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Jennifer Lawrence Spotted Reading Mockingjay And Was All Like ‘Hold Up! Katniss Does What!?’

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Catching Fire CannesWhile spending a rom-com-montage day out in the park with her X-Men/Personal co-star Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence got spotted reading Mockingjay. You know, the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy. This wouldn’t be newsworthy for any other reason than the fact that she plays Katniss Everdeen IN ALL THREE MOVIES. We can only spend all our time today, huddled in a prayer circle, hoping that this isn’t the first time she’s opened the book. And I’m not saying this as a Mockingjay fan, I’m saying this as a non-Mockingjay fan. I’m one of the few people who thinks the trilogy only got worse as it went on.

While Hunger Games kept me up at night, Mockingjay barely kept me awake.I’m pretty convinced that Suzanne Collins wrote it in her sleep, because I don’t know how else to explain away the laziness of it all. After spending two books building up this amazing plot, she kills the momentum with her 900 pages of “then Katniss whined, then Katniss moaned, then Katniss fell asleep during the climax of the novel.”

I can only assume that the following was Suzanne Collins’ thought process when writing this horrible brick of a book.

“Okay, here’s what will happen when Katniss gets knocked out during the big fight scene: everything. Despite bringing readers on a billion page journey to get to this moment, I’ve decided to cover it using tell not show. Oh wait, did I get that backwards? I did, didn’t I? I was supposed to show, not tell. Oh well, it’s already going to be a movie anyways. Scratch that, two movies. Mwhahaha”

Hence you can see my concern with the fact that J.Law’s just reading this now. If it’s her first reading of the book, she’ll surely hate it as much as I did. Then she’ll back out of the project and will get replaced with someone like Brooklyn Decker or a sock puppet or Miley Cyrus and everything will be ruined. Then again, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here. Perhaps she’ll hate the ending so much that she’ll force the movie producers to change it to something that makes sense. As someone who liked the movie far more than the book — because we can all agree that the plot’s far better than the writing — this would be a very welcome change. I’m usually on Team #SticktoTheBook, but in the case of this trilogy I think changes can only improve it.

So in conclusion, read on Jennifer Lawrence. Then, when you’re done, let’s compare notes on how we can make Mockingjay One: OoooOO Money and Mockingjay Two: Let’s Make More Money better movies.

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  • mse63

    She mentions in her MTV Comic-Con interview that she’s about to re-read the book. She also said before that the first book and Mockingjay are her favorite ones of the series. I’m not saying that it’s completely impossible that she was lying, because well why not, just laying out the facts here.

    Also, MJ is actually my second favorite book of the trilogy (except on Mondays, because then it’s my ABSOLUTE favorite, and on Fridays, when I’m like ‘meh, Catching Fire was better after all’), but I understand why people have an either love or hate relationship with it. And yep, the writing isn’t really up to classical literature level, but it works for the first person narrative imho.

    I also love that you chose to write an article about her reading the book instead of other aspects of these photos, much more fun and less intrusive tbh. :P

    • Jenni

      Don’t you think the love triangle worked itself out way too easily? I feel like all the choices got made for her in Mockingjay and she didn’t ever have to make any of her own. This made her such a weak protagonist for me to root for.

    • mse63

      I actually liked how she never actually had to CHOOSE in the whole love triangle situation. It takes away from its importance, and let’s be honest, it was never really high on her priority list. About all the other choices being taken away from her in Mockingjay: yes, you are right about how she was used as a puppet in that book mostly, however for me her last act of defiance by SPOILER killing Coin /SPOILER somehow balanced it all out and gave me a sense of pay-off. The whole book took a very different approach from what I expected, but there are a lots of aspects to it that I learned to appreciate and love, especially on second reading.

    • Jenni

      But then why give her the love interest at all if she’s not interested in it? It seems like Suzanne felt compelled to throw that in due to the post-Twilight readers who now feel that’s necessary.

    • mse63

      See, I kind of agree with that. The whole love triangle seemed a bit forced to me at first. But then again, the fact that Katniss doesn’t care a whole lot about it is also a pretty good statement. Instead of focusing the story around them, the presence of the guys and their relationships to Katniss are more about giving another inside into her character.

    • psb

      Sorry for butting in but I have to respectfully disagree. You see, it is clear at the end that she DID make a choice. If Katniss wanted to be alone she would have been, lets be real. But, that she CHOSE to stay with Peeta after everything, knowing the difficulties and obstacles they would both endure (hijacking, depression etc) seems really important to me.

    • mse63

      @psb Yeah, but you could also argue, that her decision to be with Peeta was also rooted in a need for companionship and friendship… And I’m not trying to diminish their romantic relationship with that, on the contrary, this kind of approach is actually a much more realistic representation of romance; just as letting events and the changes the characters go through influence the outcome of the whole love triangle. I even have a whole interpretation about how hijacking Peeta was, in a way, like gutting the whole romantic Hollywood “two people are MEANT to be together” nonsense, since he was the character who dreamed about being with the person he “fell in love” when he was 5. By putting this obstacle in their way, Collins created a more adult and lifelike chance for them to start a life together.

