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Josh Duggar Thinks His Lesbian Aunt’s Super Neato, But Also That She Deserves To Be An Unhappy Spinster

Josh Duggar Texas Legislature

There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as seeing the Duggar children grow into adults. Ignorant, homophobic, straight-marriage-lovin’ adults. Even though Josh Duggar’s the only one who’s gotten married off so far, I eagerly await the day when all 19 have a platform to share their views. Oh did I say 19? I meant 10. The other 9 are girls. Do we really expect them to find time to make public statements on top of getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth every 9 to 9.5 months? That would be insane. Also a sin.

Luckily for us, the Duggars know what’s a sin and what isn’t. For example, Josh Duggar recently went on a radio show to talk about his lovable lesbian aunt. Prepare yourself to be enlightened:

“I have an aunt who has chosen to live that life and I love my aunt. I think she is an amazing person,” said Josh. ”It’s not about equal rights, when we’re talking about policy, when we’re talking about these things, it’s really about special rights, a lot of these people want. And my aunt is one who has told me that she is not for all these measures that are being pushed when it comes to marriage and things. She believes that marriage is between one man and one woman,” claimed Josh.

Here’s a guy, a man of God, a future father of 19+ children who’s so progressive that he can just come out and say that he loves his lesbian aunt. But he can also recognize that she doesn’t deserve special rights for being a disgusting homosexual who lost her bible along with her moral compass in some godforsaken city many years ago. And the best thing is that she recognizes that too. She’s all, “Hey Josh, as long as you don’t stone me, I’m happy to live here among you righteous folk. Scratch that, not happy, lucky. Marriage? What would I even do with a marriage? Probably put in the back of my basement closet, behind my dresses, on top of my femininity, to the left of my self respect. Patooey. What’s next? Letting us work with children? Or I don’t know, have children? My gooodness Josh, just because I chose to be a lesbian does not that I think I can go around asking for rights! We’re so lucky to have you on our side, fighting against us/for us!”

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  • Olivia Wilson

    The thing about being ignorant and a celebrity is that you shouldn’t.

    • Em

      Kind of a stretch to call him a celebrity. Maybe Z list? His dad is a failed Arkansas legislator and his family became famous as a freak show.

    • Olivia Wilson

      Good point.

  • Sisi Ville

    I heard the original broadcast before they edited out the question that prompted Duggar’s dumb remark. They edited it out afterwards, most likely because the questioner mentioned the ATI cult that the Duggars belong to. They follow Bill Gothard and his “Advanced Training Institute” which is as cultish as it sounds. The Duggars believe in a brand of Christianity that won’t allow for child adoption because those children are inherently evil, and one where women must reproduce even if it will kill them b/c it is more important to raise an army of Christians to take over the government by force. They under-educate their children, and live in states that allow it. Josh Duggar probably only has a 5th grade education, at best. The idea that this atrocious family has gotten a “reality” show to showcase their fecundity is amazing to me. They believe in the death of non-believers and are extremely racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and insular. They believe in the beating of children as young as 6 months using the child abuse manual “To Train Up a Child” by Michael Pearl.

    • G_Bailey

      The Duggars are on record for saying they are open to adoption : http://www.christianpost.com/news/duggar-family-open-to-adoption-michelle-says-92690/. If you are going to lie about that fact, how can we take seriously anything you say. You have no idea about what you are saying and are simply speaking out of your own intolerance and hatred.

    • anjealka

      The Duggars can say what they want about adoption for the public to hear but until I see them or one of their kids adopt I won’t believe they mean it. They are members of ATI. That is a fact they have stated many times over. ATI has membership requirements including who lives in your house, dress standards and no adoption. If they adopt then they will be dropped from ATI(which is fine if they want to leave ATI and adopt). ATI has been such a huge part of their lives and now Josh’s life I can’t see them leaving ATI to adopt.

    • Lisa

      The Gothardite cult is anti-adoption. One of Anna Duggar’s brothers was estranged from the family and the cult because he and his wife chose to adopt a baby.

      The Duggars might like the idea of adoption and more babies in their house but I’m sure they will announce that it wasn’t part of God’s plan for them.

    • Sharon Carter

      You need to quantify your strange accusations.

