The 17 Young People Who All the Old People Will Know By Next Year

The Janoskians shirtless on stage, Toronto, June 2013 2

Remember the good ole’ days when Justin Bieber was nothing more than a harmless child who made his own Youtube videos?  While it’s hard to remember, Bieber and other current stars were once newbies in Hollywood, just tween celebrities who no one else knew. Today Justin sits on the teenybopper throne, ordering his minions around and stalking Selena Gomez. But who will be the next teen star to rule the teenybopper kingdom once Justin’s popularity fades? Maybe I’ve been watching too many episodes of Game of Thrones recently, but I’d reckon a battle is upon us for the crown. Teens like Cody Simpson, Ross Lynch, and Ariane Grande have only become bigger stars since last year; in my opinion, they are on the verge of teen superstardom. Since we have no patience, we’re skipping the waiting game and figuring out who will be the next big thing right now!

Dare I say it? Today’s Bieber might be tomorrow’s Austin Mahone, and Selena Gomez will soon be looking for another day job once Victoria Justice sings her way onto the pop princess pyramid. Victoria will position herself right beside Miley Cyrus and right under Britney Spears. Selena will be all like “But I’m always on your left,” and Britney will reply (perfectly auto-tuned) “That was when there was three of us, and now the tallest (and the ones untainted by Bieber) go in the middle. The middle is reserved for those of us with twerking skills and bad haircuts. Now SWITCH.” Not that Victoria Justice falls into either of these categories. But no matter! Victoria (along with my girl Ariana Grande) is destined to overtake Selena and reign over the Teen Choice Awards and other events I’ve been too old for since 2009.

We’ve put together a list of young, upcoming stars who your parents will be asking you about by next year, and you’ll roll your eyes and answer “Duh, everybody knows the difference between a ‘Mahomie’ and a ‘Justicer.’” You may not have heard of the lesser known tween stars: Joey King, Asa Butterfield, and Sasha Pieterse, but don’t fret, this list will clue you into the 17 rising stars that will be huge names within the year. These are who the kids are all talking about, and soon you will be talking about them too!

Ariana Grande, 20


Twitter Followers: 8,727,125+

Facebook Fans: 4,452,843+

My girl Ariana Grande is officially the next big thing. Like combine Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato and add a twist of Mariah Carey and you have Ariana Grande stardom and talent. I’m calling it along with every Arianator across the globe. This girl will be more than huge, she’ll be GRANDE. Ariana is an actress and singer who released her debut single "The Way" in March 2013, which earned her nominations at the Teen Choice Awards. She's already opening for Justin Bieber’s tour this year, but there won’t be any romance brewing between them. You might be interested to know she's dating another person on this list! Ariana has dated Jai Brooks of The Janoskians since 2012!

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Asa Butterfield, 16


Twitter Followers: 61,554+

Asa Butterfield is in my book is the next mini Leonardo Dicaprio. He’s already been nominated for numerous awards for his roles in Hugo and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and now he’ll play Ender Wiggin in Ender’s Game. Asa is already taking on huge roles and making a name for himself. He and his Hugo costar, Chloë Grace Moretz, will team up again for a 2015 television project entitled The White Circus.

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Austin Mahone, 17


Twitter Followers: 3,774,797+

Facebook Fans: 3,808,849+

Austin Mahone is a singer and songwriter who once was an opening act for Taylor Swift’s Red tour. In 2013, he was listed as an “Artists to Watch” by MTV and has since continued to make Mahomies swoon across the globe!

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(Photo: Hugh Dillon/

Bella Thorne, 15


Twitter Followers: 4,204,644+

Facebook Fans: 3,632,439+

Bella Thorne is an actress, dancer, singer and model who played spunky dancer CeCe Jones on Disney’s Shake It Up. Bella will be the next Disney star to turn into a major Hollywood movie star. She’s in the 2014 romantic comedy Blended alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, which already tells us that she’ll be the next big thing in Hollywood! Much like Jennifer Aniston, I think Bella has the potential to be the go-to girl for all of our favorite rom-coms!

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Cody Simpson, 16


Twitter Followers: 5,514,121+

Facebook Fans: 5,186,774+

Cody Simpson is one year older since he was included in our list of last year’s up and comers. He began his Paradise tour in 2012 and has continued touring throughout 2013. He was nominated and won awards in 2013 at the Radio Disney Music Awards and the Young Hollywood Awards. Cody has matured since coming onto the scene in 2009, and he is giving off some serious Justin Timberlake vibes lately. We have no doubts that Cody will be winning a Grammy in no time! You won't either once you hear his song "La Da Dee" from his 2013 album Surfer's Paradise!

