Taylor Swift Says ‘Shut The F Up’ When One Direction Speaks At The VMAs, Because Of Course

taylor swift selena gomez shut the fuck up vmas 2013

While Harry Styles continues to be incredibly mature about his fakelationship with Taylor Swift, she continues to act as if he left her jilted at the altar after impregnating her with octuplets…and only shows up at these award shows to taunt her. Take tonight’s incident as an excellent example of what I’m talking about here.

When the boys of One Direction started presenting the VMA for best pop video on the stage tonight, Taylor turned to Selena Gomez — who, by the way, was nominated for the award they were announcing — and said “shut the fuck up.” As if they were doing anything besides announcing the winner of an award. An award that Selena Gomez ended up winning. So good thing they didn’t actually shut the fuck up, because that would’ve sucked for Selena.

Even though there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this GIF, I think it’s most important to talk about the fact that Selena’s making a classic “so over it” face. You know that face you make when your friend starts talking about an old ex and you don’t even know what to say anymore, so you’re like “totally, that does suuuuckkkk. Can we talk about it during a commercial though because I’m trying to focus on something important right now.”

And your friend is like, “oh yeah totally, also you just won an award or something, so you might want to go up on stage and get it.”

It’s just kinda ironic that someone who’s still reminding everyone she’s a VMAs victim just turned Harry Styles into one.

(GIF: Tumblr)

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    • MammaSweetpea

      Ok. I don’t watch music awards shows for various reasons. Celebs like Swift being on reason.
      Can someone explain to me why she was telling Selena to STFU?

      • Jenni

        She was saying it when One Direction was speaking, so people are assuming she was directing it toward Harry Styles

      • MammaSweetpea

        Oh…cuz she was with Harry before? (I just had to ask my daughters who are 1D crazy about this because I can’t keep up with Taylor’s relationships lol)

      • hi

        lol no, she said it to Selena because Selena was saying that she (Selena) isn’t going to win an award

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    • Er

      Guys Taylor did not tell the boys to “Shut the fuck up” she said it to Selena

      Selena said she wasn’t going to win and Taylor told her to shut up


    • Mico Andalecio

      I think we should leave her alone because she’s growing up. She’s not forever 22 you know.

    • Jena

      Trust me Taylor Swift must be nice,Ed Sheeran likes her. Ed actually settled things between Harry and Taylor

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        How do you know that?

      • hi

        how do you that Taylor directed the ‘stfu’ to One Direction too?

    • nlcatter

      did he do her?

    • jerry granger

      TS is a no-talent, over-publicized, spoiled little shit, who should go to Hawaii for a good lay. Maturity is nowhere in her vocabulary, or demeaner.

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    • lolthesefuckinghaters

      ….so we’re all just gonna ignore the fact that taylor was saying stfu to SELENA, because she was saying that she would not win an award? we’re gonna ignore the fact the she was being supportive to a friend and say she’s the total bitch everyone is so damn eager to make her seem? ok cool lol

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    • lololee24

      now one has solved the riddle of Why 1D was booed in the first place. Can anyone get to the bottom of that? Because the media is making it look like Taylor set her Swifty fans off by some on twitter feed comments which resulted in the boos and if so, Karma is a bitch and I would hate for the boos to come back and haunt her.