    • Follower of God

      You brought up an excellent point that I had to comment on. Their “brand” of Christianity is a little on the extreme side of the Christian spectrum. So for those of you who are criticizing all Christianity you should remember that. I’m Catholic and we have always been taught that sexual relations between homosexuals was wrong just like any other sin, but that we should still treat gays like anyone else. Some Christian Churches like the Presbyterian Church USA and the Episcopal Church of America openly endorse gay marriage. Presbyterians can perform gay marriage in the church and Episcopals will bless them. I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I also don’t agree with a lot of things the Duggars believe either. I know this is a little off subject but all the people who like to be hateful and critical towards all Christians were aggravating me.

  • Uriah Maxwell

    Oh, Joshie, Joshie, Joshie. He’s only been in D.C. for a few months, and already he has learned the slimy politician’s trick of exploiting family members and inventing conversations for political gain?
    Are we really supposed to believe that Josh has had an honest, unsupervised conversation with his aunt about gay marriage? I suspect Jim Bob and Michelle took a page out of the Steve Maxwell playbook and told their relatives that they would have to toe the crazy fundie line in order to see the kids. Hell, poor Grandma Mary had to start wearing skirts when she moved in with JimBob. I doubt Josh’s aunt is allowed to discuss her sexuality with the Duggar spawn.

    • Lisa

      Actually, Jim Bob’s sister’s family (cousin Amy is her daughter) don’t share the Duggar beliefs but on a regular basis.

      Josh went to work for a recognized hate group in D.C. and most likely thinks his aunt is a deviate pig but, because of the family’s popularity on TV,probably chose to temper his remarks to protect their ratings (and income).

  • The Redhead

    With that many Duggar children, odds are that at least one or two will be gay. It will be interesting to see how that will be handled by the family. Makes me sad that they will likely not be accepted.

    • Jenni

      Oh they’ll love them and be nice to them and even let them eat scraps off the table after church on Sunday

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      This family is learning to reap ridicule, abuse, and contempt in exchange for money. They are pimping themselves and their children.

    • persephone

      They’ll end up being married off, and then their childlessness or one or two children, as well as the sexually frustrated spouse will be explained away as spiritual weakness and physical health, and then they’ll be sent to religious counselors, and it probably run for 11 seasons, until they come out, kill themselves, or self-medicate themselves into acceptance of their misery.

    • Lisa

      It will never be acknowledged or discussed. It will most likely be something that the child has to keep to him/herself while the parents are still alive.

  • Kestrel

    And he didn’t even KISS his wife before they got married! Isn’t that so wonderful and godly? Doesn’t that make him even MORE of a Christian? Doesn’t that mean god loves him the most? I bet god wouldn’t dream of giving the dumbass Duggars family anything but happiness and good health and immortality because he needs them here to make more cult mem—- I mean christians! Because they aren’t a cult! They aren’t based on superstition! They certainly do not require their sheeple to stay ignorant so as not to make them critical independent thinkers. God gives them EXTRA super-duper fertility if they only ask “how is there that evolution thing if there are still monkeys?” We won’t educate the kids so they can find the answers; we just keep them dumb, self-righteous and pregnant so they don’t event think of the questions.
    The answers are in the vault of evil things god doesn’t want you to see: it’s called SCHOOL. If a Duggar enters a school, does Jesus cry a little because they’re dirtied by the dinosaur-believing pagans?
    Also. If god answers all of their layers, why find they try so hard to keel the preemie alive? Didn’t that mean god wanted her to die and you weren’t obeying him? You used every facet of the scientific community run it suited your purpose but you will deny others the same rights to love their lives the way they feel it should be.
    Duggar hypocrisy: 1. Gays being lovingly hated: 2. Idiots being forced to live cultish lives being afraid of seeing a book or talking to heretics: 19.

    • Charles

      By their fruits ye shall know them… the day will come when sinners will burn as stubble. We will see at that day, whose side we are on… read the scriptures and pray everyday for forgiveness or you will be filled with hate!

    • Kestrel

      You’re a hateful freak. I reject your god and anything associated with him. You and he are judgmental, despicable, mentally ill fools who have been the cause of endless violence throughout the world and continue to give the self-righteous bigots the approval from a made up ski fairy to harm others.
      Religion keeps people in the dark, science continues to create medicine, develop better safety protocols and equipment. Religion fears the discoverer, they murdered Galileo and countless others who were eventually proven right. Beware what requires you to stay uneducated and prevents you from seeking your lawn answers but heeding what others will feed you.
      If you need the words of the ancients to find a god, look to Ra. Or Jupiter. Or Eostre. Or Gilgamesh. The crazy BS of Jesus will be seen that way one day, too.

