d treat it like a joke. Phew.

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