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Danielle Bradbery, 16


Twitter Followers: 224,925+

Facebook Fans: 221,356+

Step aside Carrie Underwood because Danielle Bradbery has arrived on the country scene! The winner of season four’s The Voice has already released her debut single The Heart of Dixie and is taking over the country music charts! Her debut album will be released in fall 2013. Papa Blake would be so proud to see his country mentee come this far!

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(Photo: DJDM/

Jennette McCurdy


Twitter followers: 3,738,987+

Facebook fans: 5,522,265+

We know Jennette McCurdy from her role as Sam Puckett on Nickelodeon’s iCarly, but Jennette will costar along with Ariana Grande in Nickelodeon’s new show Sam & Cat. She’ll also play Sue in the 3D move Almost Heroes, which includes Taylor Kitsch and Napoleon Dynamite (oops I mean Jon Heder). Because of her blonde hair and witty sense of humor, Jennette reminds me of a young Cameron Diaz! Plus, they're both native to California!

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Joey King, 14


Twitter Followers: 213,360+

Facebook Fans: 49,436+

Joey appeared in the 2013 summer blockbuster White House Down alongside Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. She also played one of the Perron’s five daughters in The Conjuring. She’ll play Grace in 2014’s Wish I Was Here, which includes stars like Kate Hudson, Ashley Greene, and Jim Parsons. You’ve come a long way since starring alongside Selena Gomez in Ramona and Beezus! Way to go, Joey!

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(Photo: CW/

Juno Temple, 24

Facebook Fans: 19,839

Juno Temple is an English actress who I fell in love with after I saw her play Lola Quincey in Atonement. She recently appeared as Patsy in the Linda Lovelace biopic, which starred Amanda Seyfried. Which is hellooo?? A HUGE deal. I mean we are talking Amanda Seyfried here! Not to mention Juno will play Thistletwit in Angelina Jolie’s upcoming movie Maleficent. Anyone who gets to be in a film with one half of Brangelina is destined for greatness! Juno Temple's often grunge look and "I don't give a damn attitude" reminds me of another young star,Jennifer Lawrence. Both Juno and Jennifer are carefree and seem comfortable with who they are!

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(Photo: Daniel Deme/

Lucas Till, 22


Twitter Followers: 173,708

Honestly, I didn’t see the rising star, Lucas Till, coming until he was in front of me on screen in X-Men First Class playing the mutant Havok. The actor will reprise his mutant role in 2014’s X-Men: The Days Of Future Past, but before that you'll see him in Paranoia with Liam Hemsworth and in Random with Ashley Greene. Yeah, I know Lucas didn't start his career as a stripper in Tampa, BUT brace yourself because this could be the Channing Tatum sequel people! Like Channing, Lucas is going to be a huge action star! He's got Channing's looks and muscles, also his charm, but does he have Channing's dance moves?

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Mackenzie Foy, 12


Twitter Followers: 9,285+ Facebook Fans: 44,539*

Mackenzie may be young, but her age isn’t stopping her from appearing in grown up movies! You can look for Mackenzie alongside movie stars like Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain in the upcoming film Interstellar. But let’s start from the beginning. Mackenzie played our favorite vampire/human baby in the Twilight movies. Personally, I thought Mackenzie as Renesmee was a much better actress than K-Stew as Bella. But Twilight is like so over and Mackenzie has moved on to better projects. For instance, her recent performance in The Conjuring has guaranteed her a spot in the horror movie hall of fame.

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(Photo: DVSIL /

Ross Lynch, 17


Twitter Followers: 1,014,369+

Facebook Fans: 642,580+

Ross Lynch is an actor and a singer originally from Littleton Colorado. On Disney, he stars as both Austin Moon on Austin & Ally and as Brady in Teen Beach Movie. Ross will appear in 2014’s Muppets Most Wanted with Debby Ryan and Tina Fey. He also continues to perform with his band R5, which includes his 3 siblings and their best friend! They could be as big as the Jonas Brothers one day!

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(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/

Sasha Pieterse, 17


Twitter Followers: 487,617+

Facebook Fans: 26,990+

The actress, singer, and model Sasha Pieterse is so Sasha Fierce (as Queen Beyonce would say) in Pretty Little Liars and reminds me so much of Blake Lively. For instance her character, the infamous Alison DiLaurentis, texts her girlfriends disturbing things like “Don't get too comfortable. It's not over until I say it is. -A” We love her as Alison, but we are way more excited to see her shine in the 2014 film Inherent Vice with Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix! We all know who “A” is and now everyone is about to know who Sasha is!

