Prince William Says Prince George Is Pretty Good Looking, Also Pretty Horrible At Using The Toilet

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In an eye-opening expose from our friends at, we’ve just learned that Prince William fancies his son. So much in fact that he might just keep him! Okay fine, that’s partially because returning a baby requires an insane amount of postage — but also partially because Prince W really does enjoy Prince G’s company. Even if he’s still not talking, walking or doing anything that I personally look for in a friend. I suppose that it also doesn’t hurt that he’s a good looking baby. His not-all-biased opinion on his infant son who just finished baking a mere 3 weeks ago?

“He’s pretty loud but of course very good looking!”

While I’m personally shocked that’s he gone from infant to good looking so quickly, the baby forecasting team at E! is not at all.

Prince George was precious when he was just 1-day-old, and not surprisingly, he’s a handsome little guy at the 3-week mark, too!

Look at them! They called this turn of events three whole weeks ago. The second they caught a glimpse of that post-fetal baby, they all concurred that it would be a delightful looking 3-week old. While they haven’t yet shared their thoughts on how he’ll look at the 6-week mark, I’m sure they’ll be right about that too. My question now is when will he stop being so loud? And a more broad question, what is it with babies and crying? Just ask for what you want. Or better yet, use your legs and go and get it. The never-ending  ”feed me, change me, burp me” routine gets so tiresome. Even though she would never admit it, Kate Middleton certainly knows what I’m talking about by now.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      With those parents, was it ever even a question that he’d be good looking? With THAT UNCLE, was it really ever a question?

      • CrazyFor Kate

        Not to mention it’s extremely difficult for any baby to not be at least cute. I’ve never known an infant who wasn’t. Even the ugly ones.

      • Jenni

        Also it’s in pretty poor taste to say otherwise. You have to wait until someone’s at least a year old before you can start throwing around “Well, I’m sure he’ll be funny…”

      • JLH1986

        Shit that soon? I usually wait til the 18 month mark. Good looking out!

      • Jenni

        Oh after a year it’s fair game.

      • CrazyFor Kate

        My old standby: “What a sweet baby!”

      • Rachel Sea

        Remember when Will was the heartthrob and Harry was the funny looking one? Now though, if I were single, I’d take up with Harry in a New York minute.

      • Jenni

        Especially if that New York Minute includes Mary-Kate and Ashley!

      • Olivia Wilson

        Oh yeah, but Time was definitely good to Harry.

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