      As you can tell, I have a lot of thoughts on the whole subject, but I already feel like I’m clogging this article with my comments, so I’ll try to stop here. ;)

  • Katie

    Oh goodness Mockingjay. Please, movie producers, change this plot. Please. What a disappointment that was. Let’s spend a third of the book trying to get through the city secretly because we HAVE TO ACCOMPLISH THIS MISSION and kill off tons of characters and it ultimately was all for not????? *Spoiler* Not to mention the Finnick death scene was the most confusion sequence of events in literary history.

    • Jenni

      I don’t remember the Finnick scene exactly, but I do remember having to reread it a few times.

    • Katie

      …and than I was looking at him, and there were dogs barking, and I was touching his hand, and than I was him, and I saw annie smiling on the beach, and she was beautiful, and I saw a child, and I loved the sea, and I was sexy…

    • Katie

      that more or less

    • Jenni

      Hahah, oh right.

  • PSB

    I don’t know what you are all talking about. I loved mockingjay and I hope they don’t change a thing. The only thing they need to do is fill in the blanks of the last 20 pages.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      It will work much better as a movie.

  • Stacey Judith

    I was hugely disappointed with Mockingjay.. Din’t like the way it ended.. It seemed like she was in a hurry to wrap it up and/or got tired of writing.. I do agree with you on them changing the ending or a few things.. I won’t go all “how dare you ruin the book for us” on them!! They can check in on the fan fiction ideas, some are pretty good..

    • Jenni

      Thank you! I thought her ending was so incredibly lazy after such a huge build-up. Also I’m not tuned into the fan fic, what am I missing in terms of better endings?

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      A lot of fanfic on Edward and Bella is better than Hunger Games. Stephenie’s prose in Twilight, still in parts of New Moon and disappearing after that except for a few pages here and there, is writing that is musical, writing that was written to music and is seductive. Meyer obeys Nietzsche’s advice to writers: your writing must be even more so than what you are writing. So since Meyer is writing about seduction, he writing is even more seductive tht the seductionshe is writing about. The more well read reader will balk at Twilight as idiocy,BUT – and it is a leap – IF you read it and turn your critical mind off you will sink into it and all those early girl yearnings and longings will return for you to re-experience those feelings.The more educated and well read you are, the more difficult it is to do this.Take Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Chamberlain reviewed it in the most awful terms saying that her prose marched to the rhythms of boots saying “to a gas chamber go” – fascist prose to the core. Yes her prose through Atlas clunks along, like rusty hinges and doors of cars, really just awful. But it is the bureaucracy and govt intervention she is writing about that stalemates every goddamn thing. She is writing about this impasse and her writing mirrors this clunky impasse.

      Hunger Games is about Simulated Reality, Confinement and Surveillance, and Virtual Reality. What we are looking in the face right now. Snowden just brought us closer to seeing it. Collins fiction says it, but it is easy to brush it off as a story. Really it is brilliant. But her prose is ordinary and the movie with its cast has made all the difference. Jennifer is a wonderful Katniss and Katniss has rubbed off on Jennifer. A blessing.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      Yes it was lazy. Many artists don’t know how to finish or end something. It’s a fear of death. David Foster Wallace has the most ingenious endings to every single thing he wrote. Not a cliched one in any of them.

    • Stacey Judith

      Oh there are loads of alternate versions out there.. The one that I kinda liked was where Katniss ends up with Gale.. It was well written and made more sense.. I’m sure that’ll get a lot of fans all riled up though!!

  • HSSenior

    I couldn’t stand Mockingjay. Just uhg. SPOILER ALERT: The whole reason Katniss was in the Hunger Games was to save Prim. Then Prim dies. And she spent like 2.5 books not wanting kids, then she has kids. Collin pretty much threw Gale away; I’m surprised we even got the one line saying he worked in District 2, which is still random. Pretty much all the characters were killed off and that was just… so…. ahg.

    • Jenni

      Gale’s ending felt so unnatural and so easy. “Oh right, Gale got too into things, he sucks now, so I married Peeta and had kids, because I forgot the point of this book and confused it with a Disney fairy tale” – Suz

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      I felt the same. She’s a poor writer but her analysis of our world was spot on. Uncanny. Absolutely perfect. Of course the movie is better IMO.

    • That_Darn_Kat

      I think Gale’s ending made sense. SPOILERS: He was involved in the project that killed Prim, so Katniss couldn’t get past that. She didn’t want kids because she didn’t want them to wind up being Tributes. Once the Games were abolished, she felt free to have kids, though she mentions it took a few years before Peeta could talk her into it, because she was still worried they’d bring the Games back.

  • Jules

    Well, I liked Mockingjay and considering that Danny Strong is writing (has already finished?) the screenplay, I’m very excited for Mockingjay, the film. A good strong script plus wonderful actors will satisfy, I’m positive of it.

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