    • KanneMe

      Wow. Wow. Wow. Can you say cognitive dissonance? You are the one who is hateful. Disagree if you will but assault? Shame on you. Kindness matters.

    • yumi

      I support this message.

    • Follower of God

      You really are the hateful one! I understand you don’t believe in God and all He has done for us, but you could be more respectful to people who do believe in him. I have had friends like you and all you guys ever want to do is criticize Christianity or any religion for that matter, and this is not right. If you ever want people to respect you or your beliefs, you should learn to respect theirs. I happen to be Catholic and a devout one at that , and the last time I checked I was not “in the dark.” I accept the Theory of Evolution as just that a theory that could only be possible through God, and do believe that science is a wonderful thing. Yes, the Church did kill scientist in medieval times, but people tend to be afraid of things they don’t know much about. Look at the politically atheist communist countries of the 20th century, they did the same thing you accuse the Church of doing. They have persecuted millions of Christians and other religious people. Also, you say that the teachings of Jesus will be “done away with” one day, well there will always be believers, and look at countries that have declining Christian populations. These countries in Europe do have large atheist minorities, but the fastest growing religion is Islam, and if you think that Christianity is restricting social issues, just wait until you of your descendants are under Sharia law and the women will have to cover themselves I front of men and being gay is absolutely illegal. I have a cousin who is Catholic and openly bisexual. She has been with both men and women and still goes to church and deeply believes in our God. This would never happen under the Sharia. So be happy for the religious freedom that was giver to you by Christians (the Pilgrims and Quakers). God Bless!

  • Charles Almon

    This family is one big mass of fecal matter.

    • Jaunita

      How is that comment to be respected. Try to express yourself in a civil and intelligent manner please. It seems you are responding with nothing but hate. If you had a god, what would your god be like, and how would you represent him here on earth? Put this comment into reverse and I don’t perceive you as representing the true god.

    • G_Bailey

      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” ~ Socrates

    • AugustW

      “Slander is spoken” -Me

    • KanneMe

      Gosh, aren’t you the literate one. Hmm August or Socrates, whose thoughts will have greater affect through the ages…. The idea is sound even if the particulars do not fit. Context, fella, context.

  • koolchicken

    I think a lot of people don’t realize that the bible basically says it’s not wrong to be gay, but it is wrong to engage in gay sex. So if his aunt is as religious as he is I could see this conversation as actually having happened. I have a religious relative who I’ve always thought was gay, and he likes to point this out. He likes to talk about how you’re supposed to “control your urges”, like a priest. I don’t see it that way but if that’s really how he feels I can’t force him to be different.

    Maybe if gay marriage were legalized it would change they way some people viewed it. Sure you still couldn’t get married in the church. But you could get married. And that might make a difference for some people cause then you’re not completely living in sin. Every relationship could be working towards something.

    • Munchkn

      This aunt of Michelle’s is her older sister in Ohio. Michelle’s side of the family is not anywhere near so religious.

  • Jay

    One thing Josh is not ignorant of is the Bible – God’s Word!!! The writer of this post seems to be ignorant of what is in the Bible though. Faith, faith that Jesus is Lord and that he died for our sins. The way to receive the forgiveness of Jesus that he bought for us with his own blood on the cross is to REPENT!!!! There is still time. Use the time wisely, REPENT, BELIEVE!!!! Josh Duggar is not ever going to make sense from the perspective of the WORLD, the life of FAITH in JESUS CHRIST and THE WORD OF GOD THE BIBLE and the life of sinners in the world will not be compatible. You prove Josh’s point when you protest his life so much. He is blessed by your article and the contrast you speak of.

    • Lisa

      You sound like one of the con-artist ministers on ‘Preachers of L.A.’.

    • Eleanor

      Do I hear a cuckoo?

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  • D

    You are ignorant. Talking of things you know nothing about. If we were to showcase your lives on tv, I bet we’ll find LOTS of things to criticize–worst I bet. Cuz the Duggars try to do good to others, you only think mostly about yourselves. And it shows…
    But the Duggars have a right to their own opinions, right? Can you be “tolerant” of that? Or is this just an article made to use the Duggars fame so you can make money or have a fan club? Shh. Got it.

