The Demi Lovato Naked Photos Are Here, So You Win Pervs

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Earlier this week, I started to hear speculation that someone was shopping naked Demi Lovato photos around. Naturally, I ignored it. Naked photos aren’t really my thing — especially when they’re being sent around maliciously, by someone looking to hurt the celebrity. While there are many horrible things you can do to people in this world, I’m pretty selling naked photos of them to the media ranks pretty high up there on the “C’mon Humanity, Really?” list.

Celebslam, who’s currently in the process of possibly buying these alleged photos, quotes the seller as saying that he got these from a friend of Demi and has no use for them….and therefore must sell them. Legally speaking, of course. Whenever you get handed naked photos of a celebrity, you must immediately go to your phone, dial the operator and tell her to connect you to everyone with money. Morals be damned. After all, if Demi didn’t want these photos getting out, she never would’ve taken them. Am I right or am I right or am I maybe forgetting that we’re talking about a 21-year-old girl who’s openly talked about how much she’s struggled in the past with her own issues as well as her father’s very recent death.

While the photos aren’t up yet, Celebslam has a NSFW preview collage up on their site now that people are already calling fake. As much as I like Demi Lovato, I am in no position to analyze if these photos are real or not simply by starring at them. WIth that said, it should be noted that Radar Online turned these photos down. And unless they suddenly grew a pair of ethics overnight, I would say that’s a pretty big red flag when you’re trying to determine their authenticity.

So instead of staring at them closely and trying to determine if her tattoos look shopped or not, watch this video of her accepting the award at SAMHSA’s Mental Health Awareness Day earlier this year. You know, just to give yourself a reminder of why she’s such an inspiration to so many fans and why she’s so much bigger and better than this stupid scandal.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      This is one of the grossest things you can do. Why embarrass someone that way?

    • Jay Dee

      This is truly disgusting. However I feel like if this was another young celeb you didn’t like as much as you like Demi, your article would have been much less sympathetic…

      • Jenni

        ….I’d like to think you’re wrong and that we’d choose to never celebrate stolen naked photos.

      • Jay Dee

        I don’t think you would celebrate it, I just think if it was someone you didn’t love as much as you obviously love demi, your article wouldn’t display so much outrage and would probably focus more on the fact that the person actually has naked pictures and would not portray them as blameless (Don’t get me wrong, I in no way believe Demi is to blame and I completely agree with this article and obviously I like this website or I would never read anything on it, but a lot of your articles are obviously biased either for or against certain people– which is to be expected of course because you can’t like everyone and as a writer myself I understand how this would show through in your work, especially in satire– and I believe that if another celeb you didn’t like as much as Demi had naked photos leaked, you would focus more on the fact that that person actually took naked photos, which I honestly think is sad in itself. This is of course just my opinion based on my own observations of your articles about other young celebs such as miley, selena, and taylor which are ambivalent at best and scathing at worse, and because of this I feel if one of them had leaked naked photos, the article would be VERY different from this one about Demi, who like other people such as Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice, you obviously love.

      • Jenni

        Oh we’re definitely biased on this site and I won’t at all deny that. But I think that if this happened to Taylor — someone I very much don’t like – I’d still call it out as being wrong. What definitely struck me about Demi is that she’s so open about her struggles and therefore doing something like this can really hurt her. She’s come so far and it would suck to see a scandal like this derail her success. Whereas I think Miley would shrug it off.

      • Jay Dee

        Just because Miley would shrug it off, doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t really hurt her too. Also it would suck to see a scandal like this derail ANYONE’S success, not just Demi’s because of what she’s been through. Everyone works hard to be where they are,although I do acknowledge Demi’s struggles and admire her for the way that she’s dealt with them, just because other young stars aren’t so open with their struggles doesn’t mean they should be treated any differently because of it. They’re all people with feelings.

