Game Of Thrones Just Replaced A Cast Member Because Of Spoily Spoilersons

Dean Charles-Chapman

Update: A lot of you were mad about me spoiling this for you and ruining your whole entire lives. Find out if you made the list of my top seven favorite comments on this post.

YOU GUYS. Come in here for a second! I have more Game Of Thrones news nuggets for you today, in case the adorable story yesterday of Sophie Turner adopting the dog who played her character Sansa Stark’s direwolf Lady in real life wasn’t enough for you. This time the news is more closely related to the show and less heart-warming, so it’s perfect for you grinches out there who like thinking but hate smiling.

And the news is thus — the little kid who previously played Tommen Baratheon, little brother to tiny king/sociopath Joffrey Baratheonhas just been re-cast. Previously, he was played by a young actor named Callum Wharry, but the part has just been untimely ripp’d from his fingers and placed in the grateful hands of a different young actor named Dean-Charles Chapman. According to my brief foray onto IMDb, Dean had previously played the minor role of Martyn Lannister, who appeared in two episodes, evidently made a strong enough impression on producers to get them to replace Callum, who had appeared in eight episodes.

“But wait! Why is this happening! I’m so blindsided!” cried out the whole internet, gnashing its teeth. “Why would you replace a character mid-season? Did anyone see this coming?!?” And the answer is yes, there is one subset of the population that did know this, who didn’t need to read it online to know all about it — the people who read the books.



Okay so no, not because of that. I just enjoyed it, so I put it in. (I AM A GOD.) The real reason that this casting swap was made is because the old kid playing Tommen wasn’t very memorable. I mean I’m sure he’s great and all, I just can’t really remember any distinguishing characteristics. At all. And one thing you do remember if you read the books is that it’s about to become pretty important that Tommen is a memorable character. If you know what I mean. Eh? Eh?

No but seriously, guys, there are spoiler-y reasons for why they’d be switching things up. So if you haven’t read the books, first of all, get your head examined, because they’re excellent, and second of all, stop reading. Because I’m about to drop that knowledge.

[UPDATE: It's apparently unclear to readers that a spoiler is coming, so I've added this text and two more rounds of ellipses following it, on the recommendation of a commenter. If this isn't enough, I don't know how to help you.]

Ready? It’s because Joffrey dies, so Tommen’s about to become king, remember? So they need somebody kingly and adorable who loves kittens and Margaery, and I guess Dean-Charles fit the bill. Can’t wait for the new season!


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    • Jessica

      Wow reading these comments reaffirms my lack of faith in the human race. How is it not clear there are spoilers in this article??? Unfortunately I clicked knowing full well there were spoilers, but I was just so darn curious!!! lol So it’s my own damn fault that I read the article! I’m sick to death of how everyone has to blame others for their own stupidity! Get a life trolls! Anyway…chin up Alexis…its not your fault that 90% of people that use the internet don’t know how to read properly..

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Thank you, Jessica! I tend to agree with you, but we’re cleeeearly in the minority, it seems.

    • Ackbob

      I just stumbled upon your article from IGN, and I love your humorous way of writing. I’ll be bookmarking this site.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

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    • AustinTexas1961

      It’s about bloody (pun intended) time that Joffrey finally gets what he deserves. After all the misery and blood he has shed, it’s time for a taste of his own medicine.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Kate

      Okay…so I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty since posting but I’m adding my two cents anyway. Generally I really do enjoy your posts (your semi-satirical writing style is spot on) and I’ve read the books so I already knew; but I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed with this post.

      I have always been in awe of the way Song of Ice and Fire book fans keep the secrets of the book – it’s one of my favorite parts of the fandom and part of the reason I chose to start reading the books. There is something special about what’s almost like a code among the fans not to ruin the experience for anyone else.

      To me it doesn’t matter the number of times you say that there’s a spoiler included or even if there are other sites that might do it. I just expected that as a fan of the books yourself you might have more respect for that unspoken code.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think ‘unspoken code’ is a lot to ask from someone posting on the internet. This stuff is relevant, and it’s my job to post on it, and it’s a reader’s job not to click on things they don’t want to see. People need to police themselves — I fulfilled my responsibility, here.

        Glad you enjoy the site, sorry you were disappointed in this post. As you can see, you’re not alone.

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    • McMacBack

      next thing you are going to tell me, is that Jon Snow is betrayed, stabbed, and left for dead by the Knights Watch… leaving a cliffhanger for season 5 most likely

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    • MakeHerUp

      Kind of wishing I watched this show now!

    • L.T.

      Man there were some straight up buttholes in this comment thread. Do all lady article writers get treated like this? I’m sometimes rather glad I didn’t have the health to work in journalism.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think all writers in general get treated like this from time to time.