Josh Duggar Thinks His Lesbian Aunt’s Super Neato, But Also That She Deserves To Be An Unhappy Spinster

Josh Duggar Texas Legislature

There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as seeing the Duggar children grow into adults. Ignorant, homophobic, straight-marriage-lovin’ adults. Even though Josh Duggar’s the only one who’s gotten married off so far, I eagerly await the day when all 19 have a platform to share their views. Oh did I say 19? I meant 10. The other 9 are girls. Do we really expect them to find time to make public statements on top of getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth every 9 to 9.5 months? That would be insane. Also a sin.

Luckily for us, the Duggars know what’s a sin and what isn’t. For example, Josh Duggar recently went on a radio show to talk about his lovable lesbian aunt. Prepare yourself to be enlightened:

“I have an aunt who has chosen to live that life and I love my aunt. I think she is an amazing person,” said Josh. ”It’s not about equal rights, when we’re talking about policy, when we’re talking about these things, it’s really about special rights, a lot of these people want. And my aunt is one who has told me that she is not for all these measures that are being pushed when it comes to marriage and things. She believes that marriage is between one man and one woman,” claimed Josh.

Here’s a guy, a man of God, a future father of 19+ children who’s so progressive that he can just come out and say that he loves his lesbian aunt. But he can also recognize that she doesn’t deserve special rights for being a disgusting homosexual who lost her bible along with her moral compass in some godforsaken city many years ago. And the best thing is that she recognizes that too. She’s all, “Hey Josh, as long as you don’t stone me, I’m happy to live here among you righteous folk. Scratch that, not happy, lucky. Marriage? What would I even do with a marriage? Probably put in the back of my basement closet, behind my dresses, on top of my femininity, to the left of my self respect. Patooey. What’s next? Letting us work with children? Or I don’t know, have children? My gooodness Josh, just because I chose to be a lesbian does not that I think I can go around asking for rights! We’re so lucky to have you on our side, fighting against us/for us!”

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    • Jairmy

      I always wondered where the hell these “people” get the idea of we lgbtq people wanting “special” rights? Last time i checked, all i want is THE EXACT SAME RIGHTS allotted to non-homo folks. You lnow, the “special rights” of marriage, adoption, hospital visitation, execitor rights, power of attorney, tax credits, and the plethora (6,000 + if youre counting). Not to mention the right to order a cake, rent a room, eat put, etc WITHOUT being discriminated and/or denied service because my partner is the same gender as me!

      If thse cukoo pseudo-religious wannabe politicians could get the heterosexual priviledge out of their straight butts from tome to time, and THINK with their critical thinking skills, maybe, just maybe, they might get it!!! Keep you religious beliefes to yourself like our Grandparents did, and realize that your personal opinions on MY RELATIONSHIP, FAMILY, AND SEX LIFE To yourself, where they belong. And, dont let your hypocratic beliefs rule your sense of what the term EQUALITY means! Equal does NOT equal special! EQUAL = EQUAL!