      • Eyeballs

        I think that in my opinion this site would handle nude photo different. But honestly they would probably handle it the way most people would think of the pics. Thats what I like about this site. Demi is honest about her struggles and they knows it could break her and you want demi to be happy after all the crap shes been through so they feels its wrong to post the pics to try and shade her image. Its probably a little bit about respect to. Demi is honest about stuff but she dont try to be mean to people when she is on camera. She is about inspiring people and focusing on her passions not the other drama in hollywood. I have not heard Demi say one bad thing about Joe Jonas for example. He broke her heart and took his new girlfriend with him on tour. Were demi had to see them get all cosy and what not. But she still didnt throw shade on him or say if this or that song was about him. Just to put him in a bad light. She was civil and could talk to him when they meet. And now they are good friends again. That gives her extra respect and believability.

        Meanwhile taylor who I use to respect has turned me around. I still listen to some of her songs but I think her as a person is not that likeble. She is always throwing shade on guys she has dated. Like she told Ellen how Joe broke up with her and now she is all about how harry dumped her. She has become more about that and hurting guys that break her heart and thats not cool. Would like to see Taylor go on a tour with harry and have him cuddle around with a new girlfriend and not wright 3 albums about it. But not even that would be as bad as the joe/demi situation cause demi lost her best friend aka joe at the same time as a guy she fell in love with.

        Im not saying that I wouldnt be sorry for Taylor or that she wouldnt hurt or anything. But They way she is now. One day she risks meeting a guy who just wants to use her and throw shade at her be4 she can do that to him. If that would happen I dont know if everyone would be as sympathetic in her case cause of the way she is. If you don’t show respect to others usually you dont get it back. Thats just how this world works a lot of the time. Show compassion and you get it back in return.

        Thats why the bond between demis fans and her is so strong. Cause she gives back and isnt afraid to be herself. She posts funny wierd pics on twitter to make fans laugh and post keeks to make her fans smile. She perform concerts while having soar throat and fever. She inspires fans even when she is sad. She shows that she has change and that she wants to be a good artist. With her being open so many of her fans gets to see its worth it even if it can be hard at times.

        Demi also has one of the fan bases who can joke about periods with her and trend stuff like #DemiOnHerPeriod and #LesbianForDemi. Its a fan bas who can be honest and talk about stuff on the internet with other fans and show support for each other . If a fan get a rt from demi they also get new followers and a lot of congrats from other fans. Like a wierd typ of family who support each other. So no doubt some nude pics wont hurt her carrier cause of all the things she does to be an inspiration and a better person. She just gets a lot of extra support from people cause they genually care for her. Sometimes without even knowing it themselves.

      • Jay Dee

        I understand your argument, and agree with it on some level. But mostly you were arguing why Demi deserves respect, which I agree with, but that wasn’t my point. I understand the differences between Demi and Taylor and why people respect Demi more (I am in no way a taylor swift fan due to her childish behavior) but I still think it’s sad that everybody who is put in that same position wouldn’t receive the same reaction, or sympathy. I understand why people would be more scathing and less sympathetic towards Taylor if she had naked pictures leaked, I understand the human psychology behind it, I just think it’s disgusting. It’s almost a form of victim blaming/slut shaming. I in no way agree with the way Taylor treats her exes but I don’t think that means she deserves any less sympathy than somebody like Demi, who leads an inspiring life. Unfortunately, the majority of people, probably not purposefully, would still do that. And that was my point. THAT is what I find disgusting. Yes, I like the way this site handled this topic, it is the best why I have ever seen a celebrity site handle the topic of naked pictures, but after I read it I couldn’t help but imagine how different it would have been if it were about somebody like Taylor or Miley (Maybe even Selena. Although the writers of this site do seem to like her more than they like Taylor or Miley, they clearly do not like her as much as Demi or Ariana). And it just made me sad that we as humans think this way. I know it’s not something we do consciously, but that doesn’t make it any less sad. Girls should be supporting and sympathetic towards all girls in situations like this, not just the ones that “don’t deserve” for this to happen to them. Nobody deserves it.

      • Eyeballs

        I totally agree! Nobody deserves it but sadly or world is like that. “Give to others what you want in return”. Give crap get crap. Give gold get gold. Then there is the people that manage to stand above and get crap and give gold. Its not as common but they do exist and they usually get treated better in the end. After they gotten a lot of crap they eventually get some diamonds.

        (that did make sense in my head at least hehe)

    • Jay Dee
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