Robin Thicke’s New Video For ‘Give It 2 U’ Solidifies His Vendetta Against Pants

Robin Thicke Give It 2 U music video August 2013If you’d asked me yesterday during the day what I thought of Robin Thicke, I probably would’ve been pretty positive. As a self-respecting feminist who consistently shows up to work in 100% of my clothing, I know that I’m not really supposed to like either the song or the accompanying video for his controversial hit ‘Blurred Lines’, but I really really do. Like a lot. Enough that I let it convince me to forgive him for some of the more ridiculous parts of the video…like…all of it, but especially when topless ladies hold sheep for no reason and also when they spell out ‘Robin Thicke has a big dick’ in silver balloons. Just a coupla gems.

But I was willing to look past them! That’s how much I liked the song. Untiillllll I watched the MTV VMAs last night, and mine eyes beheld a scantily-clad Miley Cyrus grinding up on said dick with nary a twitch of the eyebrow from Mr. Thicke. Granted, there were no sheep in sight, but there were a lot of sad teddybears and one newly educated foam finger who can no longer look its parents in the eye.

Everybody’s having a grand old time blaming Miley Cyrus, and I will happily jump aboard that bandwagon because she was out of control, but I’m also suuuuuper uncomfortable with Robin’s part in the whole enterprise. I mean, he’s married to Paula Patton, and they have a three-year old son together, Julian Fuego, who actually appears in the video. I’d imagine either one of those things to be an enticing reason to keep your peen away from the rumpus rooms of young ladies sixteen years your junior, but who knows? Just a thought.

So these are the thoughts swirling through my brain as I begin watching this new video for Robin’s song ‘Give It 2 U’, and I gotta be honest with you guys — the magic is kind of gone. It’s another video with words flashing across the screen, Robin rubbing up against bodacious ladies, and a supreme aversion to all things pant. He does allow some of the cheerleader ladies or whatever to wear an almost-pant, but it’s limited to one leg and they have to be liberal with the cut-outs. Them’s the rules.

He does take off his own shirt, briefly, to try to even out the male to female nipple ratio, but it just doesn’t cut it, y’know? I think I might just be timed out on Robin’s antics, now that I’ve seen him make stage-babies with Miley and look a bare ass boob in the face. Call me jaded.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      I’m so against this “Robin going pop” thing. What happened to the suave Robin that I knew and loved?

      But OMG Julian is the cutest little thing ever.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        He’s so cute that I don’t even hate his middle name being Fuego.

    • Nadine Lumley Real

      Marvin Gaye’s children, however, are less than pleased by a
      song they consider to be more than just an homage to their father.

      Pharrell and Thicke admitted that while writing the song,
      they were inspired by Gaye, but claim they did not copy him.

      “Pharrell and I were in the studio and I told him that one
      of my favorite songs of all time was Marvin Gaye’s ‘Got to Give It Up,’ ”
      Thicke told with GQ. “We should make
      something like that, something with that groove.”

    • Nadine Lumley Real

      Listen to a mash up of both songs and you decide. Robin Thicke’s “vocals”
      superimposed over Marvin Gaye’s music, and vice versa. Quite a match I must say, the kids have a
      great court case.

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