    For the others, so quick to judge. Look at your own messed up life, lots to work on there.

    • Lisa Marie

      No, I can not be tolerant of the Duggars trying to convince women their sole purpose on earth is to have as many children as her uterus can stand and to isolate them and raise them to be homophobic.

    • KanneMe

      Where did you ever get that idea? I’ve watched the show for years – me, a thoroughly modern woman who chose not to have children, by the way – and while I’m not in accord with many of their ideas I have never once heard any male on the show say anything of the kind. In fact, I have seen them treat their wives, daughters, sisters, with respect, affection and admiration for their personal gifts.

    • Lisa

      True. As abhorrent as their political and religious views are to me, I can’t think of one instance where any of them tried to convince anyone to live by the same moral code they chose for themselves. They (Michelle mostly) have always said that their choices were what works for their own family and nothing more.

    • Nancy Wickman

      So their idea of doing “good to others” is supporting a gubernatorial candidate whose main objective was to prevent people from having access to health care? I don’t care what they believe or do in their private lives but when they promote a public policy that harms others, they’re fair game.

  • Irene Palagrout

    He looks like he enjoys a nice cup of barley water, maybe outdoors in a countryside location, say near a lake or in a field beside a waterfall with sheep and buffalo grazing placidly beside the raging torrent of icy water flowing down from the mountains. He might be wearing a light sports jacket whilst enjoying his cup and having an animated conversation with an environmentalist or a lady selling antiques. He might share his cup of barley water with them and they will go their own ways remembering that golden moment of human intercation.

    • Ulla Kollèl

      Interesting thoughts. Thank you.

    • Ernest Tavenger

      How dare you even suggest he would share his cup with a lady selling antiques. You make me want to puke my guts up saying such wicked things. The lady would be selling curtains!

  • Ellen

    Wow! You sure read quite a bit into that statement he made. I’m just going out on a limb here to guess that you implied a bit of your own feelings into it? Just a thought! These conversations are tough enough without making things up that you wish someone else had said just so you could have the “right” to hate him for it. What I understand is that it is so very hard for someone in your place to believe that a Christian can see homosexuality as a sinful lifestyle choice, but can also love, care for and not stand in judgment of people engaged in that lifestyle. A true Christ follower knows that we all, regardless of our sexuality, stand before God as sinful, selfish and corrupt. My sexuality doesn’t save me, neither does it condemn me. My heart’s sinful wickedness condemns me. But Jesus died for that. He didn’t die for me to have the “right” sexuality or the “right” amount of children or the “right” lifestyle. Regardless of what you might have heard or think to be true, Jesus, who was not wicked, died so that we, who are wicked, might be made right before God through Him. He knows how very hard it is for us to be good, to be pure and to be right. It is impossible for us to be good on our own, no matter what your definition of good might be. A person’s sexuality or lifestyle choices are far secondary to God in what He truly expects from His people: A repentant heart and faith in His goodness!

    • Jenni

      What I understand is that it is so very hard for someone in your place to believe that gay marriage in no way changes straight marriage. 100 million lesbians can get married and it still will not affect your relationship with your husband or your God. Even if you truly believe that God hates gay marriage, it will not impact YOUR trip to Heaven. Unless, of course, just knowing a sinner will get you kicked out of the Heaven bus. And if that’s the case, steer clear of alllll humans until you die. Otherwise, there’s no way you’re getting up there.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      Whoa jenni. Don’t you know the marriage contract gives you – among other things – the exclusive and legal ownership of each other’s sexual organs. The fact that one person does not have a penis – as in gay male marriage – and the other doesn’t have a vagina – as in female gay marriage presents a problem to the Duggars. If the tool doesn’t fit in the hole metaphor, then how does the whole thing work? I mean you can’t have 2 holes with nothing to dig in them, and you can’t have 2 tools with no place to go, can you? I understand the Duggars puzzlement. What do I do with same-same?

    • Lisa Marie

      You must have a very boring sex life. I bet you also believe a woman’s legs must be open in order for her to get pregnant. Poor thing.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      Actually all 8 of my babies were conceived in a a swimming pool. The male sperm can swim like fish.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      Obviously whoever taught you to read used the phonetic approach. You can pronounce the words but have no idea what they mean. Poor girl.

