The 16 Stars Of Fall TV That You Should Get To Know Now

Adelaide Kane Reign

Pilot season is the special time of year when all of the doe-eyed young actors blow the gathered dust off of their one-minute monologues and flock to Hollywood and NYCwood, with high hopes of being the next big breakout star. The luckier ones land a job on a show that then gets picked up by a network and have articles like this one written about them, while the others await the days when they’re able to point out every show that they were “thiiis close” to being on. The luckiest ones get pretty famous, and the world begins to smother them with love, adoration, and tabloid headlines, ensuring that no one will be able to forget their names.

I’d like to think we’re continuing a beautiful tradition here at Crushable by trying to predict the actors with the most promise. Last year, we were pretty spot on with including people like AnnaSophia Robb for her role in The Carrie Diaries, Stephen Amell for Arrow, and Andrew Rannells for The New Normal. Here’s to hoping that our crystal balls are just as clear this year!

Some of these soon-to-be ex-hopefuls have already been featured in the credits of things you’ve probably already seen and some of them have IMDb pages that look a little bit lonely. Either way, soon the world will definitely know the names of these rising stars. If I am allowed to make up words, like I think I am, then I’d like to call them starlings (because it’s a cute little mixture of “star” and “budding”). Is that okay with you? I hope that’s okay with you. Here are the 16 up-and-coming starlings of fall TV who are on their ways to taking the world by storm.

1. Jamie Chung, Believe (NBC)

You might remember Jamie as the bride-to-be in The Hangover II, Amber in Sucker Punch, or the hot daughter in Grown Ups. If not, that's kind of weird, because those were each really big movies.

This fall, you can catch her in the new episodic, Believe, working her way to being a bona fide star in her own right. Jamie plays a character named Channing in the fantasy-drama centered around the relationship that forms between a young orphaned girl with magical abilities and the ex-prisoner who protects her.

She's also got a few films coming soon with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Selena Gomez. I'd say that's not too shabby.

In the meantime, you can follow her on twitter @jamiechung1 and on instagram @jamiejchung.

Believe premieres in January, Sundays at 9:00 on NBC.

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2. Kelly Blatz, Chicago PD (NBC)

Kelly has graced a bunch of TV and movie screens with roles of all kinds. Did you happen to catch him as the title character in Aaron Stone? Or how about in his role in Glory Daze? Or what about in the film, Prom Night? Yes? No?

It's cool if you haven't, because I'm guessing that, soon, you won't be able to not catch his performances. First off, he's secured a main role in Chicago PD, the show about the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago PD that goes head-to-head with the city's major crimes and criminals. He's also popping up in the upcoming films, One Square Mile and One Heart alongside Analeigh Tipton and Matthew Lillard, respectively. So get excited, my little darlings.

Chicago PD premieres on NBC, date and time TBD.

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3. Nicole Beharie, Sleepy Hollow (FOX)

Nicole has already been in two groundbreaking films: Shame and 42. Also ---and this is really, very important--- she had a much-talked-about offscreen romance with Michael Fassbender, the lucky girl!

On the small screen, she's had roles in The Good Wife and Sins Of The Mother, and she's about to be able to add Sleepy Hollow to that rapidly growing list. The mystery-adventure drama is set hundreds of years in the future and focuses on a man and his journey to save humanity from extinction. The plot gets a lot more complicated than that, which only means one thing: it'll be a definite hit with viewers.

The sky's the limit for the talented Nicole and I, for one, am excited to see where things go for her.

By the way, you should totally follow this beauty on twitter @nikkibeharie.

Sleepy Hollow premieres Monday September 16 at 9:00 on FOX.

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4. Neal Bledsoe, Ironside (NBC)

If there is a show on TV that you love, Neal has probably had a role on it. No, seriously. Body Of Proof, Gossip Girl, and Ugly Betty are just a few of them. If you head on over to his IMDb page, you will be presented with quite the lengthy list of credits.

And, this fall, he's going to make that list a little bit longer with his new NBC drama, Ironside. In it, the raven-haired cutie plays a police officer on the close-knit team of super determined detectives headed by the titular character, Robert Ironside (played by Blair Underwood!)

Also, be sure to look out for him in any of his FOUR upcoming projects: Police State, Amateurs, Grand Street, and Other Histories. Jeez, does he ever sleep?

Ironside premieres Wednesday October 2 at 10:00 on NBC.

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5. Adelaide Kane, Reign (The CW)

Adelaide (can you tell that she's an Aussie?) got her career start on the legendary Australian soap opera, Neighbours. You can tell it's Australian, just look at that (arguably) gratuitous "u"! Recently, she's played Ethan Hawke's daughter in The Purge and Cora in Teen Wolf, among other roles.

This fall, you can catch her in Reign the new CW drama that follows the ups and downs of Mary Queen Of Scots' (played by Adelaide) rise to power and her romantic dramas along the way.