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The Janoskians, 16-20


Twitter Followers: 762,820+

Facebook Fans: 389,586+

The Janoskians are a group of singers who post funny pranks and stunts on their YouTube page. In fact their YouTube channel has almost 1 million subscribers. They are singing and pranking their way to the top of the social media world! They are in the middle of their 2013 summer tour Not A Boy Band and are reinventing the meaning of your standard "boy band." Sorry, kids, if you're looking for One Direction part II, you won't find that with The Janoskians! They pride themselves on being the first of their kind. They are jokesters and singers rolled into one adorable package!

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(Photo: Dominic Chan/

Victoria Justice, 20


Twitter Followers: 5,939,898+

Facebook Fans: 7,624,754+

Victoria Justice played an aspiring singer, Tori Vega, on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. In real life Victoria just released her new single Gold in June 2013 and her fans, known as Justicers, are anticipating the release of her debut album in late summer or fall of 2013. At first, everything about Victoria seems a little Selena Gomez-esque, but this chick is determined to be unique and won't have any Justin Biebers dragging her career down! I’d say she’s been pretty victorious so far!

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(Photo: HPAIL /

Zendaya Coleman, 16


Twitter Followers: 3,396,079+

Facebook Fans: 3,117,619+

Zendaya Coleman plays dancer Rocky Blue on Disney’s Shake It Up. She won second place during the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars and will only continue to blossom as an actress and dancer. She might be the next Jennifer Lopez BUT more fabulous!

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(Photo: Joseph Marzullo/

Nathan Sykes, 18


Twitter Followers: 1,451,821+

Oh, Nathan Sykes. He is a young Brit with potential to take over the pop music empire without the help of his back up dancers (I mean the rest of The Wanted of course). Nathan gives Harry Styles a run for his money as far as the next teen superstar is concerned. He sings a duet with Ariana Grande called "Almost Is Never Enough" for the film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I think this kid is overdue for a solo career!

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*Indicates a social media account that’s not verified.

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    • SCC

      Victoria will NEVER come close to over passing Selena! Victoria’s song flopped and didn’t even chart anywhere. Selena is a very talented and much more sucsessful actress. Victoria’s fanbase is tiny and so is Ariana’s! Ariana’s fort single was Put Your Hearts Up by the way. Stop lying! This is crap!

      • Rachel Brickell

        Selena is already a huge star. A year from now, I bet Victoria and Ariana will be huge stars too.

      • SCC

        Ariana will be moderately big. She’ll jave as much fame as Carly Rae Jepsen. But Victoria had a very rough start in the music industry and her fan base is small, I like her though. However, Selena is in a different league!

      • Jenni

        I would say she already has more fame than Carly Rae Jepsen. Not only does she more Twitter followers, but she’s also gotten famous by building up a fan base slowly — opposed to Carly who got famous overnight for a hit song.

      • SCC

        Carly was a finalist on Canadian Idol apparently do it wasn’t overnight. Twitter followers aren’t everything. Selena has less followers than Demi but Selena’s much more popular. Maybe Carly wasn’t a good comparison…who would you compare Ariana to? I’d say Miranda Cosgrove.

      • Jenni

        I would compare her to Demi Lovato, from what I know about her. She seems to have a much more devoted fan base than Miranda Cosgrove.

      • SCC

        She is a better comparison. How much do you think her album will sell?

      • abbeysbooks

        Since we are measuring popularity in terms of the number of twitter followers, how many do you have jenni? Go ahead and lie. It won’t matter.

      • Jenni

        Well if we’re not counting bots and people who followed me simply to tell me they hate me, we’re looking at about 7. Give or take how offensive my last tweet was.

      • abbeysbooks

        I’ll go right over and open some ID’s and follow you so people can see how loved you are.



    • Kyhere Here

      She was awesome in ‘Killer Joe’.

      • Rachel Brickell

        I actually haven’t seen that one, but I want to. I bet she’s great in it.

    • t

      The Janoskians are 16 to 20…

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    • mercury7jg

      That chick WON The Voice? Not even. I always taper out during the battle rounds, but she was not it. Now she’s going to be the new blonde country singer that won’t go away cause the entertainment powers that be seem to think that America doesn’t have enough of that. Ugh.

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    • January Aka

      I’ll be waiting for Asa to be a grown man, he’ll probably be very hot.

    • Andy Hipton

      Who is Zedakiah??? I keep hearing about him in Hollywood??

    • Artie Koterba

      Zedakiah can be seen on youtube and other sights. He is an up and coming STAR**

    • mary dean

      Looks like Zedakiah is very close / His Girl friend is the girl from Hunger Games . Look up Willow Sheilds. You will see who Zedakiah is.