    • Ellen

      First of all, I AM as sinner so I would be hard-pressed to get away from myself. :) Secondly, besides all of the un-needed sarcasm, I basically agree with you. It really doesn’t affect me, at least not in the ways you might think. It’s simply important to me to be clear that Biblical Christianity is not concerned with your behavior, only the attitude of your heart. A clear reading of scripture makes that point. Our behavior flows out of our heart, but the heart issue is first. I get that sexuality is a hot topic and that the mainstream “church” has hijacked it as the sin du jour. For that I actually am sorry. I am not sorry for my belief, but I am sorry that it hasn’t been more clear that all of us have a sin problem and it has very little to do with our sexuality. Our sin problem was sacrificed for by Jesus.
      I just think it is super easy (for all on both sides of the issue) to go straight to demonizing the other. In that way, you are no better than the “church” who has denounced homosexuality. Though I gotta be honest, the “church” wasn’t kind to you when it had a chance, and now that your opinions seem to fall on the side of the majority, why should you be kind back? I get that!

  • AugustW

    I will never understand how straight marriage = regular rights but gay marriage = super unique special rights. Whut.

    • Charles

      because the government did not create marriage… it was created thousands of years ago, read the Old Testament it’s between a man and a woman. Simple anatomy would tell you that also.

    • WhitleyGilbert

      Exactly, the government did not create marriage. So they shouldn’t legislate it and tell FREE PEOPLE who and who they can and cannot marry. You believe in an ancient desert mythology, fine. Don’t force your fairy tales down others’ throats.

    • http://lawleramericanadventure.wordpress.com/ Nicole

      The Bible explores and endorses a whole range of different relationships and defines them as ‘marriage’.
      I’ll just leave this here…

    • Lisa

      Smart people don’t base their lives on a work of fiction.

    • yumi

      If you go by those goal posts than I can steal your virgin daughter and marry her and it would be within your biblical law. Stop using that book to prescribe morality.

  • KathyC

    I really think how they practice their religion is their business. Don’t they have that Constitutional right?
    I don’t ascribe to the things they believe…they are not my beliefs but they have the same right to those beliefs as I do to mine.

    • Jenni

      Sure, they have the right to marry and not marry whoever they want. They do not however have the right to legislate who other people marry.

  • arboretum2013

    If ignorance is bliss, that family is rolling in happiness. I feel sorry for his mother for allowing her dumb-ass husband to use her as a baby machine. She should have stuck a bible between her legs and said “NO MORE.” She should have bailed out years ago and got out of the mobile home, run away and changed her name. With all of those kids, I hope that some of them are gay some day. The odds are there. People like Josh and his clan are hopelessly ignorant and d-u-m, dumb. His lesbian aunt is more a real person than those clones of mom and pop. My condolences to the next baby victim to enter that family. Hey kid, look around when you are coming out and you might want to climb back into the womb. It is safer in there.

  • Life is 2 short

    Wow ^ you must not have much of a life. If you do not like these people why would you spend time giving them more “press”. Talk about the things in life that mean something to you. Spewing hate is counter productive and not good for your health,

  • Eleanor

    I don’t like his thinning hair. It’s creepy on a guy trying to look young. Hang on till I puke my guts up.

  • switchers

    Lets just talk about the fact that his ‘gay aunt’ died just a few months before this happened. So he is basically exploiting his dead family member and using her to justify his hate.

  • foodie

    This guy manages to out-creep his creepy father. He can’t come up with a coherent thought or put a sentence together without “and stuff”, but he has a great job at the hate group who hired him.
    Slime mold at its worst – didn’t think the Duggars could get any lower or pimp themselves and their kids out any more than they already have, but Josh-boy is trying.
    The job specifications must have read ” only simple minded, barely literate, puffy, creepy, and completely useless need apply”.
    Hard to believe that anyone in this day and age and in this country would give the slightest credence to what this moron blabbers.

  • Wannabevenus

    Maybe his aunt really does feel that way. Just because she’s gay doesn’t mean she can’t have her own opinions on gay marriage. He wasn’t bashing her, either. He has a right to his own opinions too, even if I don’t agree. At least he’s kind, which is more than I can say for many of the people who comment on these articles. Seems like it’s ok to have your own opinions, as long as they are in line with everyone here.