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Sam Claflin Didn’t Know He Was Auditioning For Catching Fire Until Google Told Him

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While I’ll admit that Sam Claflin would look great in a 1940′s detective outfit, he’s definitely not the guy you want assigned to solving your murder case. After reading a quote from him about auditioning for the role of Finnick Odair in a recent Elle interview, I couldn’t help but worry that he’s struggling a little bit. Okay, a lot bit. But before you read this quote and feel too bad for him, keep in mind that he’s very good looking. Even when dressed like a pirate prince. Fiiinnne, you caught me. Especially when he’s dressed like a pirate prince.

ELLE: You’ve said in previous interviews that when you went in for your first Catching Fire audition, you didn’t know what the role was for. How could that be?

Sam Claflin: I was sent over a script and there was no title to what I was reading. It was just two scenes with a character called “Finnick” and a mini-character breakdown. I started reading the scene and saw the name Katniss, and I’d just recently seen The Hunger Games, so I thought, “OK, is this a connection?” But I didn’t know it was a trilogy. I just thought it was a one-time film. So I typed Finnick Odair” into Google an all these book and fan pages came up and I was kind of like, “whoa.”

Too many words for you in that quote? Don’t worry, I’ll sum it up for you. He saw that this mystery script had a character named Katniss, knew that The Hunger Games involved someone named Katniss and still didn’t connect the dots that there’s a sequel. As if Katniss is as common as Sarah and it’s very possibly a coincidence. Oh Finnick, le sigh. If you ever see the name Katniss in a script in the future, assume it has something to do with The Hunger Games. Also you know about Mockingjay right? You won’t be shocked and awed when another script shows up on your door with the name Finnick?

“Hey, waaaitt a sec, I just played a guy named Finnick in another movie I did. That’s too weird!”

On the upside, it is kinda cute that he had no idea that The Hunger Games had a sequel called Catching Fire– let alone a part designed for someone just like him. While most young men in Hollywood were probably taking tons of selfies of themselves holding tridents, he remained completely oblivious to this casting frenzy. Yeah, remember that frenzy? How panicked we got when rumors start to float around that Robert Pattinson might get the part. The horror! So I suppose we should be happy that he got offered the role for the right reason — that reason being that the moviemakers saw him in their vision and seeked him out, rather than the other way around.  May the odds be ever in the person-who-had-no-idea-what-is-happening-in-Hollywood’s favor!

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  • Olivia Wilson

    I’d just like to point out that the people involved in the script-sending process seriously slacked by not including any useful info.

  • ChiChi

    Maybe he needs to re-learn context clues.

  • http://www.keepcalmandbeautify.blogspot.com/ Donna Dawn Doneza

    I think it’s a little demeaning what you’ve said. Just because you knew some books exist doesn’t mean everyone knows it. And it could also be possible that a name Katniss is common. Who knows? The world is huge. So I guess it was just right for him not to jump to conclusions and to get more information. That’s better than celebrating for being asked to audition for “Hunger Games” and announcing to everyone and then in the end it was actually for something else.
    Proves to me how your mind also works, detective.

    • Jenni

      Despite the massive amounts of work that went into this expose, I am not a detective.