As far as the future goes, we can look forward to seeing Adelaide star in the cult-y film, Where The Devil Hides as well as in Louder Than Words, alongside David Duchovny. Goodness, she's got a lot going on!

P.S.- If you want to keep up with the young starlet, you can follow her on twitter @AdelaideKane and on instagram @adelaidekane, as well.

P.P.S- Doesn't she look a lot like Aubrey Plaza?

Reign premieres Thursday October 10 at 9:00 PM on The CW.

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6. Oliver Jackson Cohen, Dracula (NBC)

Starring alongside Hollywood vet Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Dracula is just another day in the life of this soon-to-be household name. He's got the look, the training (he went to the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in New York!), and the experience, having worked with names like Drew Barrymore and Billy Bob Thornton.

His leading role in this fall's Dracula may be just the push his career needs to reach star status. After all, we could always use another vampire-themed show. Especially one that looks like it'll be as good as this one, which is a revamp (zing!) of the original book of the same name. You can expect tales of love, drama and revenge, so you just sit tight.

If you want to keep tabs on his climb to fame, you should follow him on twitter @ojacksoncohen.

Draculapremieres Friday October 25 at 10:00 on NBC.

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7. Hannah Ware, Betrayal (ABC)

Another Shame alum! Before securing the lead role in ABC's new drama, Betrayal, Hannah was sharing the screen with the likes of Bruce Willis and Kelsey Grammer. So, you know, no one less than A-listers.

Hannah's character, Sara, is the center of the action in Betrayal, which I think is a good foreshadowing of Hannah's impact on Hollywood after this show premieres. The show is about Sara, a photographer, who begins a passionate affair outside of her marriage to a prosecutor, in the midst of a high-profile murder case that promises to advance his political aspirations. Oh yes, drama, adultery, and murder; the show's creators know exactly what the people want.

But, just in case things don't go as planned, Hannah should worry not. After all, she does have Oldboy a new movie in which she's directed by Spike Lee and is a member of an all-star cast that includes Elizabeth Olsen and Samuel L. Jackson. So many celebrity costars, so little time.

Betrayal premieres Sunday September 29 at 10:00 on ABC.

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8. Brooklyn Decker, Friends With Better Lives (CBS)

Brooklyn is good at many things: having a beautiful face, sharing a name with both a borough and a Beckham, and modeling. Until fairly recently, that list didn't include anything about acting, a fact which Brooklyn was not a-okay with. So she went on ahead and added movies like What To Expect When You're Expecting and Just Go With It to her resume. Just for the heck of it, I presume.

Added to that list is her lead role in the new CBS comedy, Friends With Better Lives. It's written by James Van Der Beek and features an ensemble cast that includes Kevin Connoly, so yay! The show is essentially about six friends who (maybe not so secretly) envy one another's lives, as people tend to do. I've got high hopes for both the show and for Brooklyn's comedic chops.

Also worth mentioning is her upcoming film with Chris Pine, Stretch, which she's currently filming. Clearly, Brooklyn's working hard to shed her model image and is absolutely on her way to securing a permanent spot in her actor's chair!

Also, feel free to follow her on twitter @BrooklynDecker and instgram @BrooklynDDecker.

Friends With Better Lives premieres this fall on CBS, specific date and time to be announced.

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9. Grey Damon, Star Crossed (The CW)

Another owner of an enviably cool name is this guy. He's also got a pretty enviable resume, having played recurring roles in both Friday Night Lights and Twisted.

His newest TV show role is in the science fiction romance, Star Crossed, which is about the events that unfold after a human boy falls in love with an alien girl after he's landed on Earth. Very odd and very interesting.

As far as movies go, Grey hasn't been in very many, but that's all about to change. He's already secured roles in Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters and the Spike Lee-directed film, Oldboy (remember Hannah Ware?).

Grey's career is off to a promising start and, mark my words, he's about to become a household name.

Follow him on twitter @damongrey and on instagram @damongrey. You (probably) won't regret it!

Star Crossed premieres on The CW, specific date and time to be announced.

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10. Amanda Setton, The Crazy Ones (CBS)

The beautiful Amanda, whose ethnic line I can't exactly place, has been all over and you maybe just haven't taken notice of her yet. After finishing a two-year stint on One Life To Live, Amanda went on to secure recurring roles in Gossip Girl and The Mindy Project.

Now, she's tackling the role of Lauren in CBS' The Crazy Ones, a show about an ad-man (Robin Williams) who has an unorthodox way of handling his super important clientele and his team that keeps him in check. So, like, a funny Mad Men.

Also on her schedule? Black Dog, Red Dog, which has a star-studded cast and That Thing With The Cat, whose cast is a little less studded with stars. No worries, though, because I'm sure she'll be brilliant in both roles, as well as all of the roles to come.

The Crazy Ones premieres Thursday September 26 at 9:00 PM on CBS.

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11. Ella Rae Peck, Welcome To The Family (NBC)

Maybe you know her as Mia in Deception or maybe you know her as Lola in Gossip Girl.

Or maybe you don't know her at all yet, but that's going to change very soon because she's snagged a role in NBC's new ensemble comedy, Welcome To The Family. In it, there are teens in love, teens who are pregnant, some cultural tension and a bunch more; I'm so excited to see where Ella's character fits into all of this!

If you just can't wait to get to know Ella, you can follow her on twitter @ellarae612.

Welcome To The Family premieres Thursday October 3 at 8:30 PM on NBC.

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12. Chris Lowell, Enlisted (FOX)

Chris is no stranger to lead roles. Before being starring in Enlisted, Chris had large roles in Life As We Know It, Private Practice, and Veronica Mars. And, while size isn't everything, it's certainly awesome that he's reprising his role as Stosh in the upcoming and highly-anticipated Veronica Mars movie. Oh, also, he was in the Oscar-nominated film, The Help, which featured some of Hollywood's best talent.

Chris has proven that he's got the skill and the "it" factor by steadily landing roles in projects that find success, so there's no doubt that he'll shine in his new show, Enlisted. In the new comedy, he plays one of three brothers who are all in the military, navigating life on a military base with the crazy people in his life.

Also, don't forget to mark your calendars as soon as you find out when his new film, Light Years hit theaters. In it, he plays a heartbroken boy on a quest to rediscover love and he costars in it with Jessica Szhor of "starring in Taylor Swift's video for 22" fame. Consider me sold.

Enlisted premieres Monday November 4 at 9:30 on FOX.

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13. Yara Shahidi, Bad Teacher (CBS)

Little Yara got her start in acting a few years ago on Entourage but I don't expect you to remember that far back. How about as the young neighbor in Salt? Maybe as Janelle Cross in Alex Cross? You surely remember her as Destiny, one of the three leads in Butter. Come on, I know that you know at least one of those; I have faith in you.

If you don't, though, I won't hold it against you. But if you're at all interested in knowing who the little curly-haired girl is who keeps snatching up roles in some of Hollywood's biggest films, look no futher than this fall's Bad Teacher. Yes, it's a "re-imagination" of Cameron Diaz's movie of the same name but that doesn't mean it won't be just as entertaining! I won't knock it until I try it.

Follow her on twitter @RealYaraShahidi to stay updated on all of her current and future projects, of which I am sure there will be many.

Bad Teacher premieres on CBS, date and time to be announced.

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14. Christopher Nicholas Smith, We Are Men (CBS)

CNS, as I will call him for the rest of this entry, is super new to Hollywood and has already landed a lead role in a network series. Talk about good fortune, and all that jazz!

He's had small roles in lots of television shows and movies, like The Mindy Project, Paranormal Activity 3, and 30 Rock, and now he's adding We Are Men to his list of credits. The show is about CNS' character, Carter, who befriends three men who share the same misfortune in the marriage department as he does and it looks really fun. I will 100% be parking myself in front of my TV the second it premieres and you should too and now I know you will because everyone follows all of the advice given to them by internet-dwellers such as myself...right?

Also in the cards for the young, dapper actor? Enough Said, one of the late, great James Gandolfini's last roles.

Keep up with Chris by following him on twitter @SmithChris!

We Are Men premieres Monday September 30 at 8:30 PM on CBS.

(Photo: IMDb)

15. Sophie Lowe, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (ABC)

It turns out that Sophie, although also extremely beautiful, is of no relation to everyone's crush at some point, Rob Lowe. She's been nominated for an AFI Award for her role in Beautiful Kate, as the Kate in question, and has also been in Adore with Naomi Watts.

Sophie's from Australia (by way of England) and, soon, all you'll have to do to see her talents is turn your TV to ABC. What I mean is that Sophie's Alice In Wonderland-themed show is premiering this fall and it looks so good. In it, she plays Alice, everyone's favorite little girl who's always in insane situations. I honestly can't wait.

While you wait for fall to hurry up and come, you should follow her on twitter @sophielowelowe or on instagram @lowesophie. Or both!

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland premieres Thursday October 10 at 8:00 PM on ABC.

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16. Sarah Bolger, Mixology (ABC)

This Irish beauty has been making waves in Hollywood, with roles in Once Upon A Time and The Tudors already under her belt.

The newest role she's stepping into is that of a young, single girl, who ---because Mixology is from the writers of The Hangover--- I assume gets very drunk, or something. Other notable things about the show are that it takes place over the course of one night, has a fairly large ensemble cast, and looks like it's going to be really funny.

If you just can't get enough of Sarah, keep an eye out for her in Kiss Me and Reawakening, which she stars in with Jenna Fischer and Olivia Wilde, respectively.

Follow her on twitter, where she claims to be bad at Monopoly (aren't we all?) @SarahBolger. And if you're feelin' a little extra fancy, you can follow her on instagram, as well, @sarahbolger.

Mixology premieres mid-season, exact date and time TBD.

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(Lead Photo: The CW)

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